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Winners of the NBA Draft

Considering the distinct lack of NBA-level talent in this year's draft, a fair amount action took place last night. The first two picks came as no surprise, with Irving landing in Cleveland and Minnesota opting to keep Derrick Williams. This deserves attention because that places Michael Beasley square on the... Continue reading "Winners of the NBA Draft" »

Metta World Peace, Meet Ochocinco

DATELINE: HUMOR! Ron Artest, Los Angeles Lakers star, quondam fan beater and now advocate for peace in our time, has decided to rename himself. The baptism will occur in court, not on court. Artest has decided he wants to advocate for peace. His new name will be Metta World Peace.... Continue reading "Metta World Peace, Meet Ochocinco" »

2011 NBA Mock Draft: Williams and Irving to Cavs

I know some people are not pumped about this year’s NBA draft but, you should be! This will be the last basketball we discuss in a while because of the lockout that is pending in the NBA. So tune in at 7 PM tonight, while a new wave of talent... Continue reading "2011 NBA Mock Draft: Williams and Irving to Cavs" »

NBA News: Grumpy Old Men

Can we say this is one of those instances where, careful what you ask for, you just might get it......I'm referring to last weeks staggering comments made by Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen who said that his fellow hall of fame alum Michael Jordan was the best scorer in the... Continue reading "NBA News: Grumpy Old Men" »

NBA News: Bye, Bye Shaq

"I tweeted on my Twitter account today" - It was announced yesterday via his Twitter account, that Shaquille O' Neal currently of the Boston Celtics is going to retire........What Shaqfu, the Diesel, the Big Aristotle is going to hang it up after 19-years . I'm surprised he didn't do it... Continue reading "NBA News: Bye, Bye Shaq" »

Shaq, Thanks Man! You Were Magic in a Bottle

When NBA basketball great Shaquelle O’Neal tweeted and video chatted about his retirement Wednesday, it ended a 19-year career of one total character in a sport that is in sure need of some personality. Movie star (Kazaam), dancer, rapper, future police officer are all roles that Shaquelle O’Neal embodied in... Continue reading "Shaq, Thanks Man! You Were Magic in a Bottle" »

NBA News: Consulting Kobe

"Looking back on it, we should have contacted Kobe," Those are the words of Jim Buss, Los Angeles Lakers VP of Player Personnel Saturday night in an interview with the LA Times. This was in regards to the Lakers hiring of Mike Brown without consulting Kobe Bryant about the decision... Continue reading "NBA News: Consulting Kobe" »

And The New Lakers Coach Is...

Mike Brown is officially the new coach for the Los Angeles Lakers. Continue reading "And The New Lakers Coach Is..." »

NBA News: Bulls Noah fined 50Gs

So on the eve of game 4 of the Eastern Conference final between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat, Bulls center Joakim Noah is going to find his wallet $50,000 lighter. The league fined the Bulls enigmatic center 50 grand for uttering a ant-gay slur at a fan in... Continue reading "NBA News: Bulls Noah fined 50Gs" »

Joakim Noah and Kobe Bryant: Peacocks Stir the Pot of Gay Slurs

DATELINE: HUMOR! A rash of brash players yelling homophobic slurs in the NBA may not seem a big deal. After all, the sport is often considered the most thuggish of all sports. Yet, the irony remains after Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant and now Chicago Bull Joakim Noah took their... Continue reading "Joakim Noah and Kobe Bryant: Peacocks Stir the Pot of Gay Slurs" »

NBA News: Andrew Bynum is sorry......

The league suspeneded Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum 5 games next season for the vicious flagrant foul he committed against Dallas Mavericks guard J.J. Barea in the closing minutes of game 4 on Sunday. In addition he was fined 25 thousand dollars for ripping off his jersey as he... Continue reading "NBA News: Andrew Bynum is sorry......" »

MTR NBA News: LA Lakers Center Bynum Suspended and Fined $702k

Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum has been suspended for the first five games of next season for his flagrant foul on Dallas guard J.J. Barea in Los Angeles' final playoff game. The Dallas Mavericks swept the Lakers in four games and had a commanding lead in the final game... Continue reading "MTR NBA News: LA Lakers Center Bynum Suspended and Fined $702k" »

NBA News: Predictions

Okay after this crazy weekend of upsets and the knowledge that a new NBA Champion would be crowned this year, I have a beef with the would be predictions of who is going to vie for the NBA crown. Okay with the Los Angeles Lakers getting dusted by the Dallas... Continue reading "NBA News: Predictions" »

MTR NBA News: Can the Dallas Mavericks Hold on to 3-0 Lead over Lakers?

The Dallas Mavericks have been so close to reaching that next level before and managed some way not to get there. The Los Angeles Lakers have been a part of that since the Mavericks entered the NBA. But not this time! In Dallas, fans are more scared then excited. “Could... Continue reading "MTR NBA News: Can the Dallas Mavericks Hold on to 3-0 Lead over Lakers?" »

NBA News: Blow up the Lakers

Yesterday I was looking at NBA countdown which is broadcasted on the ESPN network and Earvin "Magic" Johnson said something very telling yesterday - "Dr. Buss, if the Lakers lose this game you will have to blow it up". These were the ominous words spoken by the Hall of Famer... Continue reading "NBA News: Blow up the Lakers" » Video Corner

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