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Ya Can't Fix Stupid

As the enemy begins yet another chapter in its century-long battle against awful, I can't help but reflect on the one-and-done tenure of Mr. Mike Quade. I will not question the hearty baseball acumen of the man; he's been around this long, so he must know something. But a leader... Continue reading "Ya Can't Fix Stupid" »

Motorcycles, Crowns and Rescues

It has been an up and down kind of week. The Lions got smacked by the Bears on Sunday but then Verlander goes out and gets a unanimous Cy Young award win. Wilson Ramos got himself kidnapped in Venezuela but then he went and got himself rescued as well. Like... Continue reading "Motorcycles, Crowns and Rescues" »


Opinions are like noses everyone has one. My opinion is that this President, from day one has been abusing all of us. During his speeches he deceived the people with his lies, to obtain their vote. But I have to give him credit for one and most important promise, “TO... Continue reading " THE TELEPROMPTER IN CHIEF IS IN FOR FOUR MORE YEARS?" »


Opinions are like noses, everyone has one. My opinion is that President Obama’s FOREIGN POLICY EXPERIENCES ARE VERY LIMITED, HIS ONLY FOREIGN EXPERIENCES ARE: First, WHEN HE WAS BORN IN KENYA AND Second, WHEN HE WAS LIVING AS A YOUTH IN INDONESIA, so what’s up with the criticism from the... Continue reading " PRESIDENT OBAMA’S FOREIGN POLICY EXPERIENCE" »

Think Your Day Is Going Bad? Want to Know Why Your Mail is Late?

Look at this freaking guy. At least I do not work at the USPS. Sad part is as a federal worker they will give him a new truck tomorrow and he will be out on the streets again. Please caption this photo.  Continue reading "Think Your Day Is Going Bad? Want to Know Why Your Mail is Late?" »


Opinions are like noses, everyone has one. My opinion is that the President can now say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, BECAUSE HE IS KILLING THE AMERICAN DREAM! Can you remember him doing his speeches? I heard him telling his followers that he promised them that he would FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM AMERICA, and the... Continue reading "THE TOUCH OF DEATH BY EXECUTIVE ORDER." »

Buckner to Perry for the...

The way our brains work, we attempt to apply a narrative or causality to events, even after the fact, to justify what happened and why it happened. We look for points where the momentum shifts and where all of a sudden something that was unthinkable becomes inevitable. Baseball is full... Continue reading "Buckner to Perry for the..." »

Three Up, Three Down: 11.11.11 Edition

Just like the unfounded superstitions of the delusional masses, this is gonna be LOUD, in your face and probably a bit offensive: Wilson Ramos Kidnapped I know Venezuela has a vast array of domestic problems, but why kidnap Wilson Ramos?!?! While he may some day become a catching superstar for... Continue reading "Three Up, Three Down: 11.11.11 Edition" »

Joe Girardi and Afghanistan: A Comparison

One of the best cures for just about anything (except probably dysentery) is vacation. Getting away from everything, giving yourself a chance to clear the cobwebs from the mind, often helps put it all into perspective. For instance, Joe Girardi started his vacation a little earlier than expected this season... Continue reading "Joe Girardi and Afghanistan: A Comparison" »

Sexual Harassment is the New Job Creation in American Politics

Opinions are like noses everyone has one, and that’s my opinion. Every day I see America is becoming just another third world country, where YOU ARE GUILTY BEFORE PROVEN INNOCENT. As we all know, the American people have always been very creative people on how to make money and believe... Continue reading "Sexual Harassment is the New Job Creation in American Politics " »

Inward and Upward!

The US has a penchant for invention, especially when it comes to sports. Need something to fill up your leisure time? Let's go throw a ball into a peach basket! In between wars but feeling the need to crush something? Let's inflate a pigskin and then crash into each other!... Continue reading "Inward and Upward!" »

Herman Cain Is Kevin Millar

Inquiring minds of dear readers galore have been BEGGING to know, just who is this Herman Cain. Well, my friends, beg no more. The RSBS interns and I have been doing the necessary research, and we have come to the conclusion that Herman Cain is politics' very own Kevin Millar.... Continue reading "Herman Cain Is Kevin Millar" »

The Accused, The Victim, The Lamb of Sacrifice!

Opinions are like noses, everyone has one, and this is my opinion. I believe that all those allegations against Mr. Herman Cain are fomented by the losers that see that the guy that is running against them is gaining terrain getting close the winning line. So they want to trip... Continue reading "The Accused, The Victim, The Lamb of Sacrifice!" »

Adams Family Values

One thing that sets the US apart from most of the rest of the world is that when we have a problem, we feel safe in turning to the police and our justice system. Sure, there are instances where that trust is misplaced but in general, if someone is in... Continue reading "Adams Family Values" »

Don't Give Me That Sanctity Crap!: Redux

This time the "sanctity" comes courtesy of the Kardashians and the NBA: Don't worry, there are plenty of baseball examples, too. We just want to make sure the NFL and NBA get their recognition. On a side note, is it just me or does Khloe vaguely resemble Shrek wearing a... Continue reading "Don't Give Me That Sanctity Crap!: Redux" » Video Corner

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