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NBA Shoots Horses and Chris Paul

DATELINE: HUMOR! Like instant coffee, just add NBA ownership to the hot water. The New Orleans Hornets have become freeze-dried. How do you like your toast buttered? Put a little honey on that Hornet. The Chris Paul trade is deader than a doornail. Some NBA players may shuffle off to... Continue reading "NBA Shoots Horses and Chris Paul" »

Seven Deadly Sins of the NBPA Puts a Plague on the NBA House

DATELINE: HUMOR! After watching NBA players break every one of the Seven Deadly Sins over the past decade, the owners are counting on the players breaking one more. We expect the NBPA, or in layman’s terms, the union to be busted like a bunch of deadbeats in an Occupy city... Continue reading "Seven Deadly Sins of the NBPA Puts a Plague on the NBA House" »

NBA Players Reject Deal - 2011-12 Season over??? Read the Offer

When an NBA tree falls in the forrest does anyone really care? The NBA's players union has rejected the latest and possible final offer from the NBA's owners. This could end the 2011-12 season and beyond. check out the league's latest offer and decide for yourself. Download NBA_proposal I thought... Continue reading "NBA Players Reject Deal - 2011-12 Season over??? Read the Offer" »

NBA to Pick Scabs for Pickup Game

DATELINE: HUMOR! We wonder how many former NBA stars, aging off the court, are willing to come out of retirement to make a few Bucks, an assortment of Lakers, and a litany of Knickerbockers. Many NBA players retired before the big money hit the fan market. Now NBA czar and... Continue reading "NBA to Pick Scabs for Pickup Game" »

Mother of Mercy, Can This Be the End of the NBA?

DATELINE: HUMOR! The great oldtime movie Little Caesar offers many lessons to the NBA. In it, the archfiend threatens authorities of society, “A little buzzard like you will never put cuffs on me.” As he is plugged with machine gun fire, Edward G. Robinson as the tinplate gangster mutters his... Continue reading "Mother of Mercy, Can This Be the End of the NBA?" »

Turnpike Throwdown 10_18_11

10_18_11 COMPRESSED <<< CLICK TO LISTEN ON DEMAND ! Jeff and James recap the most recent NFL action - Eagles halt the losing streak, Giants win, both head into the bye week on a high note... What can be made of the NBA lockout? World Series / MLB discussion, Bold... Continue reading "Turnpike Throwdown 10_18_11" »

If an NBA Tree Falls in the Forest Does Anyone Care?

The NBA has canceled the remainder of the preseason and will wipe out the first two weeks of the regular season if there is no labor agreement by Monday. Commissioner David Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver made the announcement after owners and players met for about four hours Tuesday... Continue reading "If an NBA Tree Falls in the Forest Does Anyone Care?" »

check out my thoughts on the NBA for next season.... if there even is one Continue reading "check out my thoughts on the NBA for next season.... if there even is one" »

Post-Jordan Era All-NBA Teams Part 2

Lockout to Lockout All-NBA First Team Center –Shaquille O’Neal Shaq after big dunk in 2000 Playoffs The man with more nicknames that any other in NBA history is the starting center on the lockout to lockout team; he was the dominant player in the league for 5 years of this... Continue reading "Post-Jordan Era All-NBA Teams Part 2" »

Post-Jordan Era All-NBA Teams Part 1

On the verge of possibly missing NBA Games (maybe a whole season) for the first time since 1998-1999; I though this would be the perfect time to give out awards and all-NBA selections spanning from lockout to lockout. This was an era that was dominated by the west, mainly the... Continue reading "Post-Jordan Era All-NBA Teams Part 1" »

NBA News: Pippen gives a Retraction

So NBA Hall of Famer and team ambassador for the Chicago Bulls Scottie Pippen caused a bit of a fuss last month commenting on Mike & Mike for ESPN Radio that while Michael Jordan “is probably the greatest scorer,” Lebron James “may be the greatest player to ever play the... Continue reading "NBA News: Pippen gives a Retraction" »

NBA News: As the NBA Turns

Well I haven't ranted for a little bit, since I'm still trying to get over the fact there hasn't been any games since the Finals ended over a week ago. Looking at how the union and the owners are trying to hammer out a new Collective Bargaining Agreement before the... Continue reading "NBA News: As the NBA Turns" »

2011 NBA Mock Draft: Williams and Irving to Cavs

I know some people are not pumped about this year’s NBA draft but, you should be! This will be the last basketball we discuss in a while because of the lockout that is pending in the NBA. So tune in at 7 PM tonight, while a new wave of talent... Continue reading "2011 NBA Mock Draft: Williams and Irving to Cavs" »

Mark Cuban: What a True Owner Looks Like

Mark Cuban wants you to feel like he is just one of the guys. He lives and breathes sports. He is passionate about many different sports. He runs his mouth when he disagrees with call. He wears t-shirts and jeans to the game and heckles referees like it's his job.... Continue reading "Mark Cuban: What a True Owner Looks Like" »

Dan Gilbert or Mark Cuban

On Sunday night, there were two owners that were victorious. The first one was obviously Mark Cuban; the owner of the Mavericks who has been as vocal as any owner over the past decade and cares about his team as much as any owner in sports. The second owner was... Continue reading "Dan Gilbert or Mark Cuban" » Video Corner

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