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Haters Gonna Give Valid Criticism

There seems to be a divide in the black and female communities over whether Tyler Perry and Stephenie Meyer should be celebrated or executed. Tyler Perry made his fortune through stage plays, movies, and television shows about African Americans. Stephenie Meyer created Twilight and brought vampires roaring back the mainstream... Continue reading "Haters Gonna Give Valid Criticism" »

Just Be Yourself...But try to Keep it to 80% max

*If you are super attractive then nothing in this article applies to you. I hate you and resent your gorgeous face and body. It’s one of the oldest clichés in the world. Anytime someone shows anxiety, you hit them with the three magic words. “Just be yourself.” I will refer... Continue reading "Just Be Yourself...But try to Keep it to 80% max" »

Throwing Stones From the Friendzone

Let me start this off by making myself perfectly clear. This will not be an article bashing women for being superficial. Hopefully, this article will expose some of the hypocrisy and unrealistic expectations of today's average American male. I'm guessing we've all heard of the friend zone. It's been a... Continue reading "Throwing Stones From the Friendzone" »

Did I Just Start Respecting Amber Rose?

Up until a year ago, I had no idea who Amber Rose was. After I learned her name, I still only saw her as Kanye West’s girlfriend. The two eventually broke up in 2010 and that is usually were the video girl fairytale ends. But Amber did not go quietly... Continue reading "Did I Just Start Respecting Amber Rose?" » Video Corner

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