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Phillies 42 Games Over .500 Makes History

With a 5-3 win over the Marlins tonight, the Phillies added another record to the franchise books. And here is how it transpired: Phillies pitcher Roy Oswalt made the start tonight. Since coming off the DL, he has produced one really good start, a couple of okay starts and one... Continue reading "Phillies 42 Games Over .500 Makes History" »

Phillies Breeze Through Four Game Sweep of Reds

With two days off before this series began due to Hurricane Irene, the Phillies did not skip a beat in their total dominance over the Reds this week. This win made it only the third time in franchise history that the Phillies have been 41 games over .500. They did... Continue reading "Phillies Breeze Through Four Game Sweep of Reds" »

Another UnbeLEEvable Month for Cliff Lee

In the month of August, Cliff Lee has been amazingLEE, wonderfuLEE and happiLEE spectacular on the mound. Lee nearly duplicated his equally stunning month of June, where he went 5-0 with a 0.21 ERA. He ended August tonight with the same record of 5-0 and a 0.45 ERA. Against the... Continue reading "Another UnbeLEEvable Month for Cliff Lee" »

John Bowker Hits the Baseball Lottery

After two dismal years from 2008 - 2009 in San Francisco, John Bowker was traded halfway through 2010 to the Pirates. Yes, just as the Giants were heading towards a World Series win, Bowker got dumped. And while he still technically qualified for a ring, Bowker sat at home last... Continue reading "John Bowker Hits the Baseball Lottery" »

Halladay & Howard Hammer the Reds

After having multiple starts either cut short or moved back due to the horrible east coast weather this month, Roy Halladay had to be anxious to finally get in a solid start. He did that and more in a 9-0 win over the Reds on Tuesday night. Through seven innings,... Continue reading "Halladay & Howard Hammer the Reds" »

Hamels Sharp in 1st Game Off the DL

The Phillies began a stretch of 33 games in 31 days today in Cincinnati against the Reds. With the schedule shuffling due to Hurricane Irene, the Phils lost their final off-day of the regular season and also have two doubleheaders in September. Today was an especially important day for pitcher... Continue reading "Hamels Sharp in 1st Game Off the DL" »

Hurricane Irene Weekend Photos

The following are some photos I took while bored at the ballpark on Saturday and also some shots from my neighborhood showing some hurricane damage. To start with, I finally saw the new Harry Kalas statue. It was nice being able to take photos without a huge crowd: And here... Continue reading "Hurricane Irene Weekend Photos" »

Phillies Wait Until Last Second to Call Off Saturday's Game

To recap the recent Phillies hurricane horrors: On Thursday, it was announced that Sunday's Phillies - Marlins game would be moved to Saturday afternoon as part of a day/night doubleheader at 1:05pm. But as the weather forecast got uglier, the Phillies re-scheduled the Saturday night game to Thursday, September 15.... Continue reading "Phillies Wait Until Last Second to Call Off Saturday's Game" »

Hurricane Irene Forces Phillies to Juggle the Schedule

On Thursday, the Phillies announced that Sunday's Phillies - Marlins game would be moved to Saturday afternoon as part of a day/night doubleheader at 1:05pm. With hurricane Irene on the move towards the east coast, the Phillies chose to be pro-active in their approach to the schedule. However, as the... Continue reading "Hurricane Irene Forces Phillies to Juggle the Schedule" »

Two Blow-Outs and a Blow-Up

On Monday, the Phillies blew-out the Mets in a 10-0 shut-out victory. Then after Tuesday's east coast earthquake, the Phillies shook the Mets down with another big win, 9-4. But on Wednesday, the earth stopped shaking things up, and so did the Phillies. With a big error only nine pitches... Continue reading "Two Blow-Outs and a Blow-Up" »

Earthquake or Cole Hamels Going to the DL?

Earthquake or Cole Hamels going to the DL? Sadly, it was both. But clearly, this is the universe's response to the Hamels DL move. The universe, and all Phillies fans, are NOT happy. However, the Phillies are saying that Hamels will start on Monday. But the move gave them a... Continue reading "Earthquake or Cole Hamels Going to the DL?" »

Cliff Lee is Effortless in Rout of Mets

After losing two of three to the Nationals and enduring three rain delays in four games, seeing the Mets come to town had to be a relief for the Phillies. And they wasted no time taking out their frustrations on this fourth place team. Pitcher Cliff Lee continued his incredible... Continue reading "Cliff Lee is Effortless in Rout of Mets" »

Jimmy Rollins Headed to the DL

In last night's Phillies loss to the Nationals, shortstop Jimmy Rollins was lifted from the game early after an injury. I tweeted a photo collage of J-Roll from the 2nd inning where he did a 360 move from catch to throw on a grounder, after which he was seen grimacing... Continue reading "Jimmy Rollins Headed to the DL" »

Two Blown Saves In One Game Cost Phillies the Series

The Phillies had not lost a series since July 26-28 coming into this 3-game series with the Nationals. But three blown saves in two of three games would change that. Roy Halladay's outing was cut short after five innings of work due to yet another rain delay. It was the... Continue reading "Two Blown Saves In One Game Cost Phillies the Series" »

Phillies Rebound Against the Nats Behind Oswalt & Mayberry

If there were any questions about Roy Oswalt not pitching after the rain delay on Friday, those questions were answered tonight. With a fresh start and no interruption in his routine, Oswalt was very sharp. Oswalt tossed eight innings of shut-out baseball against the Nationals, allowing eight hits and a... Continue reading "Phillies Rebound Against the Nats Behind Oswalt & Mayberry" » Video Corner

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