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Is the Future Bright? Students Battle Loans and Bad Job Market

College students look dissatisfied with the economy in the Unites States. Recent graduate students can’t find jobs in their desired field. With the economy dropping more and more over the past few years what are students going to do after graduation? Fortunately, some students were able to find employment after... Continue reading "Is the Future Bright? Students Battle Loans and Bad Job Market" »

Suspects Arrested for Unpaid Child Support

I am usually not a loss for words except for this shocking video where the Opelika, Alabama police department devised a plan to lure suspects wanted for unpaid child support. The police department promised free Alabama-Auburn football tickets to bait suspects into custody. The showing of the video is quite... Continue reading "Suspects Arrested for Unpaid Child Support" »

The Jets sign CB Cromartie, after losing out on Nnamdi

New York Jets fans will be happy to know that Pro Bowl cornerback Antonio Cromartie agreed to terms with the team. The Jets have signed CB Cromartie to a four-year deal worth $32 million. The Jets acquired Cromartie the offseason from the San Diego Chargers. Cromartie played opposite solid of... Continue reading "The Jets sign CB Cromartie, after losing out on Nnamdi" »

Nnamdi Sweepstakes ends, Eagles sign 3-time Pro Bowl to five-year deal

The best free agent cornerback signed a deal with a new team however; the team is not The Dallas Cowboys or The New York Jets. Nnamdi Asomugha is currently the newest member of the Philadelphia Eagles roster. The Houston Texans were in the leading candidate for Asomugha but the team... Continue reading "Nnamdi Sweepstakes ends, Eagles sign 3-time Pro Bowl to five-year deal" »

Woman of the Year

Barbadian sensation Rihanna is chosen as the “Woman of the Year” by Vogue Italia! The infamous magazine paid a tribute to the singer for her incredibly fashion style, musical success and clarity work. Rihanna is the obviously choice by Vogue Italia. Once a rising star in the music business, she... Continue reading "Woman of the Year" »

Spider-Man Villain Rhys Ifans Arrested at Comic-Con

It would not be Comic-Con until someone gets arrested for disorderly conduct in Hall H. The previous year, one fan jabbed another fan in the eye over a seat. This year it was not a random fan but the star villain of the upcoming movie “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Sony Pictures... Continue reading "Spider-Man Villain Rhys Ifans Arrested at Comic-Con" »

NFL's 130-day labor dispute is set to end

According to sources on both sides, the League’s owners and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) have reached an agreement on the remaining points needed in their 10-year labor deal. Despite the progress, the NFL lockout still continues until a majority of the NFL players vote on the new agreement. The... Continue reading "NFL's 130-day labor dispute is set to end" »

Steven Rogers Transformation

Everyone knows the story of Steven Rogers, a regular guy who was chosen for a top secret government project during World War II where he becomes a test subject for the super soldier formula. The super solider formula transformations Steven Rogers and he becomes the first Avenger. As an America... Continue reading "Steven Rogers Transformation " »

Dark Knight Rises Official Trailer

nullDark Knight Rises Official Trailer The Dark Knight Rises official teaser trailer is now online much more clearly than the bootleg version. The new trailer poses some questions for batman fanatics for instance the man/woman standing in the background who is it? As Batman faces his new adversary its clear... Continue reading "Dark Knight Rises Official Trailer" »

Jennifer and Marc Are Breaking Up

Jennifer and Marc Are Breaking Up According to, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are getting a divorce, after seven years of marriage. The married couple released a joint statement to People saying, “"We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult decision. We have come to... Continue reading "Jennifer and Marc Are Breaking Up" »

Dark Knight Rises Trailer Leaked

Dark Knight Rises Trailer Leaked In today’s news, the latest Batman film entitled Dark Knight Rises was leaked and a bootleg copy appears to be online. However, the bootleg copies are being removed immediately. I had an opportunity to witness the trailer. Batman will face Bane a buffed up tough... Continue reading "Dark Knight Rises Trailer Leaked" »

Box Office Reports: Final Harry Potter Sets New Record Scattering 43.5 Million in Midnight Run

Box Office Reports: Final Harry Potter Sets New Record Scattering 43.5 Million in Midnight Run According to reports, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part II grossed 43.5 million beating previous crown holder, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse which earned 30 million in midnight showings. The final installment of Harry Potter... Continue reading "Box Office Reports: Final Harry Potter Sets New Record Scattering 43.5 Million in Midnight Run" »

Mavs Parade

The Dallas Mavericks celebrated the franchise’s first NBA championship rejoicing with the city of Dallas. Over 222,000 Dallas fans came to celebrate with the team. The parade showcased the MVP Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry and Jason Kidd, Tyson Chandler and owner Mark Cuban was in attendance. Mav’s Head Coach Rick... Continue reading "Mavs Parade" »

Sega Breached by Hackers

Another gaming company has been hacked in recent weeks. Today's publisher Sega reported yesterday hackers may have stolen Sega Pass member’s personal information.

According to Sega, the publisher discovered the database had suffered unauthorized entry and the Sega Pass member’s information was taken.

Sega apologized for the incident and they are asking individuals who have the same password and services to change their access codes immediately.

Continue reading "Sega Breached by Hackers" » Video Corner

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