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2011 Draft The Broncos get the 1st opportunity to rebuild the franchise this week with the 2011 draft. A new team to make the selections and reverse the trend of the last few years (Shanahan & McDaniels) where high picks were squandered on players with little impact on the team.... Continue reading "" »

John Fox new head coach of the Broncos John Fox, former head coach of the Carolina Panthers, has been appointed Head Coach of the Broncos. Of the candiates the Broncos have interviewed he was clearly the most experienced coach availableand he has been in the situation of turning failingfranchises around... Continue reading "" »

Tebow Era Rekindles Belief The 1st win of Tim Tebow's career has at last rekindled the passion of Broncomania! Turning a 17-0 halftime deficit into a 1 point victory went some way to closing out the most miserable season in decades with some sort of hope for 2011. Good... Continue reading "" »

How Low Can the Broncos go?? When a team on a 7 game losing playing a rookie QB in his 1st start thumps you by 30 points, surely that's rock bottom! it can't get any worse, can it?? By some distance this is the worst Broncos team in 40 years.... Continue reading "" »

McDaniels Gone!

In an inevitable move the Broncos sacked Josh McDaniels yesterday, ending the turmoil that has enveloped the team over the last two years. With the losses piling up, with no end in sight, and the embarrassment about the videotaping incident, there was little choice for Bowlen & Ellis to fire... Continue reading "McDaniels Gone!" »

Broncos fined for video incident in London In another blow for Josh McDaniels, the Broncos & the coach have been fined a combined $100k for taping 49ers practices at Wembley. The ill-fated trip to London, which the Broncos botched from start to finish, took another turn for the worse with... Continue reading "" »

Broncos season officially over

Thanks to ESPN for showing their live games in the UK. No thanks to the Broncos, who failed to show for a full game again. No offense or defense for the 2nd or 3rd quarters and another L in the books. The penalties and missed assignments and mental errors came... Continue reading "Broncos season officially over" »

Broncos rescue the season...maybe

With the thumping of the Chiefs on Sunday, the Broncos may well have put their season back on track, but it will take more than one convincing victory (fun though it was) to convince the legion of doubters that this team can attain respectability, let along reach the playoffs. I... Continue reading "Broncos rescue the season...maybe" »

Bloody hell

Broncos 21 Chiefs 0 I take it all back!! Continue reading "Bloody hell" »

Worst broncos team in living memory

Just my luck...start a Broncos blog during the team’s worst start to a season in a generation! Don’t know where to start in terms of what needs fixing going into the 2nd half of the season today, but here’s a few for starters:1. Fewer penalties & mental mistakes2. Greater strength... Continue reading "Worst broncos team in living memory" »

Season over

Well that was fun! Enjoyed the occasion, great to see a regular season game...but what a load of rubbish it was! Both the game itself & the Broncos performance in particular stunk to high heaven. More than anything else, more than the inability to pressure a QB on his 3rd... Continue reading "Season over" »

Broncos arrive in London

So the Broncos finally make a belated showing in London. Had I been in the Denver organisation this week, I would have wanted to get away from Colorado as soon as the final whistle blew last week! So with a half – hearted appearance at a cricket ground for a... Continue reading "Broncos arrive in London" »

Get to London

Why let the 49ers steal all the media limelight here in the UK this week!?!? Why didn’t the Broncos get an early flight here Monday/Tuesday & enjoy the week here?? What’s the point in hanging around in Denver, get over here and have some fun! Continue reading "Get to London" »

Aftermath of the worst defeat I have ever seen

Difficult to know where to start after Sunday’s debacle. In short it was the most embarrassing defeat I ever hope to see even if I’m still following the Broncos in 50 years! I’m achieving a bit of a dream on Sunday, going to watch the Broncos at Wembley, but this... Continue reading "Aftermath of the worst defeat I have ever seen" »


Actually embarrassing doesn’t even come close!! I’ve been a fan for 25 years, but this is BY FAR the worst half of football I have seen from the Broncos!! I get to fulfil a dream come true next weekend when the Broncos play in London, but really, I think they... Continue reading "Embarrassing" » Video Corner

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