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A Few Joyce Words - A Little Pre-OCCUPIED

A LITTLE PRE-OCCUPIED For weeks now, Wall Street has been occupied like a bastion of port-a-johns at a Dixie-land county fair featuring Randy Travis and a tractor pull. Cities nationwide have joined the fracas in telling the top-earning 1% of Americans that we want our money back. The sign hung... Continue reading "A Few Joyce Words - A Little Pre-OCCUPIED" »


Opinions are like noses, everyone has one, and this is my opinion. I believe that the whole entire administration is gone mentally unbalanced, with the exception of the VP. Joe Biden who is already crazy, senile, demented and he are always angry and have a demonic expression on his face... Continue reading " IF THE BILL PASSES, AMERICA IS RAPED" »

The Demonic Media and Liberals are at Work

Opinions are like noses and everyone has one and this is my opinion. Well, well, well, here we go. Mr. Herman Cain day by day has risen in the polls and there is the possibility that he will be the GOP candidate for President. Consequently this makes Mr. Herman Cain... Continue reading "The Demonic Media and Liberals are at Work" »


A CANDIDATE WITH GUTS AND THE COJONES the size of melons to be a candidate for President of the USA in 2012! Opinions are like noses everyone has one, and this is my opinion. It is not time to play favors. I believe that the GOP has already made a... Continue reading " WANTED!! WANTED!!" »

The Elephant with a Forked Trunk

This is my opinion and opinions are like noses, everyone has one. Any way it appears that the Tea Party organizers and followers like me are disappointed with the new elected “servants of the people for the people” because before the 2010 election we heard an array of promises from... Continue reading "The Elephant with a Forked Trunk" »

Garden State Radio - The Most American Podcast Ever Created 10_25_11

10_25_11 COMPRESSED Full crew in studio, Moral Dilemmas, Name That Tune with Emcee Johnny Appleseed, Rapid Fire News, all with a New Jersey Flavor... only on MTR Radio .com Looking for an older show? Check out our archives in iTunes --- By Clicking Here Continue reading "Garden State Radio - The Most American Podcast Ever Created 10_25_11" »

10 Reasons Why Democrats Hate America

1. When Democrats try to increase taxes on millionaires & billionaires (the ones that provide employment) which increases unemployment, they show they hate American job creators. 2. When the union-controlled Democrats tried to convince the Texas government to spread the wealth and dip into rainy day reserves, they showed no... Continue reading "10 Reasons Why Democrats Hate America" »

The Invasion of the Brain Snatchers

Most Universities and Colleges are hiring teachers from India, Pakistan, Russia, the continent of Africa, and other countries from abroad. The worst part is that here on our American soil we have many American professors and teachers that are out of jobs, some forced out through pay cuts while others... Continue reading "The Invasion of the Brain Snatchers" »

Bloomberg Confirms Report – Washington DC Sucking US Dry did a series of reports and observations from my 7 weeks this summer in our nation’s capital. It was clear to the naked eyes that unlike the rest of the country and especially East Coast cities like New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore that the DC Beltway area was a... Continue reading "Bloomberg Confirms Report – Washington DC Sucking US Dry" »

LAUSD Mel Gibson High School- UPDATE - "You're Fired"

It appears that the LAUSD reads The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that Patricia McAllister has been fired from her part time teaching position! Los Angeles school officials say a substitute teacher has lost her job after making anti-Semitic comments during an interview. In a statement Tuesday, schools Superintendent... Continue reading "LAUSD Mel Gibson High School- UPDATE - "You're Fired"" »

LAUSD to Open Mel Gibson High - Check Out the Video!

Patricia McAllister employee of the Los Angeles Unified School District should be fired immediately. How can this type of hate speech be considered acceptable at any level from this academic organization. Mel Gibson was run out of LA for his drunken anti-Semitic rants caught on video. Ms. McAllister was not... Continue reading "LAUSD to Open Mel Gibson High - Check Out the Video!" »


What about instead of “fast and furious”, we call it “THE FASTEST AND BIGGEST LIARS IN GOVERNMENT” It really made me sick today when I saw Eric Holder on TV. He is Obama’s liar number one, the same one that sold all those dangerous killing machines to the Drug Cartels... Continue reading "THE FASTEST AND BIGGEST LIARS IN GOVERNMENT" »

Steve,Afghanistan and Pakistan...

In 1990s, as a young-man growing in Asia, I was awestruck with the United States for its democratic values and competitive spirit. Now it seems much of that seems to be over.After the Sept 9/11, US went into what I feel 18th century `isolationism', where in in order to safeguard its own security it launched war on terror. While the fact was Asia especially India , Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka were in terror radar since 1980s. Similarly, US response to economic slump in 2008,was looking inward, it started clamping on outsourcing. Both of these were a shocker, for a person who in 1980s has seen World through the eyes of US Information center in Mumbai. While for a small nations looking inside works, US should remember, the empire builders never look inwards for the leadership hence England,France and Portugal could rule for 400 years or more in many parts of the world. US should approach the current crises in the US economy with opening its doors than closing. Because it should realize that its biggest challenge ``China'' is creation of MNCs from Europe and North America. Time to listen to history or it will be too late.An epitaph to American dream will be a sad day to world history. Continue reading "Steve,Afghanistan and Pakistan..." »

The Nostalgia Problem: Being Born is Not an Accomplishment; Finding Solutions is

When Nickelodeon brought back the 90’s shows earlier this year, they proved that people will always flock to the familiar. My facebook friends were celebrating this moment like an aging hippie who just heard Hendrix on their grandson’s ipod. There were so many posts about loving the 90’s and growing... Continue reading "The Nostalgia Problem: Being Born is Not an Accomplishment; Finding Solutions is" »

NJ Governor Christie an Even Better VP Candidate

Today, Governor Christie called a press conference to end all speculation. He will not run to be President of the United States. This is a good move on his part. Christie, a Republican, who is only 49, has been the Governor of NJ for less than 2 years. He has... Continue reading "NJ Governor Christie an Even Better VP Candidate" » Video Corner

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