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A Mixture Of the Seas For The New Big East Conference

The Big East has changed its line-up, and this time it seems the changes are going to stick. The new Big East conference will span the country covering four different time zones, spanning the entire United States coast to coast and eventually have a total of 12 teams. The new... Continue reading "A Mixture Of the Seas For The New Big East Conference" »

Jay Cutler Is Off the Market, Again!

Well Jay Cutler fans, your Chicago Bears main man is off the market, and this time its for real. Him and longtime girlfriend, MTV reality star Kristin Cavallari, are ready to tie the knot. Despite Cutlers current injury, which is not allowing him to play for his team, it seems... Continue reading "Jay Cutler Is Off the Market, Again! " »

Steve Johnson Plays a Little Too Hard

Steven Johnson, the Buffalo Bills star receiver, may have hit the party button a little too early on sunday during their game against the New York Jets. His dance during his touchdown drive in the first quarter has landed himself in the top spot for most talked about celebration of... Continue reading "Steve Johnson Plays a Little Too Hard" »

No Thanks on Thanksgiving For The Dolphins

Sadly this Thanksgiving the Miami Dolphins couldn't be thankful for a fourth straight win. The Dolphins defense did play their game well this time around, picking off Dallas quarterback Tony Romo twice.Tony Romo hadn't thrown an interception in November before two picks in the first quarter. However, the problem was... Continue reading "No Thanks on Thanksgiving For The Dolphins" »

Green Bay Has It Going On!

Hey there cheesheads of the world, how about your Green Bay Packers? Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay team has a fire under their butts that is keeping them going with absolutely no signs of stumbling in their future. Green Bay is playing like a team that wants to win... Continue reading "Green Bay Has It Going On! " »

All W's In November For the Dolphins

Dont look now Dolphins fans but the Miami Dolphins, after a wooping on the Buffalo Bills (35-8) today, have not lost in November and are on a 3 game win streak, their first since 2008. The Bills on the other hand have lost three straight. For a team that started... Continue reading "All W's In November For the Dolphins" »

Matt Leinart in For Matt Schaub

Well it is time to see what Matt Leinart, former Arizona Cardinal and 10th overall Draft pick in 2006, can do despite being a rather unimpressive name as an NFL quarterback. In his 17 NFL starts Leinart has 14 touchdowns and 20 interceptions, and he hasn't even seen a mark... Continue reading "Matt Leinart in For Matt Schaub" »

Dolphins Seeing a New Light

Wow. Matt Moore and the Miami Dolphins have something to smile about again. Yup thats right Phins fans, the Dolphins have locked in another W in the win column after a 20-9 victory this afternoon over the Washington Redskins. That makes for a total of two W's on the season.... Continue reading "Dolphins Seeing a New Light" »

Ochocinco Needs a Big Day For the Patriots

Chad Ochocinco may have been one of the key players for the Cincinnati Bengal's in his time there, but he is no longer a Bengal and has clearly not been playing like the guy he was while he was one. What Ochocinco needs to do tonight is simple. Make big... Continue reading "Ochocinco Needs a Big Day For the Patriots" »

Miami Dolphins Face A Double Edged Sword

Tony Sparano and his formerly winless Miami Dolphins can be thankful that they have a 1 in the win column, but the emotion of the first win of the season may come with a negative side effect. The loss of the number one draft pick and a chance at Stanford... Continue reading "Miami Dolphins Face A Double Edged Sword" »

Olympians Strive in NYC Marathon

Sunday's New York City Marathon was a record breaking event, and i dont mean just in the number of attendees or the fact that course records were all but abolished. The event was highly publicized and thanks to a few big time names, raised alot of money for alot of... Continue reading "Olympians Strive in NYC Marathon" »

Strong Start Is Not Enough For The "W" For The Fins

Well I am sorry to say that all the hopeful Dolphins fans will have to wait yet another week in hopes of a W for the Fins after a heartbreaking 20-17 loss today against Eli Manning and the Giants (5-2). Matt Moore came out of the gate looking like a... Continue reading "Strong Start Is Not Enough For The "W" For The Fins " »

Jim Carr Lives For His Son's Story

Jim Carr, now entering his 13th campaign at Rutgers University as director of basketball operations under second season head coach Mike Rice, visited a class of sports journalism students yesterday to share a story so touching that one might even say that it's worth telling 20 more times. Aside from... Continue reading "Jim Carr Lives For His Son's Story" »

The Swimming Community Remembers Fran Crippen

One year ago today the competitive swimming world lost an amazing friend, athlete and talent. Crippen was swimming the last of a series of FINA 10k open water races in the United Arab Emirates and at the end of the race his absence was noticed by teammate Alex Meyer. Presumably... Continue reading "The Swimming Community Remembers Fran Crippen" »

Bye Bye Tony Sparano-Or So We Hope

Well, it's another "L" for the Miami Dolphins after what some might say was a humiliating loss to the New York Jets on Monday night. Now what? What could be worse than an 0-5 start? Pretty much nothing, it seems. Tony Sparano's now 25-28 record since his 2008 start with... Continue reading "Bye Bye Tony Sparano-Or So We Hope" » Video Corner

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