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2011 NFL draft in review: Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans felt they needed a better option at QB, and given all the problems they have had they decided they needed one with high character. That forced them into a position where they had to use the 8th overall pick on QB Jake Locker. Had Jake come out... Continue reading "2011 NFL draft in review: Tennessee Titans" »

NFL News; Mara Warns Of Dire Consequences Should The Players Win

New York Giants owner John Mara, one of the most respected owners in the NFL has a dim view of what the NFL would look like should the players win in court: "The likely changes would be great for NFLPA lawyers, but not for players, teams, or, most importantly, fans,"... Continue reading "NFL News; Mara Warns Of Dire Consequences Should The Players Win" »

MTR Radio Announces it Lineup

MTR Radio is proud to announce its current program lineup. More programs are on their way and some of our other favorites will return soon including The Joshua Lobdell Show, Undercast, and more. Daily Lineup: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday: 12am, 8am, 4pm Turnpike Throwdown 1am, 9am, 5pm MTR Sports Report... Continue reading "MTR Radio Announces it Lineup" »

NFL News; Mediation Done Until June 7

The NFL lockout continues to drag on and I for one am getting less and less optimistic that a settlement will be reached in time to not seriously affect the season. The spin from the owners is that progress is being made; "The only way we're going to get this... Continue reading "NFL News; Mediation Done Until June 7" »

Why Do Managers Wear Uniforms???

Many of you may ask, "why do Managers wear uniforms?" The answer: Tradition. From the days when the Manager was just one of the players. It was common for a player to be the "Designated Manager," according to Ken Burns. So, does that answer work for you? Personally, I think... Continue reading "Why Do Managers Wear Uniforms???" »

NFL News; The Stay Stays

I cannot wait until there is actual football news to write about again. In the interim NFL fans are getting a crash course in labor law. Yesterday, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals found for the owners and ruled that the stay of Judge Susan Nelson's order to rescind the... Continue reading "NFL News; The Stay Stays" » Mobile App has now gone mobile! Go to to get an app for your phone. It's free and it has alerts so that you'll know whenever has anything new. What could be better? Soon to be available for the iPhone! Continue reading " Mobile App" »

NFL News; Fans And Experts Agree On Likely Super Bowl Matchup

The NFL recently conducted two polls, one for "experts" and one for fans. They asked people to vote on who they felt were the best teams in the NFL. The results were identical for the top two. They were the Green Bay Packers followed by the New England Patriots. It... Continue reading "NFL News; Fans And Experts Agree On Likely Super Bowl Matchup" »

NFL News; Poll Spells Trouble For NFL

A recent Adweek/Harris poll has some alarming news for the NFL; 19% of respondents said they would be unlikely to watch the sport this season if the start is delayed. The season is slated to kick off on Thursday, September 8th with a matchup featuring the two most recent Super... Continue reading "NFL News; Poll Spells Trouble For NFL" »

NFL News; Titans To Pass On Moss

It is amazing how a bad attitude can offset all world talents. Consider Randy Moss; the talented but troubled wide receiver will be on the move again, according to GM Mike Reinfeldt: "I honestly don't think we'll try to re-sign him," Reinfeldt told season-ticket holders in a conference call, according... Continue reading "NFL News; Titans To Pass On Moss" »

5_3_11 SEG 2 compressedSpecial call in guest on the show. The Hudson Hockey Crew John Pedersen, Karen Vankat, Bret Leuthner and James Flippin talk with Flyers fan Jess Brander who was at Monday's game. Continue reading "" »

NFL Opinion; September 11 and The NFL

Sometimes the worlds of sports and, well, the real world come together. There are times when the two intercede. We are in such a time right now. With the stunning news that the entire world is still talking about---the well received killing of mass murderer Osama Bin Laden, sports and... Continue reading "NFL Opinion; September 11 and The NFL" »

NFL News: Draft Ratings Higher Then Expected

The NFL has reported that the 2011 draft was viewed by some 42 million people over the three days of the event. This is the second highest total ever for the annual college draft. This is tribute to the off the charts popularity the sport currently enjoys. It was thought... Continue reading "NFL News: Draft Ratings Higher Then Expected" »

NFL News; NFL Draft, Round 7 Results

Here are the results for round 7 of the 2011 NFL draft. Analysis courtesy of ESPN: 1(204) Denver (from Carolina through Green Bay) Virgil Green TE Nevada Green's lack of size limits his potential a bit and he is still a work in progress as a route runner and blocker.... Continue reading "NFL News; NFL Draft, Round 7 Results" »

NFL News; NFL Draft, Round 6 results

Here is the results from round 6 of the 2011 NFL draft. Analysis courtesy of ESPN: 1(166) Carolina Lawrence Wilson OLB Connecticut Wilson is very instinctive with a wide range and a nose for the ball. However, he is undersized and has trouble taking on and disengaging from blocks. 2(167)... Continue reading "NFL News; NFL Draft, Round 6 results" » Video Corner

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