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Oakland signings

Two of Oakland's draft picks, third and fourth round selections Jared Veldheer and Bruce Campbell signed contracts. While it is early, it can also be mentioned that not a single first round pick has signed a contract, and the highest player to sign to date was a second round selection.... Continue reading "Oakland signings" »

JaMarcus Russell: Dead man walking?

Just when you didn't think there could be any more good news with Russell... A couple days ago, the millionaire that Al Davis created, was caught in a sting, regarding a controlled substance, Codeine Syrup. While the full details continue to surface, it becomes increasingly clear that Russell doesn't seriously... Continue reading "JaMarcus Russell: Dead man walking?" »

Happy Birthday, Al Davis!

True, it's a day early, but since I'm going to be out tomorrow....have a good one Al. If there ever was a person who has black blood in one wrist, and Silver in the other, it has to be this guy. After all, just about everything that happens within the... Continue reading "Happy Birthday, Al Davis!" »

Unforgiven: Oakland's bad seeds

I remember a person once making note that "once a Raider, always a Raider" in his mentioning of older players. Guys like Dave Casper, Ken Stabler and Tim Brown all left the Raiders for various reasons. But these same players came back to the fold after retiring, some making a... Continue reading "Unforgiven: Oakland's bad seeds" »

What can be expected from Oakland this year?

With the Raiders looking at the schedule, some good things can be guessed at. This division has followed a unique pattern over the last seven seasons, usually with the Raiders in third or fourth in the league. However, looking at the club and the body of work done in the... Continue reading "What can be expected from Oakland this year?" »

Oakland's Opponents: San Diego 101

For the San Diego Chargers, it will be Football 101 for them...LT is no longer the focal point for the club. For the Raiders fans, it has to be a breath of fresh air, considering how many ways the Chargers' running game has killed them, over and over. WIth LT's... Continue reading "Oakland's Opponents: San Diego 101" »

Domino Rally: Does the Raiders' First game get that much easier?

Early in the offseason the news that Chris Johnson might be holding out for more money was a nice song to the faithful in Oakland. Can you imagine the Titans playing without their running machine? How about we make the image better, by removing Vince Young? Nothing has been said,... Continue reading "Domino Rally: Does the Raiders' First game get that much easier?" »

Darrelle Revis Vs Nnamdi Asomugha: Who is better?

This debate has been flaring up in the last few months, but then, it is always a question. Who is better? Sometimes Champ Bailey's name is tossed out there, and then properly tossed out, as not being close. Some cite the fact that teams typically will not throw to Nnamdi's... Continue reading "Darrelle Revis Vs Nnamdi Asomugha: Who is better?" »

Santa Clara 49ers.....could the Raiders be far behind?

Now a scary thought. For a team that has a habit of wandering around the California coast, Oakland's Raiders made news in the 80's and 90's, moving first to LA, then having fans grow angry as Al Davis contemplated moves to Hollywood Park, back to Oakland, while the players... Continue reading "Santa Clara 49ers.....could the Raiders be far behind?" »

Oakland's opponents: Kansas City 101

Given the span the Raiders have had in the last seven years, at least we haven't been alone. For a while Kansas City fans loved to tar and feather us, trying to make up for years of their failures. Seriously, how many years has it been since the Chiefs last... Continue reading "Oakland's opponents: Kansas City 101" »

"Raider Speed": Is it a curse or a blessing?

Time and again, it has been said that any player picked up by the team either has to be a "Superstar", like Darren McFadden, or possess "Raider Speed", like Joe Porter who recently signed with the club. Going into the past, other players have had this "Raider Speed", as claimed,... Continue reading ""Raider Speed": Is it a curse or a blessing?" »

Oakland's opponents: Denver 101

Looking at who we play in the AFC West, Oakland's first and most favorite target comes from the mile high city. Denver, who started play in the AFL with the Raiders in 1960, has had some really hard-fought battles with the Raiders, where the Silver and Black own the head-to-head,... Continue reading "Oakland's opponents: Denver 101" »

Raiders trying to pull back the cash?

It's been in the news recently that the Raiders wanted some of their money back. After the way JaMarcus Russell played these last three years, can you blame them? Word has it that the thought pattern regarding this call was that the bonus paid to Russell before he played his... Continue reading "Raiders trying to pull back the cash?" »

Darrius Heyward-Bey: Learning in a Hurry?

After reading the OTA report on the web, two things strike me as curious. Where was this DHB last year, and could the change of QB have anything to do with it? For the first part of the question, you have to realize what was dragging down on Darrius. He... Continue reading "Darrius Heyward-Bey: Learning in a Hurry?" »

Chris Johnson's temper tantrum: Raiders delight?

I love it when football players forget they play for a team. Oakland, looking at their first four games, are going to start against the Titans, in Tennessee. The game may have just gotten a whole lot easier, as Chris is whining about his salary. Granted, MR Uber-runner helped get... Continue reading "Chris Johnson's temper tantrum: Raiders delight?" » Video Corner

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