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The problem with Peyton (that's Manning) and Fat Albert....

It's been a constant barrage of "What's going on in Indianapolis?" "When did it get so wrong for Peyton?" "See, I told you that Tom Brady was better." "Have you seen the line of clothing apparel coming out from Miley Cyrus?" And I'm sick of it. There is a clear... Continue reading "The problem with Peyton (that's Manning) and Fat Albert...." »

A boy name Sue and a coach called Josh

Ok, I would never use that joke in front of a certain monster from the Detroit Lions with the last name of Suh. Do your best and try to think back to a rookie player who has come into the league and dominated the way he has. I tried and... Continue reading "A boy name Sue and a coach called Josh" »

Ok NFL network, you want to run with the big dogs?

I tried to watch the game last night between the Eagles and Texans, but for a plethora of reasons was unable to do so. Unfortunately, I was able to watch the pregame show and just a couple of minutes of the first quarter. I was left with just a couple... Continue reading "Ok NFL network, you want to run with the big dogs?" »

Note to Cleveland....

I recall my 8th grade turn-about dance. My first girlfriend decided to ask Bubba Scales to the dance. (yes that was his real name) When I went home all broken up inside I remember my Dad saying to me, "What? You're all teary eyed over some two timing nobody? (slap)... Continue reading "Note to Cleveland...." »

Time to 'fess up as to where I've been....

Yes my loyal followers, I have been a little lax in my writing as of late, but there is a legitimate reason. As we all saw by now, during a game Sunday, Andre Johnson and Courtland Finnegan came to fisticuffs. Now I'm here to give you the scoop. The boys... Continue reading "Time to 'fess up as to where I've been...." »

Great Weekend, and the culprit has been identified....

This whole NFL thing is really starting to take hold. You mark my words kids, this game could be big. And I'm talking Don Johnson's solo singing career big. I could start with Da Bears, and how they sent a message via text, twitter, email, g mail, hot mail, phone,... Continue reading "Great Weekend, and the culprit has been identified...." »

This year I'm thankful I'm not Jemele Hill

Today was supposed to be a fluff column. You know, the usual Have a Great Turkey Day accoutrement that one normally serves up this time of year. But then I had to go and read an article that was once again written by the worst analyst at ESPN, Ms. Jemele... Continue reading "This year I'm thankful I'm not Jemele Hill" »

It ain't your year, kid....

So in my fantasy football league I had an almost insurmountable 35 point lead going into last nights game. Did I mention that it was "almost" insurmountable? Well, it was in fact surmounted. Thus my fantasy hopes have been completely dashed for this season. Now I have taken a lot... Continue reading "It ain't your year, kid...." »

Now this takes the urinal cake.....

Not much going on in the world of sports today. Yeah, my Bears won a great game last night against the Dolphins, but that didn't really surprise me. So while looking for a topic for today I came across the story of rookie WR Mike Williams of the Tampa Bay... Continue reading "Now this takes the urinal cake....." »

How the Giants will clearly shut down Mike Vick....

In keeping with the hugely mistaken belief that NY sports fans are the most intelligent in the country, I would like to introduce a new character to "One Man's Opinion". He goes by the name of; "Vinny, you know Vinny, the guy from the corner!" So to give us an... Continue reading "How the Giants will clearly shut down Mike Vick...." »

Why women don't belong writing about sports....

So today I had some time to kill. While waiting for my truck to have its windows fixed at the dealership I thought I'd waste some of it by reading through ESPN articles. Nothing all that interesting. Until I got to the one written by a Ms. Jemele Hill. Me... Continue reading "Why women don't belong writing about sports...." »

McNabb got paid what??????

Yesterday as I sat with my tribal council, ie. sat at the pub and had a couple of beers, it came across ESPN that Donovan McNabb had signed an extension with the Washington Redskins. And then it cam across that he was going to receive a guaranteed $40 million bonus.... Continue reading "McNabb got paid what??????" »

Now this is getting interesting....

Wowzer! Was that a weekend or what? David Garrard, of the lifeless Jaguars, throws the ball 764 yards, bounces it off the scoreboard, then off the blimp, then off the hands of Drago (still played to perfection by Dolph Lundgren), and finally into his receivers hands for the game winning... Continue reading "Now this is getting interesting...." »

What makes me see red??? How about the Red Zone channel...

This is something that I've gotta get off my chest, no matter how congested it may be. When I first heard of the idea of watching an NFL channel that was dedicated solely to plays occurring inside the 20 yard line I though to myself, "Self, that could be pretty... Continue reading "What makes me see red??? How about the Red Zone channel..." »

Newton or Meggett, Meggett or Newton

First off, let's all go out and thank a veteran. And don't be a poser who just nods along, actually go out and say "Well done." to somebody who served. You know you know one, so take care of business. Now on to today's topic. Which way do I go?... Continue reading "Newton or Meggett, Meggett or Newton" » Video Corner

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