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NY Knicks..Mike D'Antoni...He's Gotta Go! (The Re-Mix)

It's time the New York Knicks reshuffle the deck and end the Mike D'Antoni era. I had my doubts about his capacity to coach defense when he came here, but let's keep it real, he was brought in to get Lebron James, any thing else was gravy. Regretfully, this scenario... Continue reading "NY Knicks..Mike D'Antoni...He's Gotta Go! (The Re-Mix)" »

Sorry Charlie....You Shouldn't of Tweeted!

In competitive sports, trash talk is usually considered fair game. And although we live in a culture where being poltically correct is no longer the exception, but the damn rule, Kevin Garnett's alleged comments made on the court to Charlie Villanueva should never been "Twitter Fodder", or the topic of... Continue reading "Sorry Charlie....You Shouldn't of Tweeted!" »

The NBA is "Dissing the Game".......Knock it Off!

The NBA season is just a few days old, it's unraveling and shaking off the cotton balls from the summer of Le bron and the Miami Heat. But, as the season matures, and games begin taking on more significance on the back nine, will officiating crews continue to enforce this... Continue reading "The NBA is "Dissing the Game".......Knock it Off!" »

Chris Collingsworth Intoxicated with "Farve Flava Kool-Aid"

While watching the Green-bay Packers victory over the Minnesota Vikings last night, I was alarmed that NBC would allow Chris Collingsworth to provide color analysis intoxicated and under the hypnotic influence of Brett Farve. For two decades, fans of the NFL have heard John Madden and other Sports Media talking... Continue reading "Chris Collingsworth Intoxicated with "Farve Flava Kool-Aid"" »

Terrell Owens Interview appearing in October MIA-Magazine

Download TO_Article[1] Continue reading "Terrell Owens Interview appearing in October MIA-Magazine" »

Interview with "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Derek J- Oct MIA Magazine

Download Derek_J_Article[1] Continue reading "Interview with "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Derek J- Oct MIA Magazine" »

Interview with Miami Dolphin Linebacker, Karlos Dansby- In Oct Mia Magazine

Download MIA_Sports[1] Continue reading "Interview with Miami Dolphin Linebacker, Karlos Dansby- In Oct Mia Magazine" »

Will the Miami Big "3" lead to...."More Business in the Hood?"

Download Clippingmiamibigthreeleadtomore buisness 10_20_2010 Continue reading "Will the Miami Big "3" lead to...."More Business in the Hood?"" »

Mark Schlereth Sounds off on NFL Continue reading "Mark Schlereth Sounds off on NFL" »

It's the NFL, more games with less Hits!

After Ray Anderson, VP of NFL football operations announced yesterday that the league will begin suspending players for dangerous and devastating hits, the sport that hardcore fans have grown to know will take on a different look come next Sunday. As a matter of fact, don't be surprised if players... Continue reading "It's the NFL, more games with less Hits!" »

Did Gilbert Arenas fake a knee injury to help Nick Young or was he joking? After stonewalling the media at the onset of training camp, it looks like the player formerly known as Agent Zero is regaining some of his personality. Gilbert Arenas did not play in Tuesday’s preseason game for the Wizards because of a knee injury. After the game, he told reporters... Continue reading "Did Gilbert Arenas fake a knee injury to help Nick Young or was he joking?" »

Some Good, Bad and Ugly in Sports

The first quarter grades for the New York Jets and Giants are B+ and C respectively. The Jets are living up to their own advance billing by posting a strong 3-1 record. That lone smudge being a one point loss to the Ravens while playing from a “connect-a-dot” offensive game... Continue reading "Some Good, Bad and Ugly in Sports" »

Dolphins vs. Jets: Rivalry Renewed

By Terry Smart Jr When I think of Jets/Dolphins, I think of the arrogance of one franchise and the humbleness of another. One franchise known for “the guarantee” and the other, known for its “no name defense” are only microcosms of what truly makes this rivalry unique. Passion, desire and... Continue reading "Dolphins vs. Jets: Rivalry Renewed" »

From Dog Killer to Top Dog

By Terrence Smart Jr. Michael Vick’s life has now come full circle. The electric former number 1 overall pick in 2001, rejuvenated the Atlanta Falcons franchise, which had fell into a slumber since their 1998 super bowl appearance. In 2006, Vick led the Falcons to the NFC Championship game before... Continue reading "From Dog Killer to Top Dog" »

Some NFL-Good Bad and Ugly In yesterday’s New York Giants opening act, their 31-18 victory over the Carolina Panthers at the new Meadowland's playing facility removed some of the stench that’s been lingering in the New Jersey air since last season’s final appearance flop at the old “Giants Stadium”. Overall,... Continue reading "" » Video Corner

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