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NHL - Sabres Feed

Sabres try to end home stand strong against Red Wings

After starting their six-game home stand ice cold, the Sabres have won their last two games in convincing fashion. After beating Atlanta on Wednesday, they picked up another win last night against Ottawa. The Sabres scored four goals in each game and Ryan Miller has been excellent between the pipes.... Continue reading "Sabres try to end home stand strong against Red Wings" »

Sabres waive captain Rivet

One day into the Pegula-era and the Buffalo Sabres are already making changes. Today they waived captain Craig Rivet. This shouldn't come as a big surprise. Despite the fact that he continued to be the captain in his third season with the team, Rivet has barely played at all this... Continue reading "Sabres waive captain Rivet" »

Pegula takes over as Sabres owner

Businessman, philanthropist, and life-long Sabres fan Terry Pegula officially took over as the Buffalo Sabres' owner today. Check out the Sabres' official website to read a letter from Pegula to the fans, an article with some of Pegula's background, and the videos from the press conference. This announcement should be... Continue reading "Pegula takes over as Sabres owner" »

In the East, finishing in the top 8 can be enough

Conventional wisdom would say that getting a high seed for the Stanley Cup playoffs is vital to a team's success. It ensures home ice advantage and the high seeds get to play the lower seeds, meaning a easier matchup. However, this isn't always the be-all-end-all factor. In fact, parity in... Continue reading "In the East, finishing in the top 8 can be enough" »

NHL Ref Kerry Fraser Scores With His Final Call

If you’re like me, you’ve probably said aloud thousands of times, “What in the world was that ref thinking?” As a sports fan, any time your team lines up against another, there is more than one enemy on the field, court or ice. Depending on circumstance, the officials can sometimes... Continue reading "NHL Ref Kerry Fraser Scores With His Final Call" » Video Corner

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