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Turnpike Throwdown Fantasy Football Special

Jeff and James talk up their sleepers, duds, and studs in this fantasy football special edition. 8_31_11 COMPRESSED FANTASY FOOTBALL Continue reading "Turnpike Throwdown Fantasy Football Special" »

Giants Looking For Answers Monday Night Vs. Jets

The third preseason game is often used by NFL teams as the last real “dress rehearsal” before the regular season begins. The Giants will take the stage for their penultimate preseason tussle on Monday night against the hometown rival Jets with many questions still unanswered. It’s no secret that the... Continue reading "Giants Looking For Answers Monday Night Vs. Jets" »

TravesTy: NYG Lose Terrell Thomas For The Season

The Giants defense took a big blow in Monday’s preseason game against Chicago with the loss of cornerback Terrell Thomas to a torn ACL. Thomas, a former USC standout, is an extremely underrated corner that led the NYG with 101 tackles and five interceptions last season. His play was even... Continue reading "TravesTy: NYG Lose Terrell Thomas For The Season" »

Plax stays in New York...with the Jets

One of the biggest names in the "Free-agent Frenzy" has been Plaxico Burress. Most of the attention didn't revolve around his talent, but his reputation. After being released from prison, Plax made some negative comments about his former team's management. Although Plax didn't seem to like the Giant's management, they... Continue reading "Plax stays in New York...with the Jets" »

Pats Getting Friendly with Ochocinco

As Chad Ochocinco walked into practice today, the fans that were present broke out into an ovation. Chad seemed comfortable on the field with his new team, even listening in on the huddle at times. Chad spent a lot of time talking to Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, and offensive coordinator,... Continue reading "Pats Getting Friendly with Ochocinco" »

Nnamdi Sweepstakes ends, Eagles sign 3-time Pro Bowl to five-year deal

The best free agent cornerback signed a deal with a new team however; the team is not The Dallas Cowboys or The New York Jets. Nnamdi Asomugha is currently the newest member of the Philadelphia Eagles roster. The Houston Texans were in the leading candidate for Asomugha but the team... Continue reading "Nnamdi Sweepstakes ends, Eagles sign 3-time Pro Bowl to five-year deal" »

NFL's 130-day labor dispute is set to end

According to sources on both sides, the League’s owners and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) have reached an agreement on the remaining points needed in their 10-year labor deal. Despite the progress, the NFL lockout still continues until a majority of the NFL players vote on the new agreement. The... Continue reading "NFL's 130-day labor dispute is set to end" »

Fantasy Football, Canadianly

First of all a big shout out to my Canadian buddy, the Mighty Quinn. Now this is not something I do all of the time, so when I do you should know that it is for a worthwhile cause, or for something, I am very excited about. I hope this... Continue reading "Fantasy Football, Canadianly" »

NFL News: There Is Reason For Optimism On The Labor Front

The NFL's most prominent owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell have had several meetings recently with the players association representatives. These talks were not mandated by the courts. Both sides agreed to hold these talks (the fact that they are agreeing to anything is excellent news). According to several sources close... Continue reading "NFL News: There Is Reason For Optimism On The Labor Front" »

NFL News: Talks Wrap Up For Now

The NFL labor woes continue, however there does seem to be light at the end of the tunnel. Roger Goodell and a handfull of the leagues most powerful and prominent owners have been engaged in "informal " talks with the players representatives. The talks, which took place in Long Island,... Continue reading "NFL News: Talks Wrap Up For Now" »

Bowl With The NFL

The Eric LeGrand Believe Fund will host a bowling party with former NFL players. Continue reading "Bowl With The NFL" »

NFL News; Mara Warns Of Dire Consequences Should The Players Win

New York Giants owner John Mara, one of the most respected owners in the NFL has a dim view of what the NFL would look like should the players win in court: "The likely changes would be great for NFLPA lawyers, but not for players, teams, or, most importantly, fans,"... Continue reading "NFL News; Mara Warns Of Dire Consequences Should The Players Win" »

NFL News; Mediation Done Until June 7

The NFL lockout continues to drag on and I for one am getting less and less optimistic that a settlement will be reached in time to not seriously affect the season. The spin from the owners is that progress is being made; "The only way we're going to get this... Continue reading "NFL News; Mediation Done Until June 7" »

NFL News; The Stay Stays

I cannot wait until there is actual football news to write about again. In the interim NFL fans are getting a crash course in labor law. Yesterday, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals found for the owners and ruled that the stay of Judge Susan Nelson's order to rescind the... Continue reading "NFL News; The Stay Stays" »

NFL News; Fans And Experts Agree On Likely Super Bowl Matchup

The NFL recently conducted two polls, one for "experts" and one for fans. They asked people to vote on who they felt were the best teams in the NFL. The results were identical for the top two. They were the Green Bay Packers followed by the New England Patriots. It... Continue reading "NFL News; Fans And Experts Agree On Likely Super Bowl Matchup" » Video Corner

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