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A Wire-Sized Hole in My Heart

I have watched a lot of television. I won't say that I'm an expert on what makes good TV but, like porn, I know it when I see it. That probably helps explain why things just haven't been the same since I finished Season 5 of The Wire. Don't get... Continue reading "A Wire-Sized Hole in My Heart" »

Three Up, Three Down

Just like a Justin Verlander fastball, this is going to be quick, hard to see and will probably guilt you into crowning me with the MVP award: The Drah-mah in Bahhhh-ston Leave it to the Red Sox to be all dramatified in the offseason. As if their 2010 free agent... Continue reading "Three Up, Three Down" »

A Grab-bag of Gratefulness

We have many reasons to be thankful this time of year. Of course Jeff is still aglow from the Cardinals winning the World Series and I still get a heart flutter when I think back to the final out between the Tigers and Yankees. Add in Verlander's Cy Young and... Continue reading "A Grab-bag of Gratefulness" »

Setting the Mahmud

RSBS Special Correspondent and lone Zambrano-believer, Mr. Johanna Mahmud reports: Throw the Spaghetti in the Machine. I'm a burning bush. I'm a wildfire. I'm singing in the rain and dancing again. Like Tim Tebow, I have a big god. BIGGER THAN ZEUS. I can put away my Club Confidential and... Continue reading "Setting the Mahmud" »


Opinions are like noses everyone has one. This is my opinion. I am disappointed with the Super Committee, because I believe it was a big mistake. The GOP should never agree to this kind of meeting behind closed doors because they could be victims of fabrications, accusations and therefore create... Continue reading "THE SUPER COMMITTEE AND THE SUPER DEMO-COMMIE GROUP" »

The Declaration of Verlanderpendence

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the small minded bands that kept them from voting the same superhuman as both Cy Young winner and MVP, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which... Continue reading "The Declaration of Verlanderpendence" »

Jumping Thanks

Admit it. It may be Monday, but your mind is already on Thursday -- Thanksgiving -- the one day of the year where your sole responsibility is to eat yourself into a coma, sprawl out on the couch and watch football for 7 hours while catnapping as necessary. You get... Continue reading "Jumping Thanks" »


Opinions are like noses and everyone has one. My opinion about the president is a very honest opinion, took me a lot of thinking but I can say it now, “THAT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I AM ASHAMED OF MY PRESIDENT!” I am a legal immigrant and... Continue reading "FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I AM ASHAMED OF MY PRESIDENT!" »

Making My Dreams Come True

The RSBS crew understands how tough life can be when you're forever being confused with someone else. Back when I was blond and Jeff had his mustache, we were often mistaken for Hall & Oates. Of course, it didn't help that we regularly launched into spirited renditions of "Maneater" for... Continue reading "Making My Dreams Come True" »

Ya Can't Fix Stupid

As the enemy begins yet another chapter in its century-long battle against awful, I can't help but reflect on the one-and-done tenure of Mr. Mike Quade. I will not question the hearty baseball acumen of the man; he's been around this long, so he must know something. But a leader... Continue reading "Ya Can't Fix Stupid" »

Motorcycles, Crowns and Rescues

It has been an up and down kind of week. The Lions got smacked by the Bears on Sunday but then Verlander goes out and gets a unanimous Cy Young award win. Wilson Ramos got himself kidnapped in Venezuela but then he went and got himself rescued as well. Like... Continue reading "Motorcycles, Crowns and Rescues" »


Opinions are like noses everyone has one. My opinion is that this President, from day one has been abusing all of us. During his speeches he deceived the people with his lies, to obtain their vote. But I have to give him credit for one and most important promise, “TO... Continue reading " THE TELEPROMPTER IN CHIEF IS IN FOR FOUR MORE YEARS?" »

Pass the Crown! (Gift Unveiled Update -- 11.17.2011)

The RSBSians have spoken! And y'all told us to open that bag up. So we did. And here's what we've won... Oakley’s newest Blender shades are the perfect mix for active lifestyles. Lightweight C-5 alloy is combined with O-Matter earstems and sure-grip Unobtainium for unrivaled comfort and durability. Slide these... Continue reading "Pass the Crown! (Gift Unveiled Update -- 11.17.2011)" »

Pass the Crown! (Clue Update - 11.17.2011)

Today is the day we humbled bloggers at RSBS get to share with you, dear readers, the clue to what our Pass the Crown gift from Crown Royal may be! Remember, in this gift swap among the interwebs' finest, one of our lucky readers will be the beneficiary of whatever... Continue reading "Pass the Crown! (Clue Update - 11.17.2011)" »

Setting the Mahmud

RSBS Special Correspondent and podcast kidnapee, Mr. Johanna Mahmud reports: “I speak over two thousand languages, including Dodo and Unicorn. I had a classical education.” Can Theo talk to the animals? Does he speak two thousand languages? Can he communicate his agenda to the morbidly obtuse, dumb and crazy? From... Continue reading "Setting the Mahmud" » Video Corner

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