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I hate Tom Brady... More to come. Continue reading "" »

Steelers Face Patriots In Week 10

Welcome back. It seems like this is an all too familiar pattern for me, but don't despair. My situation is only temporary though "temporary" is turning into "longer than expected". Somehow I find myself in the throes of bachelorhood, technological paralysis and uninhibited lust. The paralysis part is frustrating, bachelorhood... Continue reading "Steelers Face Patriots In Week 10" »

Steelers Beat Giants in Second Preseason Game

I would have loved to watch the Steelers beat the Giants in the new Meadowlands. Then I would be able to speak more intelligently about the game and provide better insight on the 2010 Steelers team that will be formed in the 2 games left this preseason. Under current circumstances;... Continue reading "Steelers Beat Giants in Second Preseason Game" »

Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 Schedule

The season is near. I can feel it. It's been a long offseason with too much drama - new players, new coaches, off field issues. Enough already. I'm ready for some football! I have an uncanny feeling about this season. New players and coaches bring some question marks and some... Continue reading "Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 Schedule" »

Dick LeBeau Inducted To Hall Of Fame

In my absence I missed so much. This was no doubt a busy off season with news and events and I will catch up on that over time. One thing; however, should be noted now, as it is timely. Dick LeBeau is immortal. Just last weekend he was inducted into... Continue reading "Dick LeBeau Inducted To Hall Of Fame" »

My Steel Curtain Catches Up

I've missed a lot. Perhaps too much. If any good came out of my time off, its that it was the off season. Now with training camp in full swing, it's time to get back to business. What have I missed? Well there's the ongoing Roethlisberger saga. Will it be... Continue reading "My Steel Curtain Catches Up" »

My Steel Curtain Rises Again

My curtain rises, and yes...I'm alive. I stand alone on my stage, in this case my blog, and all this time you've been wondering, "Where the hell have you been?" How do I begin? The abridged version goes a little something like this: A separation. Not from my responsibilities on... Continue reading "My Steel Curtain Rises Again" »

Steelers Select Maurkice Pouncey With First Pick.

Maurkice Pouncey 6'5" 318 pounds Center Florida State Its about time the Steelers address the offensive line! With their first draft selection in the 2010 NFL draft (18th overall) the Steelers selected Maurkice Pouncey, a Center out of Florida. Fears of a Roethlisberger trade subsided after the Jaguars made the... Continue reading "Steelers Select Maurkice Pouncey With First Pick." »

Roethlisberger's Endorsement Contract Terminated

Just because the sexual assault case against Ben Roethlisberger was dropped, doesn't mean the case is closed. Not for the public anyway. People tend to hang on to the negative. Before I get into this post, I plead you to ask yourself, What is Roethlisberger's crime? As you think about... Continue reading "Roethlisberger's Endorsement Contract Terminated" »

Santonio Holmes Traded To Jets

If Ben Roethlisberger didn't get the message that the Steelers expect impeccable character and conduct from its players after narrowly escaping a sexual assault allegation earlier this week, perhaps the trading of his number one receiver will do the trick. Sunday the Steelers surprisingly traded away their Super Bowl MVP... Continue reading "Santonio Holmes Traded To Jets" »

Roethlisberger Issues Statement Regarding Dropped Sexual Assault Allegations

Today, Roethlisberger can breathe a sigh of relief, at least temporarily. It was determined by Judicial Court District Attorney Fredric D. Bright that he will not be prosecuted on sexual assault allegations after evidence from a month long investigation was deemed inconclusive. Roethlisberger still faces potential disciplinary action from the... Continue reading "Roethlisberger Issues Statement Regarding Dropped Sexual Assault Allegations" »

Roethlisberger Cleared - Charges Dropped

In a press conference today, Judicial Court District Attorney Fredric D. Bright announced his decision on whether or not to prosecute Ben Roethlisberger on sexual assault allegations. DA Bright indicated that he would not process the two time Super Bowl winning quarterback due to lack of sufficient evidence. Additionally, the... Continue reading "Roethlisberger Cleared - Charges Dropped" »

Evidence Reviewed In Roethlisberger's Case - Decision Announced Tomorrow

The first day of the rest of Ben Roethlisberger's life hangs in the balance. The direction of his future personal and professional life will be decided by one man, Judicial Circuit District Attorney Fredric D. Bright. Mr. Bright was provided all the evidence collected in the most recent sexual assault... Continue reading "Evidence Reviewed In Roethlisberger's Case - Decision Announced Tomorrow" »

Steelers 2010 Preseason Schedule

Earlier this week the Steelers announced their preseason schedule, which includes a game against the Giants in their new stadium. Their four game schedule is: Detroit Lions - Heinz Field - August 14 7:30 pm New York Giants - Giants Stadium - August 21 7:00 pm Denver Broncos - Invesco... Continue reading "Steelers 2010 Preseason Schedule" »

Charlie Batch - Free Agent Status

Last season number two quarterback Charlie Batch broke his wrist in a late November game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Batch was playing the last year of his contract. With Batch out of commission, his replacement, Dennis Dixon, emerged as the number two. Not a good sign for a player... Continue reading "Charlie Batch - Free Agent Status" » Video Corner

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