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Olympians Strive in NYC Marathon

Sunday's New York City Marathon was a record breaking event, and i dont mean just in the number of attendees or the fact that course records were all but abolished. The event was highly publicized and thanks to a few big time names, raised alot of money for alot of... Continue reading "Olympians Strive in NYC Marathon" »

A.D.D. talks Week 8 NFL, Cards 2011 Champs, NHL & Our NFL picks

11-2-11 A.D.D. The Giants do it the way they have all year, giving their fans ULCERS! We will talk the game with MIA. St. Louis Cardinals are 2011 World Series Champs! Will Albert stay or go now that Tony La Russa retired? Phillip Rivers drops the ball (PUN intended) and... Continue reading "A.D.D. talks Week 8 NFL, Cards 2011 Champs, NHL & Our NFL picks" »

Triple Coverage 11-2-11

Triple Coverage's new show from Wednesday November 2nd is now available to listen ON DEMAND right here...Mike Sean and Dan debate on weather LSU or Alabama will win the matchup down at Bryant Denny Stadium and will Sean pull off yet another upset pick for the ages? Find out right... Continue reading "Triple Coverage 11-2-11" »

Hudson Hockey 11-1-2011

Download HH-1_1_11compressed Clink on the link to hear Hudson Hockey 11-1-2011. John Pedersen, and John Silva joined by Sean Breatherick of Triple Coverage in studio talking about NY Rangers, NY Islanders, NJ Devils, Philadelphia Flyers. Special Guest Brian Monzo from WFAN 660 in NY speaking on his impressions of the... Continue reading "Hudson Hockey 11-1-2011" »

Hudson Hockey 10-25-11

10_25_11 Hudson Hockey compressed Click on link above to hear the latest edition of Hudson Hockey. John Pedersen, Bret Leuthner, and John Silva talking about the NHL, NY Rangers Western Canada trip to start the season, The Hudson Hockey Crew internet broadcast of the UWHL game of the week. Continue reading "Hudson Hockey 10-25-11" »

A.D.D. SportsRadio Podcast 10-19-11

Download A.D.D. 10-19-11 Giants, Jets, NFL Picks, Dude Seriously, R.I.P. Dan Wheldon Joe & Joe talk about the Giants win over the Bills, and Questions LaMorte asks before every Giants game that he feels are important to finding the answers to whether the Giants can win or not. Clewell tries... Continue reading "A.D.D. SportsRadio Podcast 10-19-11" »

Hudson Hockey 10/18/11

Download HudsonHockey101811_compressed Click Link above to hear... The Hudson Hockey Crew John Pedersen, Bret Leuthner, and John Silva talk about the latest in the NHL. Tonight we touch on The NY Rangers awful start, The NJ Devils and an injury to Brodeur, The NY Islanders and a possible leader, and... Continue reading "Hudson Hockey 10/18/11" »

Hudson Hockey 10/11/11

HudsonHockey101111_compressed Click link above to hear John Pedersen, Bret Leuthner, and John Silva talk about the 1987 Canada Cup final, The opening week of the NHL, and Don Cherry's comments, all on this weeks Hudson Hockey. Continue reading "Hudson Hockey 10/11/11" »

Flyers Start 2-0 Ready for Home Opener vs. Vancouver

The Flyers new goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov got his first shutout as a Flyers as they completely outplayed the Devils througout the game. It again is too early to get excited about how the Flyers played but being off to a good start is better than being off to a bad... Continue reading "Flyers Start 2-0 Ready for Home Opener vs. Vancouver" »

Triple Coverage Podcast 10/5/2011

Triple Coverage's new Podcast is available. You can listen on's new 24/7 online radio station by clicking here, on Livio Radio, Radio Time, or in iTunes Radio in the sports category. You can also subscribe to our Podcast in iTunes. (Search for or listen by clicking on the... Continue reading "Triple Coverage Podcast 10/5/2011" »

10-5-11 Yankees,Burnett,Nova,Giants,Jets

Video streaming by Ustream Continue reading "10-5-11 Yankees,Burnett,Nova,Giants,Jets" »

Hudson Hockey 10/04/11

Download Hh100411_compressed Click on Link above to hear John Pedersen, Bret Leuthner, and John Silva as we talk about the NHL CZAR of Punishment hand out more fines and suspensions, Sidney still out in Pittsburgh, regular season starts this week. Listen to MTR Radio on your iPhone, iPad, Android Device,... Continue reading "Hudson Hockey 10/04/11" »

Hudson Hockey 9/27/11

Hh092711_compressed Click the link above to listen. ^^^ Hudson Hockey John Pedersen, Bret Leuthner, John Silva talking Retiring players and numbers, racial issues in the league, banana throwing, and baseball. Continue reading "Hudson Hockey 9/27/11" »

Hudson Hockey 9-20-11

John Pedersen, Brett Leuthner, and John Silva talk Rangers, Devils, Flyers, Bruins, and UWHL Hockey Schedule being covered that will air on Hh092011_compressed Continue reading "Hudson Hockey 9-20-11" »

Ryan Callahan announced New York Rangers Captain

For once, the Rangers have made some very good moves in the offseason. After acquiring goal scoring free agent Brad Richards, the Rangers decided today to award forward Ryan Callahan the spot of captain on the team, which was vacated by Chris Drury, who the Rangers bought out of his... Continue reading "Ryan Callahan announced New York Rangers Captain " » Video Corner

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