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The Cowboys killed me again. Just when you think a team will step up and take command of their season they stumble into the end zone. Their own end zone. PRICELESS PICKS - Week 15 THU, DEC 15 TIME (ET) TV PICKS LOCATION Jacksonville at Atlanta 8:20 PM NFL Jags... Continue reading "PRICELESS NFL PICKS - WEEK 15" »

A Letter from Timothy to the Corinthians

Jesus feeds 5000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish, Moses parts bodies of water, and Tim Tebow wins football games- no feat being more miraculous than the other. With just over 2 minutes left in the game, the Denver Disciples were down 10-0 to the Chicago Bears.... Continue reading "A Letter from Timothy to the Corinthians" »

NFL Week 14 Free Picks From The Guru

Season 30-34-3 (-14.5 Units) Last Season 53-47-2 (+21.5 Units) New Orleans ( -4 ) at Tennessee I'm missing something here? Low spread with a super hot team. I'm not buying it. Everyone is all over the Saints. I have to go against the public here. Take the points. (3 Units)... Continue reading "NFL Week 14 Free Picks From The Guru" »


PRICELESS NFL PICKS was 14 of 16 last week and will roll into the final four weeks of the season. Thanks to Dallas Coach Jason Garrett for the one miss. Next time you have two time outs and 22 seconds to go use the F’N time outs to gain yardage... Continue reading "PRICELESS NFL PICKS – WEEK 14" »

Flex Time Rears Its Ugly Head: Tebow Meets the Devil and Miss Jones

DATELINE: HUMOR! The NFL wants to change the time of the Tebowl with the New England Patriots to the network where big ratings and fat peacocks show their stuff on Sunday Night Football, SNF on NBC. Alas, the partners of Bob Kraft are CBS who have a place in the... Continue reading "Flex Time Rears Its Ugly Head: Tebow Meets the Devil and Miss Jones" »

My NFL Week 13 Picks

After a week of exciting Thanksgiving games, the continuing downfalls of the Eagles, Chargers, and Bills, and some more Tebow heroics, here are my picks for Week 13. Philadelphia Eagles (4-7) at Seattle Seahawks (4-7), Thursday, 8:20 PM The Eagles are coming off an embarassing loss to the Patriots, 38-20.... Continue reading "My NFL Week 13 Picks" »

Hot Chicks and cool sports links: Week 13 NFL picks

Hot Chicks and cool sports links: Week 13 NFL picks. Continue reading "Hot Chicks and cool sports links: Week 13 NFL picks" »


Missed last week but was 12 of 13. Another fun week this week. The playoff picture will start to clear up after this week. PRICELESS NFL PICKS Week 13 THU, DEC 1 TIME (ET) TV PICKS LOCATION Philadelphia at Seattle 8:20 PM NFL Fly Seahawks Fly CenturyLink Field SUN, DEC... Continue reading "PRICELESS NFL PICKS - WEEK 13" »

Miracle on 15 Tebow Street, or How a Bargain Basement NFL Team Wins

DATELINE: HUMOR! At this time of year many folks love to watch and re-watch the classic movie about a mysterious man who becomes the Santa Claus at Macy’s Department Store. Some people begin to think he really is Santa Claus, and others begin to think he is a nutcase. Well,... Continue reading "Miracle on 15 Tebow Street, or How a Bargain Basement NFL Team Wins" »

Are LeBron James and Tim Tebow Most Annoying Athletes in Sports?

DATELINE: HUMOR! The tall and short of it is that two star athletes tend to turn us off our feed. We can never visit Cleveland without the memory of a town desecrated, humiliated and demeaned by a tall athlete. NBA’s LeBron James is king without a conscience. And, we will... Continue reading "Are LeBron James and Tim Tebow Most Annoying Athletes in Sports?" »

A.D.D. Sports Radio

La Morte is all alone in this 1/2 hour Thanksgiving Special, Happy Thanksgiving to all A.D.D. Sports Radio Continue reading "A.D.D. Sports Radio" »

Turnpike Throwdown 11_22_2011

TT 11_22_11 <<<< ON DEMAND MP3 Jeff and James recap the Eagles big win in MetLife Stadium, James is convinced Giants miss the playoffs, BOLD UPSET LOCK NFL picks, parting thoughts, all with that New Jersey flavor Continue reading "Turnpike Throwdown 11_22_2011" »

Open Mike 11-18-11; Jets Freakout Friday

On this edition of Open Mike, host Michael Cohen holds a special vigial for Jets fans to rant about the struggling franchise on Jets Freakout Friday, after the team got Tebow'd by Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos on Thursday night. Michael welcomes in Triple Coverage co-host Dan Feuerstein, a... Continue reading "Open Mike 11-18-11; Jets Freakout Friday" »

Tim Tebow Reader: Run, Spot, Run!

The Denver Bronco playbook resembles the now-defunct reader used to teach students how to read. Back in the first-grade for many quarterbacks, they learned how to read defenses with a basic primer. No, we do not speak of the McGuffey Reader that had ties to a handbook for nuclear physicists.... Continue reading " Tim Tebow Reader: Run, Spot, Run!" »


Priceless NFL Picks rolls on into week 11. I had another so-so week last week as I was 8 of 16 on a week of surprises and teams under-performing. Look for things to continue to improve this week. Have fun! PRICELESS PICKS - Week 11 THU, NOV 17 TIME (ET)... Continue reading "PRICELESS NFL PICKS WEEK 11" » Video Corner

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