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PRICELESS NFL PICKS was 14 of 16 last week and will roll into the final four weeks of the season. Thanks to Dallas Coach Jason Garrett for the one miss. Next time you have two time outs and 22 seconds to go use the F’N time outs to gain yardage... Continue reading "PRICELESS NFL PICKS – WEEK 14" »

My NFL Week 13 Picks

After a week of exciting Thanksgiving games, the continuing downfalls of the Eagles, Chargers, and Bills, and some more Tebow heroics, here are my picks for Week 13. Philadelphia Eagles (4-7) at Seattle Seahawks (4-7), Thursday, 8:20 PM The Eagles are coming off an embarassing loss to the Patriots, 38-20.... Continue reading "My NFL Week 13 Picks" »

Steve Johnson Plays a Little Too Hard

Steven Johnson, the Buffalo Bills star receiver, may have hit the party button a little too early on sunday during their game against the New York Jets. His dance during his touchdown drive in the first quarter has landed himself in the top spot for most talked about celebration of... Continue reading "Steve Johnson Plays a Little Too Hard" »

No Thanks on Thanksgiving For The Dolphins

Sadly this Thanksgiving the Miami Dolphins couldn't be thankful for a fourth straight win. The Dolphins defense did play their game well this time around, picking off Dallas quarterback Tony Romo twice.Tony Romo hadn't thrown an interception in November before two picks in the first quarter. However, the problem was... Continue reading "No Thanks on Thanksgiving For The Dolphins" »

Green Bay Has It Going On!

Hey there cheesheads of the world, how about your Green Bay Packers? Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay team has a fire under their butts that is keeping them going with absolutely no signs of stumbling in their future. Green Bay is playing like a team that wants to win... Continue reading "Green Bay Has It Going On! " »

Matt Leinart in For Matt Schaub

Well it is time to see what Matt Leinart, former Arizona Cardinal and 10th overall Draft pick in 2006, can do despite being a rather unimpressive name as an NFL quarterback. In his 17 NFL starts Leinart has 14 touchdowns and 20 interceptions, and he hasn't even seen a mark... Continue reading "Matt Leinart in For Matt Schaub" »

Miami Dolphins Face A Double Edged Sword

Tony Sparano and his formerly winless Miami Dolphins can be thankful that they have a 1 in the win column, but the emotion of the first win of the season may come with a negative side effect. The loss of the number one draft pick and a chance at Stanford... Continue reading "Miami Dolphins Face A Double Edged Sword" »


PRICELESS NFL PICKS was a disappointing 6 of 16 in Week 4 of the NFL season. Thanks very much to the Cowboys and Eagles for making this week a disaster. That means I am now 34 for 63 on the season and will look to do better this week. PRICELESS... Continue reading "PRICELESS NFL PICKS 2011 – WEEK 5" »

ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr from MNF - Kanye West to Replace Him

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. ESPN pulled the Hank Williams Jr. music introduction to MNF because Williams, who is very out spoken about politics, made an analogy comparing President Obama playing golf with Congressional Republican leaders to Adolph Hitler playing golf with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin... Continue reading "ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr from MNF - Kanye West to Replace Him" »

TravesTy: NYG Lose Terrell Thomas For The Season

The Giants defense took a big blow in Monday’s preseason game against Chicago with the loss of cornerback Terrell Thomas to a torn ACL. Thomas, a former USC standout, is an extremely underrated corner that led the NYG with 101 tackles and five interceptions last season. His play was even... Continue reading "TravesTy: NYG Lose Terrell Thomas For The Season" »

Washington Football team NEED to get another mascot

It has been known for sometimes that the Washington football team's mascot(Redskins) is offensive and racist toward Native Americans. Some say its not offensive because it is just the name of a native american tribe. I am sorry to inform those people but that is horrible wrong. The Florida State... Continue reading "Washington Football team NEED to get another mascot" »

Detroit Lions lose RB Mikel Leshoure for the season

The Detroit Lions lost rookie RB Mikel Leshoure for the season today. Leshoure has torn his Achilles tendon and his rookie year has ended prematurely. It is yet another injury the upstart Lions have suffered this of season as fellow rookie DT Nick Fairley will miss significant time, and OT... Continue reading "Detroit Lions lose RB Mikel Leshoure for the season" »

NFL's 130-day labor dispute is set to end

According to sources on both sides, the League’s owners and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) have reached an agreement on the remaining points needed in their 10-year labor deal. Despite the progress, the NFL lockout still continues until a majority of the NFL players vote on the new agreement. The... Continue reading "NFL's 130-day labor dispute is set to end" »

2011 NFL draft in review: Oakland Raiders

Finally the last draft in review post for the year, and the final article I will write about the 2011 draft for a while. It is official folks I can go on vacation after the NFL draft consumed my life for just over six months. Yes, you are free to... Continue reading "2011 NFL draft in review: Oakland Raiders" »

2011 NFL draft in review: Green Bay Packers

The Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers made the final pick of the first round in the 2011 NFL draft. It has to be tough to sit there while 31 teams go before all with the same goal in mind, getting players good enough to dethrone the current champion. The... Continue reading "2011 NFL draft in review: Green Bay Packers" » Video Corner

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