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Blazers Clinch Their Third Straight Playoff Birth

As a lifelong Blazer fan, I have seen some dark times. I won't bother to go into detail, but will just a cite a few of the obvious incidents: 2000 Western Conference Finals, the entire Jail Blazers era, Greg Oden's four years, and the recent revelation that Brandon Roy, once... Continue reading "Blazers Clinch Their Third Straight Playoff Birth" »

Are We Sure That Wasn't High School Basketball?

Last night's national championship game had all the makings of a memorable night: the overachieving underdog searching for redemption from last year's almost-victory, arguably one of the greatest runs college basketball has seen beginning with the Big East Championship and riding that momentum to the national championship game, a player... Continue reading "Are We Sure That Wasn't High School Basketball?" »

Cut It Down and They Will Come

Baseball has an interesting way of polarizing sports fans. On one hand, there exists the devout followers who will vehemently defend the game and its long-standing history in American sports. In the other corner, there are those who think baseball is boring and too slow for this fast-paced lifestyle. I... Continue reading "Cut It Down and They Will Come" »

Time to Pay Up and Clean Up

Dez Bryant isn't unfamiliar with the spotlight. Whether torching defensive backs or special teams at both Oklahoma State and now for the Dallas Cowboys, or seeing his name for off-the-field incidents, Bryant's name appears often in newspapers. And in the past two weeks, it has been Bryant's issues away from... Continue reading "Time to Pay Up and Clean Up" »

Sullinger Returning and the Writing's on the Wall

After a heart-breaking loss for Ohio State in the Sweet 16 against Kentucky, Jared Sullinger approached the podium. Sullinger is the Big Ten freshman of the year and a lock for an All-American spot. His 6-9, 280 pound frame allowed him to average a double-double for the previously #1 Ohio... Continue reading "Sullinger Returning and the Writing's on the Wall" »

When Sports and Cranky Old Men Collide

"As we near the exciting conclusion of 'March Madness' -- which would more accurately be described as the 2011 NCAA Professional Basketball Championships -- it's time we step back and finally address the myth of amateurism surrounding big-time college football and basketball in this country." That would be former presidential... Continue reading "When Sports and Cranky Old Men Collide" »

Sweet Heavens, It's The Sweet 16

It is still March, meaning that we still have a host of NCAA tournament games to play. I'm not exactly the biggest proponent of college basketball, but I'll tip my hat to this tournament. The players and coaches have treated the fans to some (dare I say it?) quality basketball,... Continue reading "Sweet Heavens, It's The Sweet 16" »

I Cheated In Science Class And Barry Bonds Knows

When I was in fifth grade, my class was in the middle of its section on oceanography for science. I was a fairly good student, but the discussion of oceanic trenches and the mysterious animals that lived there didn't exactly pique my interests. Needless to say, I paid little attention... Continue reading "I Cheated In Science Class And Barry Bonds Knows" » Video Corner

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