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Oakland's 2010 Preseason coming to a close

For the Raiders, tonight's game against the Seahawks will be less about winning, but more about finding out which players will have a job, come the time of the cut-down process. 22 players will be looking either for another home, or will sit for a year, wondering what happened. For... Continue reading "Oakland's 2010 Preseason coming to a close" »

Oakland Raiders-49s game news

With Jason Campbell getting out of the game with a stinger, the Raiders seemed up to the challenge passing the ball into the hands of one Bruce Gradkowski. The Bruce, first finding Louis Murphy for a quick six, then a good drive downfield capped off with a dragging performance by... Continue reading "Oakland Raiders-49s game news" »

Oakland Post Game: How did the Raiders Do?

After watching Oakland's second preseason game, you gotta love this. Sure, after the Dallas game, questions were asked. Was the Offense going to score? Was the offensive line going to give Jason Campbell some time? Would the defense be able to perform as well, as they did in week one?... Continue reading "Oakland Post Game: How did the Raiders Do?" »

2010 Oakland Raiders: Is the Offense in trouble?

Looking at the Raiders first preseason game, the first squad looked rusty. That is expected, but not reassuring. Likewise, Oakland was missing several key players, like Chaz Schilens, Darren McFadden and Jacoby Ford. Coming into the second game, Bey may be questionable, McFadden will be out, and Ford seems to... Continue reading "2010 Oakland Raiders: Is the Offense in trouble?" »

Charlie Frye, we hardly knew ye...

News from Oakland is slightly down, as Charlie Frye was shut down for the entire season today. It seems that his wrist, injured early on hasn't recovered, so the choice was made to simply undergo surgery for the problem. As it is, this gives him 4-6 months of healing, so... Continue reading "Charlie Frye, we hardly knew ye..." »

Oakland after the win: Perspectives?

Depending on who you talk to, the Raiders didn't win, apparantly. Listening to the recap from NFL Network, the announcers sounded about as intellegent as grapefruit, highlighting Tony Romo's ability to play, while deriding the Raiders who won't do well, this year. Riiiiight. Did someone forget to check the score?... Continue reading "Oakland after the win: Perspectives?" »

Oakland Gametime!

Unless you are living in a cave....the Raiders season is kicking off in less than a few hours! Your Oakland Raiders will be taking the field against the Dallas Cowboys, in Texas, at their "slightly" new stadium. Oakland had a chance to try out the field last year, losing on... Continue reading "Oakland Gametime!" »

Safe Bets and Current Guesses: The Raiders first week part two

As things would go, as mentioned before the Raiders have seen some good players wanting to step forward and try for a spot on the club's 53 man roster. However, with the training camp, you do get players, for one reason or another, fall by the wayside. Injury, underperforming, sometimes... Continue reading "Safe Bets and Current Guesses: The Raiders first week part two" »

Safe bets and current guesses: Oakland's first week

After the practices started using pads, the Raiders had a chance to see what full-contact NFL playing and hitting felt like. Anyone who tells you that training camp isn't anything to worry about, hasn't had the chance to experience it first-hand. Players are fighting for careers, putting everything they have... Continue reading "Safe bets and current guesses: Oakland's first week" »

First feelings from training camp: Oakland Edition

Ah, the wait is over! Oakland, coming off a busy offseason, started training camp in Napa, looking forward to breaking down the roster and preparing for a winning season. While different teams handle the training camps in different methods, Cable's "classroom" method does have it's detractors, but it also has... Continue reading "First feelings from training camp: Oakland Edition" »

Flags at half-mast in the Raider Nation: Jack Tatum dies at 61

For most of the old guard, he was the sign of a true football giant. A man who just by appearance on the football field would cause the opposing team to rethink how often it would throw into his zone. Jack Tatum, was simply dominant. What he lacked in size,... Continue reading "Flags at half-mast in the Raider Nation: Jack Tatum dies at 61" »

Could Richard Seymour's lack of a deal cause issues in Oakland?

From the start, Oakland sounded upbeat about signing Richard Seymour to a long-term deal. After all, Oakland had traded a first round pick to New England, the assumption would be that Oakland would have him longer than the two seasons. Now, with his single year deal, some are starting to... Continue reading "Could Richard Seymour's lack of a deal cause issues in Oakland?" »

Raiders' History: Do other AFC West Teams have it wrong?

In doing a report for college, I was asked by a classmate to explain why the Raiders were better than the Denver Broncos, San DIego Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs. What made the question into an assignment, was the kicker...I wasn't allowed to use the stanard-fare reply, "three rings... Continue reading "Raiders' History: Do other AFC West Teams have it wrong?" »

Oakland or Los Angeles: Risk half the fans for a good stadium?

It is an unthinkable idea, but it has gotten more attention in the last couple months. Oakland, with the Raiders soon to be the only team playing nin the collesium, has been trying to find a way to build or revamp its' present stadium, in an effort to keep the... Continue reading "Oakland or Los Angeles: Risk half the fans for a good stadium?" »

Terrell Owens complaining about label: Does it stick?

It was amusing, but Terrell Owens' whining is wearing thin. After all, here it is, mid July and no one will pony up the money to lock down his ability to catch passes, score touchdowns and win games. Likewise, he seems surprised that no one notices that the NFL has... Continue reading "Terrell Owens complaining about label: Does it stick?" » Video Corner

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