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Will Mavericks Steal One Tonight?

Blogging with The Basement Bookie The NBA Finals begin tonight and there is no better time to begin our Basement Bookie blog. We will blog about all things when it comes to sports gambling along with giving our picks of the night. You can track our record right along with... Continue reading "Will Mavericks Steal One Tonight?" »

Willie Would Have Had It

"Willie would have had it." I heard it the first time I went to a baseball game and have heard it or thought about it at every game since. The words would come from my father as he tried to teach me about the greatness of Willie Mays. Fly balls... Continue reading "Willie Would Have Had It" »

The Captain?

Derek Jeter really is this generation's version of Joe Dimaggio. Joe Dimaggio was seen as soft spoken, classy, and a great quiet leader. We learned much later that wasn't quite the case. Dimaggio wasn't exactly friendly and a great teammate to a young kid named Mickey Mantle. Turns out that... Continue reading "The Captain?" »

No Hitter By Liriano is Good News for Red Sox

The Red Sox won their third in a row and finally look like the team who is supposed to win it all. They got even more good news on Tuesday night as Francisco Liriano no hit the White Sox. How can a no hitter thrown by a Twin against the... Continue reading "No Hitter By Liriano is Good News for Red Sox" »

A Storybook Beginning for the Red Sox

The 0-6 start for the Red Sox is a really good sign. Yes, you did read that correctly. The Red Sox of the last 25 years have always had to overcome long odds in order to have great moments. It has never been easy and 2011 will be no different.... Continue reading "A Storybook Beginning for the Red Sox" »

Fixing Opening Day

Opening weekend of the baseball season is over and I want to give Bud Selig and MLB some credit for changing the way the baseball season starts. It is an improvement but definitely not perfect. I like the fact there is no "Opening Night" game. It works for the NFL... Continue reading "Fixing Opening Day" »

Are the 2004 Red Sox Overrated?

The 2004 Red Sox will never be forgotten. They are easily the most loved team in the history of the Boston Red Sox, but are they really the best? I conducted a poll on this blog several weeks back,the results of which can be found here. The 04 Sox received... Continue reading "Are the 2004 Red Sox Overrated?" »

The Red Sox Leading Man

Just about every baseball pundit has weighed in on what the Red Sox batting order should be. Every Red Sox fan has their opinion. I have seen lineups ranging from Pedroia hitting ninth to Adrian Gonzalez hitting sixth, and every lineup in between. I personally have had arguments on twitter... Continue reading "The Red Sox Leading Man" »

College Baseball Preview: Gamecocks Set to Defend Title

The Gamecocks will open their season in a way they have never opened their season before, as defending National Champions. Blake Cooper, the ace of last year's staff will throw out the first pitch. Whit "The Hit" Merrifield will also be in attendance before heading off to spring training The... Continue reading "College Baseball Preview: Gamecocks Set to Defend Title" »

The Ultimate Fantasy Baseball League

Just call me The Commish! I took a year off from Fantasy Baseball last year and I sorely missed it. However, I like to play fantasy baseball a certain way and instead of trying to hunt down a fantasy league that fits me, I went ahead and created one. The... Continue reading "The Ultimate Fantasy Baseball League" »

With a Friend Like Clemens, Who Needs Enemies?

Andy Pettitte has officially retired making the Yankees rotation as thin as a super model. Andy said it was time to leave the game because he no longer possessed the drive needed to compete. He elaborated about missed his family and the seven month grind of being away from them... Continue reading "With a Friend Like Clemens, Who Needs Enemies?" »

The Best Team in Red Sox History?

On paper the 2011 Red Sox have the chance to go down as one of the greatest Red Sox teams of all time. There was even an article written suggesting that the 2011 Red Sox may challenge the 1927 Yankees as the greatest team in the history of baseball. I... Continue reading "The Best Team in Red Sox History?" »

San Diego Padres: 2011 Fantasy Preview

Adrian Gonzalez was finally traded away, but it happened about four months later than most people thought as the Padres shocked everyone by winning 90 games and leading the NL West for much of the 2010 season. San Diego was able to contend due to a solid rotation and an... Continue reading "San Diego Padres: 2011 Fantasy Preview" »

Detroit Tigers: Fantasy Baseball Preview 2011

This is our second installment of team fantasy previews. We did the Red Sox last time and we will be doing the Padres, Reds and Braves in the coming weeks. Today we focus on the Detroit Tigers. The Detroit Tigers were as mediocre as you can get in 2010, finishing... Continue reading "Detroit Tigers: Fantasy Baseball Preview 2011" »

Boston Red Sox 2011: Fantasy Preview

The Boston Red Sox watched the playoffs from their couch last season as their fans agonized over what might have been. Injuries cost the trio of Dustin Pedroia , Kevin Youkilis and Jacoby Ellsbury 291 games combined. Injuries to both Jason Varitek and Victor Martinez decimated the catching position so... Continue reading "Boston Red Sox 2011: Fantasy Preview" » Video Corner

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