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Raiders Fans

The Indianapolis Colts (and their fans) are sure to be rooting for the Oakland Raiders today. Of course the main reason is because they take on the AFC South division leaders- the Jacksonville Jaguars. If the Raiders win, the Colts and Jags would be tied for the best record in... Continue reading "Raiders Fans" »

Finally Some Hope For The Colts

Let's face it folks, the Indianapolis Colts have problems. They've got problems on the defensive line. Peyton Manning keeps throwing interceptions. The offensive line is terrible. And the run game is non-existent. Well, the defense will probable stay broken (actually, it'll probably get worse since Jerraud Powers was just put... Continue reading "Finally Some Hope For The Colts" »

Can't Buy A Break

Right now, the Indianapolis Colts can't catch a break. It seems like every week something goes wrong and they end up losing by a field goal. Right now they're 6-6, and are in serious jeopardy of missing the playoffs for the first time since the 2001 season. To win (consistently)... Continue reading "Can't Buy A Break" »

Trap Game

This afternoon, the Indianapolis Colts will host the Dallas Cowboys. Now before you lock this one in as a guaranteed win for Indy (although, I'm pretty sure they're going to win), I just want to warn you that this could be a trap game. Yes, I know that Cowboys' franchise... Continue reading "Trap Game" »

It's Too Soon To Give Up On The Indianapolis Colts

Last night, the San Diego Chargers dealt Peyton Manning the worst loss of his career. And they did it with defense. Right now a lot of Colts fans are ready to jump ship. Who can blame them. Indy's just lost two in a row to (arguably) their two biggest rivals.... Continue reading "It's Too Soon To Give Up On The Indianapolis Colts" »

Who's The MVP Of The League?

Since this is a blog for the Indianapolis Colts, you're probably expecting me to say Peyton Manning. An obvious choice, and he'll definitely get some votes- but, no. Yesterday, I made my feelings about Michael Vick pretty clear (yes, I know he hasn't thrown an interception- but he also hasn't... Continue reading "Who's The MVP Of The League?" »

I'm So Sick Of Michael Vick

Ok, I know this is a blog for the Indianapolis Colts, but I've gotta say that right now- Philadelphia Eagles fans make me sick. Seriously, if I hear one more Eagles fan tell me that Michael Vick is the MVP of the league- I'm gonna punch him in the neck.... Continue reading "I'm So Sick Of Michael Vick" »

Defense Wins Championships

If somebody would've told me yesterday that the Indianapolis Colts were going to win today- and Peyton Manning was only going to throw for 185 yards... I wouldn't have believed it. Let's face it, the Colts defense is (usually) terrible. Indy's allowed almost every running back they've played against to... Continue reading "Defense Wins Championships" »

They Won... But They Didn't Cover

A few days ago, I posted an article saying - that I thought the Indianapolis Colts would beat the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday. Well, I was wrong. The Eagles won, but they didn't cover. Today, ESPN is asking the question "Are the Eagles the best team in the NFC?" I know... Continue reading "They Won... But They Didn't Cover" »

Colts On The Money-line

Some of you already know that I live in Vegas, and this morning something caught my eye: right now the Indianapolis Colts are 3 point underdogs to the Philadelphia Eagles. Ok, I get it. Coming off the bye week, Andy Reid is 11-0, so the odds makers are pretty sure... Continue reading "Colts On The Money-line" »

Gonzalez Could Break Out

On Monday night, the Indianapolis Colts take on the Houston Texans in an AFC South first place battle. But enough about that (for now). This week my beloved Ragin' Stallions take on my boss's team- First Down Syndrome (fresh off their first win of the season). When I first looked... Continue reading "Gonzalez Could Break Out" »

Peyton Manning's Unreasonable Request

Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning, has made a (very) unreasonable request to, Colts GM Bill Polian. Apparently, the four time NFL MVP, feels that renegotiating his contract right now would be an unnecessary distraction. He wants to wait until the end of the season. He's kind of got a point.... Continue reading "Peyton Manning's Unreasonable Request" »

The Game Must Go On (Even Without Dallas Clark)

Like most fans of the Indianapolis Colts, I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I found out that Dallas Clark was out for the season. But unlike a lot of Colts fans, I don't think it means the Colts are no longer contenders. Sure, I... Continue reading "The Game Must Go On (Even Without Dallas Clark)" »

A Ton of Injuries

When I read this morning, that Indianapolis Colts (star) tight end, Dallas Clark, was out indefinitely with a wrist injury I thought it was devastating- for Speed (the guy in my fantasy league that has Dallas Clark as his tight end). I wasn't so worried about Indy, because Peyton Manning... Continue reading "A Ton of Injuries" »

The Second Best Team In The AFC South

A few months ago, I wrote an article, The Indianapolis Colts Are #1, But Who's #2? Well after watching the Titans demolish the Jaguars, I actually think the Titans are the best team in the AFC South- right now. I know the Texans are the media darlings to contend with... Continue reading "The Second Best Team In The AFC South" » Video Corner

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