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WLJ: Still Misbehavin'

I don't have much to say about my "progress" this week. I was not on my best WW behavior. I wasn't very disciplined with my workouts, and I made some poor food choices. So I'm not at all surprised that I had a gain. But I'm not beating myself up... Continue reading "WLJ: Still Misbehavin'" »

Texas BBA Chapter Weighs In on Top AL Pitcher

The Walter Johnson Award is given to the top pitcher in each league. As a blogger for the Texas Rangers, I can only vote on the American League honorees. It's amusing to me that this is such a tough category this year. The American League is supposed to be known... Continue reading "Texas BBA Chapter Weighs In on Top AL Pitcher" »

With 15-5 Win, Rangers Stamp 2011 World Series Ticket

Wooooooooooooo!! Might as well get that out of the way before I get to the rest of the entry. I missed the first inning and a half of this game because I was out with friends. Thank goodness I came home in time for the fun part -- the 3rd... Continue reading "With 15-5 Win, Rangers Stamp 2011 World Series Ticket" »

Texas BBA Chapter Selects Tigers' Jose Valverde as Top Reliever

Bob Lemon once said that the two most important things in life were good friends and a good bullpen. Good relief pitchers can sometimes be tough to spot or develop, but once you find one, you hang onto him. I don't think my three nominees for the Goose Gossage Award... Continue reading "Texas BBA Chapter Selects Tigers' Jose Valverde as Top Reliever" »

Wilson Unravels After Bad Break, Series Returns to Texas

Before this series even started, I predicted it would be a six-game affair. Both teams looked really strong, and I knew neither one was going to roll over and play dead. Not this far into the playoffs. And not after the seasons they had. Naturally, I secretly hoped I'd be... Continue reading "Wilson Unravels After Bad Break, Series Returns to Texas" »

Rangers Rally In Extras Behind Napoli, Cruz

Tonight's game felt like three different games. The early portion felt hopeless. The middle portion felt victorious. And the end was a nailbiter. At least it ended happily. The Rangers bats were dead out of the gate again tonight. David Murphy had the first hit, a double, in the 3rd,... Continue reading "Rangers Rally In Extras Behind Napoli, Cruz" »

Comerica Curse Continues as Rangers Drop Game 3 to Tigers

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes it rains." That's certainly been illustrated in the ALCS so far. Tonight, the Rangers embodied the "lose" part of that quote. In horrendous fashion. Colby Lewis looked good early on -- like Postseason Colby. He struck out six in 5.2 innings. That's... Continue reading "Comerica Curse Continues as Rangers Drop Game 3 to Tigers" »

WLJ: Poor planning = poor progress

I've read this quote a few places, but it's never felt so applicable as it has this past week. With my busy, on-the-go fall, I've slacked on my weekly meal planning. Last week, nothing in my fridge or cupboards sounded good or easy enough for a lunch. So what did... Continue reading "WLJ: Poor planning = poor progress" »

BBA Texas Chapter votes Hellickson for Willie Mays Award

The American League saw some great rookie performances this year. I know I saw plenty in the AL West -- Mark Trumbo, Jordan Walden, Michael Pineda, Dustin Ackley. I expect all of those players to give my Rangers nightmares for years to come. Despite that, none of them earned a... Continue reading "BBA Texas Chapter votes Hellickson for Willie Mays Award" »

Cruz' Boomstick Returns in Walk-Off Win

The Dutchstache was not mighty today. Perhaps Derek Holland partied a little too hard yesterday. Perhaps the extra day of rest threw him off. Whatever it was, he was not sharp. At all. And Eric Nadel even said Holland was perhaps a bit stubborn --- his fastball wasn't working, yet... Continue reading "Cruz' Boomstick Returns in Walk-Off Win" »

Rangers Wait Out Two Rain Delays, Take Game One

Texas Rangers fans have been waiting nearly three days for the next game. And tonight, they had to do a little more waiting. Mother Nature pushed rain into the area, forcing two rain delays before the teams could finish the 5th inning. What happened before and between rain delays was... Continue reading "Rangers Wait Out Two Rain Delays, Take Game One" »

Rangers, Tigers prepare for ALCS showdown

It feels like weeks since my Rangers last played a game, but it was only two days ago. Boy, the off-season is going to be long if this is how my mind is working already. Alas, the off-season has not yet arrived for me. Instead, my boys are gearing up... Continue reading "Rangers, Tigers prepare for ALCS showdown" »

BBA Texas Chapter votes on Connie Mack Award

Each year, the Baseball Bloggers Alliance votes on various post-season awards. The first one up is the Connie Mack Award, which goes to to an outstanding manager in each league. Since my team is in the American League, I weigh in only on that league's honoree. Awards are always tough... Continue reading "BBA Texas Chapter votes on Connie Mack Award" »

Four Solo Homers Power Rangers Past Rays and Into ALCS

Have a game, Adrian Beltre. Three home runs. Spectacular defense. He might just be the ALDS MVP. If he's not, it's Mike Napoli's fault. Both were big off-season acquisitions, and I couldn't be happier to have them on my team. Ian Kinsler set the tone for today's game with a... Continue reading "Four Solo Homers Power Rangers Past Rays and Into ALCS" »

WLJ: Running on emotions

Apparently, I'm applying the peck away method to my weight-loss. Experts say it's safe to lose two pounds a week, but I'm averaging about one pound a week right now. A little bit here, and a little bit there. Sometimes it works in baseball, and I'm not afraid of extra... Continue reading "WLJ: Running on emotions" » Video Corner

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