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Karma comes calling when flopping fails

If you haven't seen the highlights from yesterday's World Cup quarterfinals match between the US and Brazil, you either are a pro-Brazil supporter or you don't own a television. In last year's World Cup group stage showdown between the US and Algeria, Landon Donovan and the Yanks provided a last-minute... Continue reading "Karma comes calling when flopping fails" »

Wait, D-Will wants to do what?

Deron Williams announced today that if the NBA isn't playing games come the end of October, he's going to take his talents to Turkey. No, that is not a typo. Williams is exploring the opportunity to play overseas, and he's not alone in that category, in the event that the... Continue reading "Wait, D-Will wants to do what?" »

Overlooked aspects of the lockouts

Suppose you open up a restaurant near a professional sports stadium. Supply your patrons with cheap beer, burgers and fries, and several large televisions to show the game and the idea is so solid not even Frank McCourt could ruin it. Sure, if it isn't a baseball team then the... Continue reading "Overlooked aspects of the lockouts" »

Women play the right way

I haven't had a chance to follow the women's World Cup in Germany, but I caught snippets here and there of games on ESPN. Soccer is probably the best example of a sport where I can watch women play where the game most closely resembles their male counterparts. I also... Continue reading "Women play the right way" »

In the NBA, nobody's perfect

I've spent a great deal of time discussing what the possible implications of the NBA lockout are, attempting to look at the objectivity of it. While I try to avoid casting judgement on either side, now that the work stoppage finally arrived, I want to explain why I think both... Continue reading "In the NBA, nobody's perfect" »

US Beats Panama, Will Face Mexico For Gold Cup

The US exacted revenge over a Panama team that beat them in the early stages of the Gold Cup just a week ago. Panama shocked a slow, seemingly disinterested American team 2-0, raising questions about the roster's makeup as well as Bob Bradley's future with the team. Bradley made the... Continue reading "US Beats Panama, Will Face Mexico For Gold Cup" »

Winners of the NBA Draft

Considering the distinct lack of NBA-level talent in this year's draft, a fair amount action took place last night. The first two picks came as no surprise, with Irving landing in Cleveland and Minnesota opting to keep Derrick Williams. This deserves attention because that places Michael Beasley square on the... Continue reading "Winners of the NBA Draft" »

Mark Cuban: What a True Owner Looks Like

Mark Cuban wants you to feel like he is just one of the guys. He lives and breathes sports. He is passionate about many different sports. He runs his mouth when he disagrees with call. He wears t-shirts and jeans to the game and heckles referees like it's his job.... Continue reading "Mark Cuban: What a True Owner Looks Like" »

Do or Die Time, Dallas

Now or never, Mavericks. Win game five or forget about the series. Hard to believe entering the series, Miami seemed in control of their destiny. Now, after a massive role reversal, Dallas is the one who holds the keys to the championship. Standing in the face of a 2-2 tie,... Continue reading "Do or Die Time, Dallas" »

LeBron's Performance Proves He's No Jordan

I don't usually like to write people or teams off when it comes to small sample sizes. Generally, when examining a player's impact, one must look at their entire career. They should not be judged on one game or one series alone. However, I am going to make an exception... Continue reading "LeBron's Performance Proves He's No Jordan" »

With a Revoked Title, Only the Players Lose

Earlier today, the BCS and the NCAA decided to strip University of Southern California's 2004 Orange Bowl victory over Oklahoma for the national championship. In conjunction with this action, they also wiped the record clear of USC's appearance in the 2006 Rose Bowl against Texas. This news comes, not surprisingly,... Continue reading "With a Revoked Title, Only the Players Lose" »

Heat Face a Challenge in Dallas

The Dallas Mavericks will win game three. I don't normally like to make declarative statements like that, but my intuition tells me that the Miami Heat are in some trouble in Dallas. Sure, the Heat will seek to silence the critics again after blowing the lead late in the fourth... Continue reading "Heat Face a Challenge in Dallas" »

The Same Song and Dance

After all of the hype behind Novak Djokovic's incredible run, his gluten-free diet and the way that he was steamrolling opponents into the French Open, tennis fans see the same two men in the French Open finals that usually appear there. Hint: neither is named Djokovic. Roger Federer and Rafael... Continue reading "The Same Song and Dance" »

Miami Makes Me Eat Crow Again

When it comes to sports, I hate being wrong. And when it comes to basketball, any challenge of my knowledge is the equivalent of disagreeing with Papal Infallibility. Okay, so maybe that is a hyperbole, but I do pride myself on my love and knowledge of basketball. So when I... Continue reading "Miami Makes Me Eat Crow Again" »

Bribery in Soccer? Now I Find that Hard to Believe

In a (not-so) surprising turn of events, FIFA President Sepp Blatter will be brought forth an ethics committee to determine whether or not he received bribes pertaining to the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. For those of you who don't remember, those World Cups will be held in Russia and... Continue reading "Bribery in Soccer? Now I Find that Hard to Believe" » Video Corner

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