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Argument: Invalid

During the playoffs and the brief period between the end of the baseball season and the handing out of the postseason awards, the debate raged about whether or not Verlander would or indeed should win both the Cy Young and the MVP. There are those who I'm sure continue to... Continue reading "Argument: Invalid" »

The Kyle Farnsworth of Politics

In a stunning turn of events, Herman Cain will not be the next President of the United States. In other news, snorting pixie sticks will not get you high. The one thing that these two items have in common is that a lot of people should have seen it coming... Continue reading "The Kyle Farnsworth of Politics" »

In the Red Zone

Team sports pride themselves on their uniformity. It's how you tell one team from the other and it allows the players to bond within a certain sameness. Which, when you think about it, isn't so different from what the Soviets attempted to do. Treat everyone the same, make them wear... Continue reading "In the Red Zone" »

Let's Get Real

There are only two serious contenders for the Republican presidential nomination. Ok, let me rephrase. There are only two contenders for the Republican presidential nomination who should be taken seriously. And yet somehow, the polls see the Republicans bouncing from one disaster to the next. Is Mormonism really so bad... Continue reading "Let's Get Real" »

Everything is Better With Vladimir

It's a hard time to be an international baseball player. Of course we all heard about what happened with Wilson Ramos in Venezuela but as harrowing as that experience may have been, at least he came out of it alive. The same can't be said of Seattle utility outfielder Greg... Continue reading "Everything is Better With Vladimir" »

A Wire-Sized Hole in My Heart

I have watched a lot of television. I won't say that I'm an expert on what makes good TV but, like porn, I know it when I see it. That probably helps explain why things just haven't been the same since I finished Season 5 of The Wire. Don't get... Continue reading "A Wire-Sized Hole in My Heart" »

A Grab-bag of Gratefulness

We have many reasons to be thankful this time of year. Of course Jeff is still aglow from the Cardinals winning the World Series and I still get a heart flutter when I think back to the final out between the Tigers and Yankees. Add in Verlander's Cy Young and... Continue reading "A Grab-bag of Gratefulness" »

The Declaration of Verlanderpendence

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the small minded bands that kept them from voting the same superhuman as both Cy Young winner and MVP, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which... Continue reading "The Declaration of Verlanderpendence" »

Making My Dreams Come True

The RSBS crew understands how tough life can be when you're forever being confused with someone else. Back when I was blond and Jeff had his mustache, we were often mistaken for Hall & Oates. Of course, it didn't help that we regularly launched into spirited renditions of "Maneater" for... Continue reading "Making My Dreams Come True" »

Motorcycles, Crowns and Rescues

It has been an up and down kind of week. The Lions got smacked by the Bears on Sunday but then Verlander goes out and gets a unanimous Cy Young award win. Wilson Ramos got himself kidnapped in Venezuela but then he went and got himself rescued as well. Like... Continue reading "Motorcycles, Crowns and Rescues" »

The RSBS Podcast, Episode 29: Remembering Ugueth's Urbina and Other Stuff

Click ME to Listen!!! And so in this Podcast brought to you by Lifestyles… Jeff tries his darnedest to be as polite as possible during his unfettered gloating of World Championship status (Go Cards!) while Second City's Mark Piebenga adds some level-headed awesomeness to Johanna's outlandishness and Allen's seasoned straight... Continue reading "The RSBS Podcast, Episode 29: Remembering Ugueth's Urbina and Other Stuff" »

Pass the Crown!

If there's one thing the guys at RSBS have in common with the guys from Boardwalk Empire, it's that we like our Canadian whiskey. And that we kind of resemble Steve Buscemi. But mainly it's the whiskey. So, when we got word of Crown Royal's "Pass the Crown" promotion and... Continue reading "Pass the Crown!" »

Buckner to Perry for the...

The way our brains work, we attempt to apply a narrative or causality to events, even after the fact, to justify what happened and why it happened. We look for points where the momentum shifts and where all of a sudden something that was unthinkable becomes inevitable. Baseball is full... Continue reading "Buckner to Perry for the..." »

Joe Girardi and Afghanistan: A Comparison

One of the best cures for just about anything (except probably dysentery) is vacation. Getting away from everything, giving yourself a chance to clear the cobwebs from the mind, often helps put it all into perspective. For instance, Joe Girardi started his vacation a little earlier than expected this season... Continue reading "Joe Girardi and Afghanistan: A Comparison" »

Inward and Upward!

The US has a penchant for invention, especially when it comes to sports. Need something to fill up your leisure time? Let's go throw a ball into a peach basket! In between wars but feeling the need to crush something? Let's inflate a pigskin and then crash into each other!... Continue reading "Inward and Upward!" » Video Corner

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