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Trust in Jesus???

I know when my time on Earth is done and I go through Heavens door. I better back up and say that I hope to go through Heavens door, hope I haven't did the unforgivable sin. I know when God asks me why I did what I did in the... Continue reading "Trust in Jesus???" »

My nightly prayer to the Lord

Dear Lord, Please forgive my sins and fulfill my wishes, although some of my wishes aren't that big and I know you have little time to deal with them, but a few to be granted would be nice. Thanks for everything you have given me and please feel free to... Continue reading "My nightly prayer to the Lord" »

Shipping season at the end!!

Well the shipping season is at another years end. It was up from the other season in most of the stuff that the ships carry. I know we didn't have many boats in Muskegon. I did see a few but maybe more next year, I can only pray. Well let... Continue reading "Shipping season at the end!!" »

Old Testament, hard to read?

Hi to all my brothers and sisters in Christ, I would like to talk about the Old Testament today. I have started and re-started reading the Old Testament many times, more times than I care to mention. I get through alot of books but always freeze up and stop reading... Continue reading "Old Testament, hard to read?" »

Me giving God glory!!

Dear brothers and sisters of Christ, I am sitting here today thinking of something to write, and to be honest I am stuck. I have an idea though and that is to tell the story of my life and tell how God has been there for me every step of... Continue reading "Me giving God glory!!" »

Comic book Bible

Fellow Christians and non-Christians alike, Today before the bad weather hit, we went to Sams Club in Muskegon to buy a few things. Mom always has things to buy so me and the brother go and look around. We look at cds, games, movies and then my favorite books. Well... Continue reading "Comic book Bible" »


Hello there again to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ, I was just going through my books and see that I have alot of Bibles. I have alot of different kinds. Catholic, Lutheran, Orthodox and King James, along with alot of others. I was wondering what favorites or... Continue reading "Bible??" »

Cross Lake Ferry from Milwaukee, WI to Muskegon, MI

Hi there guys and gals, I haven't posted in a while and am sorry about that. I recently started about another blog about Jesus Christ, have time you can read it if you want. This pictures is of the cross Lake Ferry, that goes from Milwaukee, Wi to Muskegon, MI... Continue reading "Cross Lake Ferry from Milwaukee, WI to Muskegon, MI" »

Everyone needs Jesus!!! I know I do!!!

To my fello brothers and sisters in Christ, I am sorry that I haven't really written about the important stuff like the Bible and lessons in it. I find every day I am here to glorify God though on His earth that I live lessons. First I want to say... Continue reading "Everyone needs Jesus!!! I know I do!!!" »

God the bully?

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Just yesterday me, my mom and my brother, Brent, were sitting around the front room talking about my brothers teacher and her misfortune about losing her granddaughter at 14 days old. I guess earlier in the day my brother was pretty depressed and... Continue reading "God the bully?" »

God giveth and God taketh away!!

Hello there brothers and sisters in Christ, Come to you today with a heavy heart but it is not anything lost from my family but a friend of our family. The womans name is Char, she was my brothers teacher at his school he graduated from last year, a very... Continue reading "God giveth and God taketh away!!" »

Introduction to the JESUS blog!!!

Well ladies and gents, for the last few months or maybe year, I have been searching for some meaning to my little life. I have thought long and hard for it. It didn't come in gold, money or a big powerful car or big house with swimming pools and 15... Continue reading "Introduction to the JESUS blog!!!" »

Saturday golfing by the Waldrons at Summer Breeze in Fremont, MI

Well we went golfing today at the Par 3 in Fremont, Michigan. Found out they are hurting cause of the hot weather or rainy weather and the bad economy. Its a beautiful course and I had a beautiful game. I got quite a few pars out of the 18 holes... Continue reading "Saturday golfing by the Waldrons at Summer Breeze in Fremont, MI" »

No senior PGA event this week

Ladies and gents, there was no senior pga this week. Fred Couples has been one of my favorite golfers. He has always been a good player and gets better every week. But after last week we should all be careful of Tom Leaham. Hes a force and he will win... Continue reading "No senior PGA event this week" »

The Memorial Tournament presented by Morgan Stanley, June 5, 2010

Well sorry about not posting earlier in the week to catch this whole Tournament, but been having a rough week and I don't mean being in the rough, although I was in there alot today but that is for another blog. :) Today was day 3 of the Memorial Tournament.... Continue reading "The Memorial Tournament presented by Morgan Stanley, June 5, 2010" » Video Corner

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