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Ibanez Gets Nixed; Utley Procreates

Considering it is the offseason, this has been a busy week for the Phillies. In an unusual roster move, the Phillies have potentially signed left fielder Laynce Nix, 31, to a two-year deal, pending a physical. I say this is unusual because in a 9-year career, Nix is a .244... Continue reading "Ibanez Gets Nixed; Utley Procreates" »

Holiday Weekend Phillies Happenings

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Hunter Pence shared a small piece of his Thanksgiving pie via his Twitter feed: @HunterPence3: Happy Thanksgiving everyone.....Let's Go Eat! :) Nov 24 via Twitter for BlackBerry® Here is a VIDEO of Hunter with his family on Thanksgiving :O) And just yesterday,... Continue reading "Holiday Weekend Phillies Happenings" »

What Phillies Fans Can Be Thankful For: 2011 Edition

The annual tradition continues with my 2011 edition of things to be thankful for. Put down the fork for a few seconds and enjoy: What We Can All Be Thankful For: - 5 straight NL East Titles :O) - The Houston Astros: Because some team has to suck this badly.... Continue reading "What Phillies Fans Can Be Thankful For: 2011 Edition" »

Phillies Sign Wigginton & Victorino Gets His Own Day

Mahalo and Happy Shane Victorino Day! Yes, Governor Neil Abercrombie declared that today is Shane Victorino Day in Hawaii. And no, you cannot make this stuff up, folks. Shane tweeted about the event earlier today: "Just founded out that Hawaii Governor Abercrombie declaring today as Shane Victorino Day in Hawaii!... Continue reading "Phillies Sign Wigginton & Victorino Gets His Own Day" »

No ROY, No Cy, No Surprise

As I had predicted, none of the Phillies got any of the top awards this off-season, but many came close. The Cy Young voting was at least interesting; 3 Phillies made the top 5 in voting with Roy Halladay coming in 2nd, Cliff Lee 3rd and Cole Hamels 5th. Not... Continue reading "No ROY, No Cy, No Surprise" »

Reaction to Phillies Signing of Jonathan Papelbon

I have had a few days to let the Jonathan Papelbon signing sink in now and I am still not sure what to think. Papelbon is a proven closer and a 4-time All-Star. In 2011, he saved 31 out of 34 games for the Red Sox and posted a 2.94... Continue reading "Reaction to Phillies Signing of Jonathan Papelbon" »

Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame 2011 Induction

On Thursday evening, the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame inducted the Class of 2011. The Hall of Fame’s 8th class includes: Bill Bergey, Biz Mackey, Curt Simmons, Dawn Staley, Ed and Steve Sabol, Jimmy Dykes, Joe McCarthy, Moses Malone, Mark Howe, Ora Washington, Ted Meredith, Wilbert Montgomery, Speedy Morris, Al... Continue reading "Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame 2011 Induction" »

Award Season: Which Phillies Made the Grade So Far

Despite an early exit from the playoffs, the Phillies 102 regular season wins and stellar individual performances have earned some players much deserved honors. Earlier this offseason, Placido Polanco was awarded a Gold Glove for his work at third base. Polly also won the award playing second base for the... Continue reading "Award Season: Which Phillies Made the Grade So Far" »

2011 Phillies Photo Tribute

I just finished my yearly Phillies photo tribute! I shot all of these photos during the 2011 season which include game photos, every player who was on the big league roster (even if for only a split second), a few alumni shots and other goodies. The "For Fun" section is... Continue reading "2011 Phillies Photo Tribute " »

Jim Thome Returns to Philadelphia

The Phillies have decided to begin the 2012 season roster update with a blast from the past. Jim Thome, who played for the Phillies from 2003-2005, has signed a one-year deal to return to the Phils in 2012. Stating publically on a number of occasions that Charlie Manuel is like... Continue reading "Jim Thome Returns to Philadelphia" »

2011 Phillies Halloween

Happy Halloween! In keeping with my yearly tradition, I have again dressed up our favorite Phillies players for this special holiday. Some are repeats from previous years that still crack me up. And some are brand new and also very funny. We begin with a new set of costumes; here... Continue reading "2011 Phillies Halloween" »

Grieving the Phillies 2011 Season - Stage 5: Acceptance

With the final game of the 2011 World Series upon us tonight, it seems like an appropriate time to end the drama. As Phillies fans, it has been a rough ride since our team took an early and unexpected exit from the playoffs. But not just fans have been on... Continue reading "Grieving the Phillies 2011 Season - Stage 5: Acceptance" »

Grieving the Phillies 2011 Season - Stage 4: Depression

Has anyone been watching the World Series? I have not been able to. Not because my TV blew up or squirrels chewed through my cable lines, but because it is just too depressing. The 2011 World Series without the Phillies? *SIGH* :O( The only thing I think about right now... Continue reading "Grieving the Phillies 2011 Season - Stage 4: Depression" »

Grieving the Phillies 2011 Season - Stage 3: Bargaining

Stage 3 of my mourning the 2011 Phillies season has reached the bargaining stage. The only problem is that the season is already gone, leaving nothing but "why's," "what if's" and "if only's." For instance, What if...the Phillies had just let the Braves win the last two games of the... Continue reading "Grieving the Phillies 2011 Season - Stage 3: Bargaining" »

Grieving the Phillies 2011 Season - Stage 2: Anger

I can no longer deny that the season is OVER for the Phillies. And over in the most awful way possible. So now, I am pissed. Seriously, WTF were these players thinking when they proceeded to swing at bad pitches and watch good ones fly past? You know the old... Continue reading "Grieving the Phillies 2011 Season - Stage 2: Anger" » Video Corner

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