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Photography and more! Tricks

Ya hoo! My name is now on the official writer-list! Photography these days is great...but what I like, with a little program magic, a photo can be a really special thing. Here are 3 photos I created. They are blended photos (meaning they are two photos actually). The photos are... Continue reading "Photography and more! Tricks" »

Photography and more! Me and my Subaru!

Ok, here I go..this photo Subaru seemed interested in after I told them what I had did I described the photo as myself over my mileage on my car. They said, "If it looks intesting enough, we'll post it on our website". It took about a week..but they liked it,... Continue reading "Photography and more! Me and my Subaru!" »

Photography and more! Introduction - Marvin Waid - 2nd blog

Greetings again. This is my 2nd post, and the 1st one, I didn't realize I had to select "Categories" to post it to....I wonder where my 1st post went...? I am susposed to post to Writer-Marvin Waid also..but it isn't there yet. I have a photo, from the Rockford Masonic... Continue reading "Photography and more! Introduction - Marvin Waid - 2nd blog" »

Photography and more! Introduction of myself, Marvin Waid

Greetings - my name is Marvin Waid, and this is my 1st blog entry. I just got this photo today, it's a photo of my kindergarden graduation class, in 1958, at Edgerton School, Rockford, Michigan. I am 3rd from the right, bottom row. I'm 58 years old, have two grown... Continue reading "Photography and more! Introduction of myself, Marvin Waid" » Video Corner

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