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The Good Ol' Days

Not really a Red Sox entry here, but Tom Singer recently published an article on that I found very interesting. I don't know about every fan, but many a baseball fan has complained about the lack of team loyalty in today's game. This isn't to criticize the players; they... Continue reading "The Good Ol' Days" »

Bad Move

The Red Sox put backup catcher George Kottaras on unconditional release waivers Wednesday, ending the young catcher's short stay in Boston. He was claimed by the Milwaukee Brewers. Kottaras, 27, served mainly as kuckleballer Tim Wakefield's primary catcher for 2009, when Wake had his best season in years, when healthy.... Continue reading "Bad Move" »

He's Ba-ack

No!!! All I wanted was for him to walk away. Ride off into the sunset and let Victor and George take care of his job for 2010. He's coming back for chump change. He was two World Series rings and has great stats that he can only hurt by returning.... Continue reading "He's Ba-ack" »

Red Sox land OF Jeremy Hermida

Boston Red Sox GM Theo Epstein began his offseason Friday by trading for Florida Marlins ex-top prospect Jeremy Hermida. The Red Sox traded AAA lefty reliever Hunter Jones and AA lefty Jose Alvarez. Both had successful seasons and are regarded as mid-level prospects, at best. Jeremy Hermida, drafted by Florida... Continue reading "Red Sox land OF Jeremy Hermida" »

Boston Red Sox Offseason Preview

The 2009 Red Sox will essentially be the same team in 2010, but here's a look at how the team will most likely act during the offseason. First, a look at what we currently have: C Victor Martinez 1B Kevin Youkilis 2B Dustin Pedroia 3B Mike Lowell SS Jed Lowrie... Continue reading "Boston Red Sox Offseason Preview" »

Who's Your Daddy?

The Yankees, apparently. The Yankees are your Daddy, Pedro. This was the highlight of my postseason, and I'm sure it was for more than one other Sox fan. Pedro Martinez, in an NL uniform, back in New York, with a shot to essentially shut the door on the Yankees' 2009... Continue reading "Who's Your Daddy?" »

End of the Line

To say the Red Sox' season came to a screeching halt would be a huge understatement, and now, with the hot-stove looming, the World Series starting, without them, it's time to look forward, but first, how about a quick look back at 2009. 2009 was, for me, basically a lost... Continue reading "End of the Line" »

Dice-K is... Back?

In Boston, we have seen many different versions of Daisuke Matsuzaka. The 2006 Daisuke, best pitcher on the Pacific Rim. The 2007 Daisuke, who had trouble adjusting to pitch counts, and American ball, as well as throwing strikes, and was inconsistent but good enough. There was the 2008 Matsuzaka, who... Continue reading "Dice-K is... Back?" »

Had 'Em All the Way

After the Red Sox out-slugged the Blue Jays Friday night, and Kid Clay shut them down en route to an unexpected thriller Saturday, more than one Red Sox fan would tuck away those two wins and prepare for the worst on Sunday, a game in which the Jays turned loose... Continue reading "Had 'Em All the Way" »

Thank You, Mr. Penny; Welcome Back Tim-May!

First off, I know i haven't posted in a long time, or consistently all year, but I should be around for the entire stretch run, and into October. The day's big roster news consists of three big moves: 1. Brad Penny requests release, and is released. As soon as he... Continue reading "Thank You, Mr. Penny; Welcome Back Tim-May!" »

Trading Deadilne 2009

As has become his custom, Theo did his best to make a splash this year. It wasn't a huge deal (as in it wasn't trading Nomar or Manny, and certainly not getting Halladay), but it's the kind of thing Theo has been out to do since Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart... Continue reading "Trading Deadilne 2009" »

Why Jon Lester Will Have a Dominant Second Half

Jon Lester had potentially his best start of the 2009 campaign Saturday night against the Kansas City Royals at Fenway. Lester who has historically owned the Royals (1.20 career ERA), and has been historically dominant at home (19-5 at Fenway), carved up the Royals for eight shutout innings in his... Continue reading "Why Jon Lester Will Have a Dominant Second Half" »

Girardi Cries Over Spilled Milk

Apparently, Yankees Manager Joe Girardi thinks that when Brad Penny drilled Alex Rodriguez during the Red Sox' 4-3 win on Thursday, it was on purpose. Excellent deduction Joe. This leads me to two conclusions. Either A) A-Rod wasn't aware that the Yankees were due for a hit batsman (which I... Continue reading "Girardi Cries Over Spilled Milk" »

Another Good Day?

Beating the Yankees 7-0 can't get much sweeter than the linescore, but there was a lot to be happy about in this one. Beckett goes 6 dominant innings. 2 hits, 8 K's. He was filthy for most of the outing, though he did use a lot of pitches. He was... Continue reading "Another Good Day?" »

A Good Day

Saturday night's contest versus the Texas Rangers has been one of the brightest spots of the past month or so, for a medley of reasons: 1. Jon Lester. Brilliant. I don't know when the last time was I saw a pitcher deal like that. Vintage Pedro, maybe? Maybe. Lester was... Continue reading "A Good Day" » Video Corner

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