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The Kid From Brooklyn - Fat Man

The Big Man rants about the last fat president and maybe New Jersey Governor Chris Christie being the next. Check out all of the The Kid From Brooklyn's videos at Continue reading "The Kid From Brooklyn - Fat Man" »


I was born in a far, far away land, where the sun doesn’t shine, the flowers don’t bloom, the birds don’t chirp at the window sill and the people have empty eyes because they have no soul. And from birth to the grave they are a bundle of unhappy flesh,... Continue reading "AMERICA MY COUNTRY MY SOUL!" »

ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr from MNF - Kanye West to Replace Him

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. ESPN pulled the Hank Williams Jr. music introduction to MNF because Williams, who is very out spoken about politics, made an analogy comparing President Obama playing golf with Congressional Republican leaders to Adolph Hitler playing golf with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin... Continue reading "ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr from MNF - Kanye West to Replace Him" »

You Picked a Fine Time to Lead Us Barack!

Listen to this great song dedicated to our fine President Barack Obama. I would laugh if my heart were not so heavy from the blunders he has made. The only thing I cling to was a quote from a friend. "It takes a Carter to get a Reagan". Continue reading "You Picked a Fine Time to Lead Us Barack!" »

Forget Me Not

With just six weeks and some change left in the regular season, now is the time I lament my dear Cardinals' now seemingly annual implosion from the top of the NL Central and into regular season obscurity. Sure we can blame Waino's injury. We can blame Albert's transformation from Machine... Continue reading "Forget Me Not" »

Truth Behind the Budget Crisis?

DATELINE: POLITICAL INSANITY Tea Party members may be dupes or fools, but the ultimate goal of the impasse over the deficit in Washington, D.C., is to create turmoil and violence among indignant entitlement recipients, including veterans and retirees. Those who hate Big Government may hate it enough to overthrow its... Continue reading "Truth Behind the Budget Crisis?" »

US President Obama Joins with Muslim Brotherhood

The President of the United States of America has picked the week Americans celebrate their independence to open FORMAL negotiations with the Muslim Brotherhood which is based in Egypt. Forget the propaganda that the Brotherhood prints in English. "We believe that the political reform is the true and natural gateway... Continue reading "US President Obama Joins with Muslim Brotherhood" »

The Sometimes Entertaining and Oft Frightening Michele Bachmann

A week ago Tuesday brought us two great performances in revisionist history. The first one took place in Detroit where a blown and then reversed call at first base led to Jim Leyland's Oscar short-listed performance. If you haven't already seen the video, do yourself a favor and click through.... Continue reading "The Sometimes Entertaining and Oft Frightening Michele Bachmann" »

Any Given Sunday

Although Sunday afternoon may be the domain of sports fanatics, Sunday morning holds the same mystique for fans of the political arena. The one true king, Tim Russert, is no longer with us, but his spirit lives on in the princelings that sprung up around him. However, just like fierce... Continue reading "Any Given Sunday" »

This Is MLB... and THIS Is MLB on Drudge

There are two taxing and equally debilitating activities that I force myself to partake in, every... single... day. I swallow a big@$$ horse-pill that's supposed to make my cartilage stronger; and I read all of the headlines on The Drudge Report. If I had time, I would also stick rusty... Continue reading "This Is MLB... and THIS Is MLB on Drudge" »

Calling all Sports Haters! The Most Overused and Misused Word of the Year!

DATELINE: HUMOR SET ASIDE FOR TODAY Lately a rash of comments have appeared on various posts that denigrate the writer as a “hater.” This appears to be the replacement term for what used to be called various name-calling fads, including the now out of fashion term, gay. Finally, that one... Continue reading "Calling all Sports Haters! The Most Overused and Misused Word of the Year!" »


One started it. The other has finished it. GOD BLESS AMERICA! This is what I like about being an American. Mess with us and we will spend any amount, pay any price and make our enemies lives miserable. Continue reading "Osama bin Laden DEAD - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" »

US Bomb Attack Kills Osama bin Laden - US has the body!

Remember - always! Continue reading "US Bomb Attack Kills Osama bin Laden - US has the body!" »

FOXNEWS REPORTING: OSAMA BIN LADEN - DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Confirmed with DNA

F*** You! You Bastard! Yes! Continue reading "FOXNEWS REPORTING: OSAMA BIN LADEN - DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Confirmed with DNA" » Supports the Tornado Victims!

With our deepest condolences and prayers, we support the victims of this weekend’s tornados across the southern US. As a former resident of Louisiana, (where we had 4 tornados in one night in Zachery), Alabama, Tennessee, and Raleigh, NC I understand how scary it is when those sirens go off.... Continue reading " Supports the Tornado Victims!" » Video Corner

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