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The Most Recent News

Hello everyone! Take some time to read our most recent family update!! Download May 2011--English Keep the Faith, David Continue reading "The Most Recent News" »

Good News from Japan

Good News from Japan Many of us have seen the horrible pictures coming out of Japan in the past two days. Unimaginable destruction to nuclear facilities; fishing villages losing all their boats; loss of life in the thousands. There seems to be nothing hopeful for the people of Japan to... Continue reading "Good News from Japan" »

Murdered Co-Worker

Here is the latest update our my co-worker in Kenya who was murdered last week. Here is a photo of Ebel and his family in Kenya: Take some time to ready this sobering news and to pray for his family and friends as they mourn. Keep the Faith, David... Continue reading "Murdered Co-Worker" »

YWAM Co-Worker Senselessly MURDERED

YWAM is devastated to report that around 1am on Friday, 25th February, armed robbers broke into an orphanage operated by a YWAM team in Athi River, Kenya, 50 km outside of Nairobi. A Dutch couple, Ebel and Lora Kremer, managed the orphanage. In the attack, Lora was assaulted and Ebel... Continue reading "YWAM Co-Worker Senselessly MURDERED" »

Blow Up Your Boxes!

Most of us today think in compartments. There is the "family" compartment, the "work" compartment, the "recreation" compartment, the "friends and family" compartment, and so on and so forth. This way of thinking affects the way we view Christianity and spirituality. We think (and do) things like: "I go to... Continue reading "Blow Up Your Boxes!" »

The 21st Century Offense

Most of us, if we can't do it ourselves, would rather not do it. Perhaps that's why there is a growing disinterest in the Jesus lifestyle. Because we can't do it in our own power we would prefer to not do it at all. The offense of the Gospel to... Continue reading "The 21st Century Offense" »

Fort Hood and Orlando Shootings--Anger to it fullest!

By now most of us are aware of the tragedies that unfolded the past few days. On Thursday, and fellow military man walked into a building on the Fort Hood Military base and shot people--wounding and killing many people. Then a day later, a former employee walked into his old... Continue reading "Fort Hood and Orlando Shootings--Anger to it fullest!" »

From Generation to Generation

My parents are visiting my family and I for the next two weeks. I always enjoy having my parents around now that I have children. I really enjoy having my kids interact with my parents. I think there is so much that my kids can do for my parents--keeping them... Continue reading "From Generation to Generation" »

Top Ten Lessons from the White House and Fox News Rift

I've noticed recently that Fox News and the White House can't seem to get along. Its seems that the White House is bothered that Fox News seems to criticize much of what they do, while Fox News is bothered by the White House's repeated attempts to malign and silence them.... Continue reading "Top Ten Lessons from the White House and Fox News Rift" » Video Corner

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