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Hot Chicks and Cool Sports Links: Week Ten NFL Picks

Hot Chicks and cool sports links: Week Ten NFL Picks. Continue reading "Hot Chicks and Cool Sports Links: Week Ten NFL Picks" »

It's Not Easy Being a Sausage

The Bratwurst, the Kielbasa, the Italian Sausage, the Hot Dog, and the Chorizo - whatever the hell that is. Not only do they make us say "yum," they also provide us with entertainment. They can be seen during the bottom of the 6th-inning at all Milwaukee Brewers home games participating... Continue reading "It's Not Easy Being a Sausage" »

Bud Selig Ruined the Playoffs

Bud Selig may make the owners very rich, but he sure has screwed everything else up! He has successfully ruined the playoffs. Here is what that buffoon has done to America's favorite pastime: 1. Rain Games: Remember when the tarp went over the field at the first sight of rain?... Continue reading "Bud Selig Ruined the Playoffs" »

Hot Chicks and Cool Sports Links: Week Nine NFL Picks

Hot Chicks and cool sports links: Week Nine NFL Picks. Continue reading "Hot Chicks and Cool Sports Links: Week Nine NFL Picks" »

A Hope for a Nation in Disarray... Music

I don't know the answer. I don't know that the answer is important. What is known is that things are in dissaray. We are broke and in many cases broken. What is missing in the midst of all this social discord and political pissing match is the love that once... Continue reading "A Hope for a Nation in Disarray... Music" »

Journalism: An industry and a Craft By John Joyce

The path to professional journalism, for many, begins in the college newsroom. Dreams of one day obtaining a New York Times byline or a slot at a cable news outlet fly high, only to come crashing down falling short of their target like story ideas littering the floor around a... Continue reading "Journalism: An industry and a Craft By John Joyce" »

Packers Extend Win Streak to Franchise Record 13

The Packers held on to defeat the Minnesota Vikings 33-27 Sunday in Minneapolis. The victory gave Green Bay their 13th straight win – setting a franchise record – and it also gave them their first 7-0 start since 1962. Aaron Rodgers completed 24 of 30 passes for 335 yards and... Continue reading "Packers Extend Win Streak to Franchise Record 13" »

Bloomberg Confirms Report – Washington DC Sucking US Dry did a series of reports and observations from my 7 weeks this summer in our nation’s capital. It was clear to the naked eyes that unlike the rest of the country and especially East Coast cities like New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore that the DC Beltway area was a... Continue reading "Bloomberg Confirms Report – Washington DC Sucking US Dry" »

2011 MLB season in review: Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers won 96 games, the National League Central title, and went down to the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLCS. At first that may seem a little surprising, but the Cardinals and Brewers did play 18 games against one another this season and split them 9-9. The Brewers... Continue reading "2011 MLB season in review: Milwaukee Brewers" »

Time to Unlock Steve Jones

If you're like me, then you must have been feeling pretty good on Wednesday after the Cardinals sneaked by the Brewers to take a 2-1 series lead in the NLCS. Hell, I wasn't just feeling good. I was feeling FANCY!!! Having gotten word that I would be attending Game Two... Continue reading "Time to Unlock Steve Jones" »

Hank Williams Jr. Sings FU to ESPN & Fox News - Keep the Change Free Download

Hank Williams Jr. basically tells ESPN and Fox News to go screw themselves in his new song. Check out the new song and vote Hank Jr. for President. Click the link to download a free copy of the song. Hank Williams Jr_ -- Keep The Change Continue reading "Hank Williams Jr. Sings FU to ESPN & Fox News - Keep the Change Free Download" »

We Signed Up for This

I ran the Chicago Marathon yesterday, so pain is on my mind today. Obviously, the Cardinals' loss to Milwaukee didn't make me feel much better; but as I sit here with ice on my quads, a beer in my hand and a masochistic grin on my face, I continue to... Continue reading "We Signed Up for This" »

Packers' Remaining Schedule

Packers’ Remaining Schedule From Most Difficult to Least Difficult: 11/6/11 - @ San Diego 11/24/11 - @ Detroit 12/4/11 - @ New York (Giants) 10/23/11 - @ Minnesota 11/20/11 - Tampa Bay 12/11/11 - Oakland 12/25/11 - Chicago 11/14/11 - Minnesota 1/1/11 – Detroit 12/18/11 - @ Kansas City 10/16/11... Continue reading "Packers' Remaining Schedule " »

Steve,Afghanistan and Pakistan...

In 1990s, as a young-man growing in Asia, I was awestruck with the United States for its democratic values and competitive spirit. Now it seems much of that seems to be over.After the Sept 9/11, US went into what I feel 18th century `isolationism', where in in order to safeguard its own security it launched war on terror. While the fact was Asia especially India , Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka were in terror radar since 1980s. Similarly, US response to economic slump in 2008,was looking inward, it started clamping on outsourcing. Both of these were a shocker, for a person who in 1980s has seen World through the eyes of US Information center in Mumbai. While for a small nations looking inside works, US should remember, the empire builders never look inwards for the leadership hence England,France and Portugal could rule for 400 years or more in many parts of the world. US should approach the current crises in the US economy with opening its doors than closing. Because it should realize that its biggest challenge ``China'' is creation of MNCs from Europe and North America. Time to listen to history or it will be too late.An epitaph to American dream will be a sad day to world history. Continue reading "Steve,Afghanistan and Pakistan..." »

MTR Sports Report Podcast 10/5/2011

The MTR Sports Report is hosted by Bill Zeltman and a variety of journalists. The show covers MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, and college sports. MTR Sports Report's latest podcast is now available. You can listen on's new 24/7 online radio station by clicking here, or finding us in... Continue reading "MTR Sports Report Podcast 10/5/2011" » Video Corner

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