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My Two Cents Podcast 11/26/2011

My Two Cents new Podcast is available starring Steve and Connie Mack. The show features Philadelphia sports talk as well as special guests. Hear Steve and Connie break down the Phillies, Flyers, 76ers, and Eagles. You can listen on's new 24/7 online radio station by clicking here. You can... Continue reading "My Two Cents Podcast 11/26/2011" »

Ochocinco Enjoys Super Power of Invisibility

DATELINE: HUMOR! Fans and media have failed to notice that major NFL star and social media personality Chad Ochocinco is actually a superhero with a secret power. He is invisible. Chad no longer runs faster than a speeding bullet. He is obviously seen tripping over the imaginary yellow first-down marker... Continue reading "Ochocinco Enjoys Super Power of Invisibility" »

New England Patriot Fans Worry About Tennis Elbow

DATELINE: HUMOR! Tom Brady has tennis elbow. That black band around his elbow is not a memorial to fallen opponents, sliced and diced by Brady’s acumen over a decade of passes. Tom does not rub elbows with many quarterbacks in the NFL. Most QBs cannot touch him, and the situation... Continue reading "New England Patriot Fans Worry About Tennis Elbow " »

Puck You and Gronk You Very Much

DATELINE: HUMOR! Legendary pinup boy and New England Patriots tight end and bon vivant, Rob Gronkowski cuts his teeth in the NFL by amassing a fine of $7500 for spiking the football after he scores a touchdown. He is now a repeat offender. Gronking and spiking have become more synonymous... Continue reading "Puck You and Gronk You Very Much" »

Rob Gronkowski Outshines Dude Lebowski

DATELINE: HUMOR! Move over, Paul Bunyon and Johnny Appleseed! A new titan has come down from Mount Olympus to give us a demigod for the 21st century. A new legendary figure of titanic feats, Gronk enters the folklore faster than a speeding bullet and better able to jump over the... Continue reading "Rob Gronkowski Outshines Dude Lebowski" »

Turnpike Throwdown 11_22_2011

TT 11_22_11 <<<< ON DEMAND MP3 Jeff and James recap the Eagles big win in MetLife Stadium, James is convinced Giants miss the playoffs, BOLD UPSET LOCK NFL picks, parting thoughts, all with that New Jersey flavor Continue reading "Turnpike Throwdown 11_22_2011" »

Chiefs vs. Patriots? More Like Billy the Kid at the OK Corral

DATELINE: HUMOR! The pregame buildup made the game sound like the Patriots and Chiefs were about to go at it like a bad 1950s TV western. Fans who tuned in to Monday Night Football to see the shootout at the OK Corral between the Patriot law enforcers and the outlaw... Continue reading "Chiefs vs. Patriots? More Like Billy the Kid at the OK Corral" »

Tyler Palko: Will a Star Be Born, Providing the Chiefs With a Movie Script Ending?

DATELINE: HUMOR! Never underestimate football replacements. They are always a surprise. Any New England Patriot fan can recall when a lowly draft choice was under the gun and had to replace the franchise quarterback. Drew Bledsoe never recovered from watching Tom Brady become a superstar. Soon Bledsoe continued his career... Continue reading "Tyler Palko: Will a Star Be Born, Providing the Chiefs With a Movie Script Ending?" »

Open Mike 11-18-11; Jets Freakout Friday

On this edition of Open Mike, host Michael Cohen holds a special vigial for Jets fans to rant about the struggling franchise on Jets Freakout Friday, after the team got Tebow'd by Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos on Thursday night. Michael welcomes in Triple Coverage co-host Dan Feuerstein, a... Continue reading "Open Mike 11-18-11; Jets Freakout Friday" »

Patriot Coach Bill Belichick Trashes the Red Sox Computer

DATELINE: HUMOR! Somewhere amid the dullest moments of another pedestrian New England press conference with Bill Belichick, a funny thing happened on the way to the Apple Store. A techie/media savvy nerd/journalist asked about using iPads instead of loose-leaf binders for weekly game-plans of the Patriots. Though everyone expected Belichick... Continue reading "Patriot Coach Bill Belichick Trashes the Red Sox Computer" »

Lethal Weapon 3: Starring Tom Brady, Chad Ochocinco—and, btw, Bill Belichick

DATELINE: HUMOR! Only Chad Ochocinco could make lemonade from lemons. With a stay in New England that has inspired character assassins and radio blabmeisters to turn violent, Chad continues to thrive in the hot spotlight of the New England Patriots. Ochocinco’s latest piece of insanity off the field is guaranteed... Continue reading "Lethal Weapon 3: Starring Tom Brady, Chad Ochocinco—and, btw, Bill Belichick" »

Post–Game Etiquette Reaches ‘S.M.D.’ Status—for Small Minded Detractors

DATELINE: HUMOR! Controversy swirled as Bill Belichick outdid Rex Ryan at Met Life Stadium after the New England Patriots blew the socks off the New York Jets. Rex merely told a fan to go take a flying leap with unlawful carnal knowledge. Though Ryan is often known for colorful, if... Continue reading "Post–Game Etiquette Reaches ‘S.M.D.’ Status—for Small Minded Detractors" »


Priceless NFL Picks rolls on into week 11. I had another so-so week last week as I was 8 of 16 on a week of surprises and teams under-performing. Look for things to continue to improve this week. Have fun! PRICELESS PICKS - Week 11 THU, NOV 17 TIME (ET)... Continue reading "PRICELESS NFL PICKS WEEK 11" »

Patriots Leaving on a Jets Plane--They Got Their Boarding Pass

DATELINE: HUMOR! John Denver allowed Peter, Paul and Mary to leave the airport with his tune humming in their heads. Now New England Patriot fans are into the wild blue yonder after the Jets give their playoff hopes back to the Patriots. Meanwhile, the Jets sit on the tarmac, listening... Continue reading "Patriots Leaving on a Jets Plane--They Got Their Boarding Pass" »

Ochocinco Needs a Big Day For the Patriots

Chad Ochocinco may have been one of the key players for the Cincinnati Bengal's in his time there, but he is no longer a Bengal and has clearly not been playing like the guy he was while he was one. What Ochocinco needs to do tonight is simple. Make big... Continue reading "Ochocinco Needs a Big Day For the Patriots" » Video Corner

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