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Short Hops and Quick Thoughts

First, on some news around the league: Randy Johnson goes for 300: Johnson was one of the most dominant pitchers of our generation, and, frankly, probably the most entertaining pitcher in decades. Coincidentally, he will try for 300 against the Nationals, the franchise that drafted and developed him over two... Continue reading "Short Hops and Quick Thoughts" »

I Was About to...

...write a piece about how I thought Papelbon might have been better than ever this season, until he served up a gopher to Santos in the top of the 9th tonight. Alas, it doesn't change the pitcher he is, so here's the piece: In the first three weeks or so,... Continue reading "I Was About to..." »

About Time

The Red Sox are finally sitting Ortiz. After Papi single-handedly left 12 men on base Thursday night in his latest show of ineptitude, Sox management has done the unthinkable, but probably necessary. David Ortiz will get one day to get his head clear, then two more days (while the team... Continue reading "About Time" »

Dom DiMaggio Passes at 92

Being fairly young as a Sox fan, I have spent the past 5 years or so catching up on my Red Sox history. Of course, probably the most important era of Red Sox history was probably the 40's Red Sox. I always enjoyed reading about them. Dimaggio, Pesky, Williams, Doerr.... Continue reading "Dom DiMaggio Passes at 92" »

Manny Being Manny v. 2009

So far in 2009, Manuel Ramirez has had next to no shenanigans. There was the rumor in April that he was already talking about waiving his player option and going to Cleveland next year, but that was dismissed mainly as just that - a rumor. Yesterday, baseball was (I wouldn't... Continue reading "Manny Being Manny v. 2009" »

First Post

Hey, everybody! My name is Matt, and I guess I'm a new author for MyTeamRivals/The Great Rivalry. I'm totally new at this, so forgive my nativity, though I have been running an MLBlog since the winter. Feel free to check that out at I just wanted to throw a... Continue reading "First Post" » Video Corner

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