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Adams Family Values

One thing that sets the US apart from most of the rest of the world is that when we have a problem, we feel safe in turning to the police and our justice system. Sure, there are instances where that trust is misplaced but in general, if someone is in... Continue reading "Adams Family Values" »

Don't Give Me That Sanctity Crap!

I've never understood the religious conservatives' fascination with what goes on in the bedroom. It took until 2003 for the Supreme Court to strike down a Texas law prohibiting sodomy and even today, despite the overturning of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and multiple polls showing that a majority of Americans... Continue reading "Don't Give Me That Sanctity Crap!" »

Garbage Time: This is Thriller

When you're a baseball and politics blog, things get a little interesting when the baseball season ends and it's an off year for elections. It's like what you get in football when you're up by four touchdowns with 30 seconds left to go. Even if I were put in the... Continue reading "Garbage Time: This is Thriller" »


As Game 6 of the Series drew to what appeared to be its close, I got very excited. It wasn't so much that I was cheering against my friend and his team but I had predicted the Rangers would win and I like to be right. Beyond that, though, there... Continue reading "Squashed" »

RSBS Presents: Reintegration

Just in case you've been so wrapped up in the World Series that you missed what's going on around the US, RSBS is here to give you a quick rundown as you slowly start to reintegrate. Occupy Wall Street: What exactly is going on down there? Yep, I get it... Continue reading "RSBS Presents: Reintegration" »

Fahrenheit Four Fifty O'Reilly

The right of free speech ingrained into the Constitution our freedom to say whatever stupid thing might pop into our heads. In general, this is a good thing. Within certain reasonable limits, we can express our opinions on everything from foreign affairs to Fanta soda. It allows us to question... Continue reading "Fahrenheit Four Fifty O'Reilly " »

The Filibuster

Do you guys drink beer and eat fried chicken and play video games while you're supposed to be perfecting your craft? Kevin Chicago, IL ___________________________________ Frankly, Kevin, I'm insulted. That's like going up to C.C. Sabathia and asking him if he sits around eating Krispy Kremes while he's supposed to... Continue reading "The Filibuster" »

Muammar and Tony

Muammar Gaddafi died an ignoble death yesterday afternoon at the hands of people he violently repressed for 42 years. However the storyline in the immediate aftermath was not so much his death but that he had been captured and shown still alive before being reported dead a little while later.... Continue reading "Muammar and Tony" »

RSBS Presents: Being Thankful for Detroit

The dream is over. The Tigers have been eliminated and it happened in ghastly fashion with a straight-up mauling at the hands of the Rangers on Saturday night. It's not a fun way to end a season but it could be worse. So much worse. Ultimately, Detroit has a lot... Continue reading "RSBS Presents: Being Thankful for Detroit" »

Hide n' Go Seek Yankee-Style

Throughout the New York-Detroit ALDS, both Yankees and Tigers fans had to be wondering, "Where is A-Rod?" I know that up until his final strikeout, I was sure he'd show up at some point. But he never did. Luckily, no missing persons report had to be filed because a photographer... Continue reading "Hide n' Go Seek Yankee-Style" »

Allen's 2011 Post-Partisan Playoff Preview

Continuing a long-standing tradition here at this nearly four-year old blog, I wanted to take this opportunity to weigh in on both the MLB playoffs and the Republican primary race in a familiar format. I had a couple thoughts about how to approach this and I really wanted to go... Continue reading "Allen's 2011 Post-Partisan Playoff Preview" »

The Nebulousness of Mortality

Fall and the playoffs also mean the imminent death of another baseball season. Fittingly, the news outside of baseball also seems fixated on endings and death the last couple weeks. Of course there's the Michael Jackson doctor trial which seems to inspire the same kind of media circus that Jackson... Continue reading "The Nebulousness of Mortality" »

The Filibuster

Tigers are in! One of you has to be pretty happy about that. Mitch Galesburg, IL ___________________________________ As we dressed for my brother's wedding on Friday, he couldn't stop sweating. Part of it was the uncommonly hot October in Michigan. And obviously a big part of it was the fact... Continue reading "The Filibuster" »

Weekend at Jeffy's

As you probably know by now, last weekend I finally got to sit down with Jeff and Johanna to record an RSBS Podcast in person. The recording session took place around noon but the day didn't end there. No, it continued for many hours, many drinks and many laughs. Sadly,... Continue reading "Weekend at Jeffy's" »

RSBS Explores Title IX

With the playoffs in full swing and history being rewritten every night, it's hard not to notice how much of that history is recorded by television cameras. The field is blanketed by unblinking lenses, allowing us to live and relive each play from every possible angle. The downside is that... Continue reading "RSBS Explores Title IX" » Video Corner

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