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A Culture of Celebration

November is Hip-Hop History month and this year marks the 38th anniversary of the Universal Zulu Nation. Not familiar? Hip-Hop is a cultural phenomenon that swept the globe and infiltrated every facet of the business market. What started in the early 1970's in the Bronx and was chiefly relegated to... Continue reading "A Culture of Celebration" »

A Few Joyce Words - No Cause For Alarm

NO CAUSE FOR ALARM The economy is in the tank, financial progress is at a stand still and the government is working about as well as my first attempt at driving a stick shift up a steep hill. The cost of college is up and the odds of landing a... Continue reading "A Few Joyce Words - No Cause For Alarm" »

A Few Joyce Words - Get a Job!

GET A JOB My favorite line from the cult classic 1983 gangster film “Scarface” isn’t found on any T-shirt. It isn’t quoted in a sit-com and hasn’t become a cliché for bad impressions. No, the line I always found most amusing comes just after Tony Montana kills Frank Lopez and... Continue reading "A Few Joyce Words - Get a Job!" »

A Few Joyce Words - Good Things Take Time

GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME “Such is life,” my grandmother used to say. My other grandmother used to say, “Get off the arm of the chair or I’ll knock ya down.” Ah, the Irish – a loving people. Both phrases stuck with me throughout life because both Marian Reilly and Loretta... Continue reading "A Few Joyce Words - Good Things Take Time" »

A Few Joyce Words - A Little Pre-OCCUPIED

A LITTLE PRE-OCCUPIED For weeks now, Wall Street has been occupied like a bastion of port-a-johns at a Dixie-land county fair featuring Randy Travis and a tractor pull. Cities nationwide have joined the fracas in telling the top-earning 1% of Americans that we want our money back. The sign hung... Continue reading "A Few Joyce Words - A Little Pre-OCCUPIED" »

No Job Too Small

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for college graduates over 25 years of age and possessing four-year degrees or higher, spanning from Sept. 2010 to Sept. 2011, averaged more than 4.3 percent. With a labor force of more than 46,000 and a participation rate near... Continue reading "No Job Too Small" »

A Hope for a Nation in Disarray... Music

I don't know the answer. I don't know that the answer is important. What is known is that things are in dissaray. We are broke and in many cases broken. What is missing in the midst of all this social discord and political pissing match is the love that once... Continue reading "A Hope for a Nation in Disarray... Music" »


Forthright, a few fingers of whiskey and a cigar I commonly accept as a good idea. With a good friend, who is more like a brother and less like a friend because I don't like to talk on the phone and have to explain a lot of things while driving in a car and keep people up to date and all the things that I'm told friends supposedly do, a Monday Night Football game is unmatched. Sure a fight might break out; a droop-shouldered slobbery gibberish spitter who thinks his girlfriend looked in your direction one too many times can be an annoyance. Barring that, my friend and I keep ourselves and the better part of the establishment in sticthes at the observances that our beverages-of-choice and their accompanying draft beers can't stifle.
Bright sun-lit mornings and showers that ought to be a lot hotter disagree with the choices of the night before but last night's choser wandered off and didn't come back to his brain, or his tab. Stuck me and my buddy with the bill again. Who won the game? Ah, hell who was playing is a better question. A good sport is a guy who doesn't mind his girl glancing in the other direction; a better sport is her for being agreeable to my point of view moreso than his. Chiefs. Chiefs won in overtime. I swore to somebody or a bar-bastioned false idol of some sort I'd make a trip to Kansas City one day, see the sights and all Missouri has to offer. I also promised to stop drinking so much and staying out nights that don't end and are followed by classes that creep up the next morning. The trick is not making good on both threats at the same time. Then I'd simply be another stuffed-shirt slouch with a Cannon for a neck tie, another man's girlfriend who has me confused for her husband and a couple of rodents scurrying around my feet and bearing a strange resemblence to a guy used to look like me.
Better get to class.

Continue reading "Gamesmanship" »

Journalism: An industry and a Craft By John Joyce

The path to professional journalism, for many, begins in the college newsroom. Dreams of one day obtaining a New York Times byline or a slot at a cable news outlet fly high, only to come crashing down falling short of their target like story ideas littering the floor around a... Continue reading "Journalism: An industry and a Craft By John Joyce" » Video Corner

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