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Pippen backtracks... After the Finals are Over

Former Bulls great Scottie Pippen recently took back his comments about saying Lebron James may be the greatest player ever, a slap in the face to Michael Jordan quite frankly. It is quite comical that he is doing this only after the fact that James stunk it up in the... Continue reading "Pippen backtracks... After the Finals are Over" »

NBA News: As the NBA Turns

Well I haven't ranted for a little bit, since I'm still trying to get over the fact there hasn't been any games since the Finals ended over a week ago. Looking at how the union and the owners are trying to hammer out a new Collective Bargaining Agreement before the... Continue reading "NBA News: As the NBA Turns" »

Winners of the NBA Draft

Considering the distinct lack of NBA-level talent in this year's draft, a fair amount action took place last night. The first two picks came as no surprise, with Irving landing in Cleveland and Minnesota opting to keep Derrick Williams. This deserves attention because that places Michael Beasley square on the... Continue reading "Winners of the NBA Draft" »

Lebron Hurt His Development

Lebron should not have left Cleveland for Miami. Yes, that is what every NBA fan (including me) has been saying for about 12 months. And never in my history of watching basketball have I seen a player be more scrutinized than Lebron was this past year. Does he does deserve... Continue reading "Lebron Hurt His Development" »

Mark Cuban: What a True Owner Looks Like

Mark Cuban wants you to feel like he is just one of the guys. He lives and breathes sports. He is passionate about many different sports. He runs his mouth when he disagrees with call. He wears t-shirts and jeans to the game and heckles referees like it's his job.... Continue reading "Mark Cuban: What a True Owner Looks Like" »

Dan Gilbert or Mark Cuban

On Sunday night, there were two owners that were victorious. The first one was obviously Mark Cuban; the owner of the Mavericks who has been as vocal as any owner over the past decade and cares about his team as much as any owner in sports. The second owner was... Continue reading "Dan Gilbert or Mark Cuban" »

NBA News: Miami Heat -Too Big to Fail

A fitting title for a team that had huge expectations even before the 2010-2011 NBA season began......Well huge expectations for themselves.....Hey you know what, that is what each of the 30 teams in the NBA play and strive for each year, to win it all. The Miami Heat who in... Continue reading "NBA News: Miami Heat -Too Big to Fail" »

Lebron Has a Big Summer Ahead

Lebron James was so close to proving everyone wrong. He had made it to the Finals in the first year of the Big Three(James, Wade, and Bosh). That was something that he put on himself to do, as he made the statement that they would win 7 titles during the... Continue reading "Lebron Has a Big Summer Ahead" »

Dallas Wins

The NBA Finals finished in six games as I predicted but, the Mavericks won which I did not predict. The Mavericks continued to get stronger as the series progressed. The Heat, on the other hand, crumbled and were unable to run a formidable offense in the last five minutes of... Continue reading "Dallas Wins" »

LeBron: You Can’t Go Home Again, as Ohio Turns the Screw

DATELINE: REVENGE! The great sovereign state of Ohio may be round at the edges, but it’s fairly sharp too! The governor, one John Kasich, guaranteed his re-election yesterday by issuing one of those public relations resolutions the Chamber of Commerce likes so much. This resolution had a slight edge: Ohio... Continue reading "LeBron: You Can’t Go Home Again, as Ohio Turns the Screw" »

How the Miami Heat set themselves up for Failure this year

Last night, the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat 105-95 in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to win the series 4 games to 2. The victory gave Dallas their first NBA title in their history, but the bigger story was the defeat of the Miami Heat. Not only does... Continue reading "How the Miami Heat set themselves up for Failure this year " »

NBA News: Mavericks take the Chip

Last night in Miami, a new NBA Champion was crowned and they are the Dallas Mavericks. Going into the 2010-2011 season, did you even recall Dallas even mentioned as a prediction to contend for the title? Most people would answer no......I think everyone was wondering in which playoff round the... Continue reading "NBA News: Mavericks take the Chip" »

Jason Kidd's Moment

"That's all I want - to win a championship. It's not guaranteed, but you want to play for it. When you take the floor with the Mavericks, you're on that path to win a championship" - Jason Kidd. That was Kidd's comment in his first press conference after being traded... Continue reading "Jason Kidd's Moment" »

NBA News: Now or Never

"I tweeted yesterday on my Twitter" - "Now or Never" was the quote that Lebron James posted on his Twitter account prior to game 5 of the NBA Finals between James's Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks. With the series knotted at 2-2, game 5 had that extra importance. It... Continue reading "NBA News: Now or Never" »

Terry and the Mavs defeat the Miami Heat After Near 4th Quarter Collapse

Dallas was up by seven early in the fourth quarter.They were hitting three pointers like they were layups, hitting 13 of 19 on the night. Dallas surely would pull away and win easy because Wade, the only guy with a pulse in the fourth, was hobbled. Wrong. The Mavericks got... Continue reading "Terry and the Mavs defeat the Miami Heat After Near 4th Quarter Collapse" » Video Corner

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