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Dolphins....Couldn't Keep up with Brady's Brilliance

The Dolphins opened the season last night with a 12 play 84yard drive that consumed 7:18 of the first quarter. And if it wasn’t for that clock eating drive,Tom Brady may have passed his way into the record books, to the tune of 600 yards---seriously. The All-Pro wound up throwing... Continue reading "Dolphins....Couldn't Keep up with Brady's Brilliance" »

There’s show business …and then there’s the NFL

Its time to step off Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, your time is up. You two Studs have never engaged in a shootout seen last night. I’m saying--you guys have been brilliant for stretches of play in head to head battles over the years ---but never over four quarters— have... Continue reading "There’s show business …and then there’s the NFL" »

Miami Heat ..Step up Ya Grind

Outside of the two “Taj Mahal Dunks” by Mr. Gibson, what was stark in yesterday’s opening serve of the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals was the number of second chance opportunities compiled by the Chicago Bulls against the Miami Heat. I lost count last night…but the official number was around 31.... Continue reading " Miami Heat ..Step up Ya Grind" »

“Carmelo Anthony and the ‘Inferiors’…Limp away from the Playoffs”

Throughout the season the New York Knicks were able to overcome their shortcomings, especially on defense, hence making the playoffs, the team’s first appearance since 2004. But that changed dramatically during the final acts of Boston vs. New York. Though much has been made of their lack of defense, and... Continue reading " “Carmelo Anthony and the ‘Inferiors’…Limp away from the Playoffs”" »

The Knicks Must Learn to Close

The take home from yesterday’s clash between two of the NBA’s “Original Eight” was that the Boston Celtics knew how to close the damn deal, while the New York Knicks appeared as if they were fumbling around for a pen to sign off on a victory that was basically sealed.... Continue reading "The Knicks Must Learn to Close" »

The Masters...Sunday afternoon Drama

Rorry McIllroy played some brilliant golf, but Green Jackets are not issued for brilliant Thursday to Saturday play. His performance yesterday illustrated for millions of golf fans the pressure that exists on Sunday afternoons at Augusta National. To use a boxing analogy, it appeared like McIllroy was knocked down after... Continue reading "The Masters...Sunday afternoon Drama" »

My man Chauncey! What is going on?

As much as I would like to sit at my computer and “wax poetic” about the current slide of the Knicks--I can’t. I don’t have an explanation or a solution for this team’s inexplicable slide. But what’s tangible and paralleling to this futility---is the play of Chauncey Billups. Two weeks... Continue reading "My man Chauncey! What is going on? " »

Jazz in the Gardens music festival.....needs a Three day Weekend!

Over the weekend I spent a couple of days covering arguably the biggest “Outdoor Party” in the country, “Jazz in the Gardens music festival.” For six years, the city of Miami Gardens, home to Sunlife Stadium, which is home to the Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins, and University of Miami Hurricanes,... Continue reading "Jazz in the Gardens music festival.....needs a Three day Weekend!" »

Is Tyson Chandler a good fit for the Knicks?

After researching the pending 2011 free agent class, with subsequent "Leg-go" instructions and required Capology shenanigans , the player that fits the Knicks in my opinion is Tyson Chandler. The Knicks need an athletic defensive presence who can average 25 minutes, while securing 8 to 10 rebounds and 10 pts... Continue reading "Is Tyson Chandler a good fit for the Knicks?" »

Its A Brand New Day At MSG!

It's a new day at Madison Square Garden. No longer are Knick fans sitting in darkness, waiting on a pardon from the Governor to suspend this sentence of mediocrity. Yesterday Knickerbocker nation received a reprieve, symbolic of a ray of hope, and brighter days ahead for this franchise. After months... Continue reading "Its A Brand New Day At MSG!" »

Knicks...Don't Mess This Up!

While the swirling Carmelo Anthony rumors slowly morph into reality for Knickerbocker fans, the mere notion of James Dolan swooping in to play "Guitar Hero" (with trusty sidekick Isaiah) to expedite the negotiations with the Denver Nuggets is very scary. James Dolan and Isaiah Thomas can mess up a bowl... Continue reading "Knicks...Don't Mess This Up!" »

The Jets have a shot......ask the Saints

The New York Jets have a fighters chance to beat the New England Patriots this weekend. The Jets are playing with house money in my opinion, and if they want to prevail...they need to set the tone offensively..right out the gate. Moreover, a gag order around the mouth of Antonio... Continue reading "The Jets have a shot......ask the Saints" »

Itinerary for Darrell & Dexter Birthday Weekend Jan 7th and 8th

Continue reading "Itinerary for Darrell & Dexter Birthday Weekend Jan 7th and 8th" »

Pat Riley Miami Heat return to coaching inevitable-Jason Whitlock Continue reading "Pat Riley Miami Heat return to coaching inevitable-Jason Whitlock" »

NY Knicks..Mike D'Antoni...He's Gotta Go! (The Re-Mix)

It's time the New York Knicks reshuffle the deck and end the Mike D'Antoni era. I had my doubts about his capacity to coach defense when he came here, but let's keep it real, he was brought in to get Lebron James, any thing else was gravy. Regretfully, this scenario... Continue reading "NY Knicks..Mike D'Antoni...He's Gotta Go! (The Re-Mix)" » Video Corner

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