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NBA - Hawks Feed

NBA News: Bulls and Hawks face off

"Hey Jameer will tell Derrick you said hello" - said a sign held up by an Atlanta Hawks fan at last nights game 6 between the Hawks and the Orlando Magic.... Hopefully the Chicago Bulls have been able to heal and recover for the past couple of days because their... Continue reading "NBA News: Bulls and Hawks face off" »

NBA Playoff Notes

Last night we saw a couple of pivotal games in the NBA playoffs and tonight has a couple of key games to examine. Dallas absolutely beasted Portland last night. Do not let the final score let you believe that this game was close at all. The Mavericks manhandled the Blazers... Continue reading "NBA Playoff Notes" »

Game 1 Knockouts

So if any of the top seeded teams in the NBA Playoffs thought that their first round match-up was going to be a walk in the park, then after their game one contest I'm sure they realized quickly it wasn't going to be a nice little stroll down the lane.... Continue reading "Game 1 Knockouts" »

NBA Prediction: Oklahoma City Thunder and Boston Celtics in NBA Finals?

Ridiculous? Unlikely? Weird? If the Oklahoma City Thunder make it deep into the playoffs, then the weak West has been put into a shock of the greatest magnitude: the Lakers have fallen on hard times and have suffered premature elimination. If the Thunder are on a roll across the plains... Continue reading "NBA Prediction: Oklahoma City Thunder and Boston Celtics in NBA Finals?" »

The Beginning of the End: The NBA Playoffs

As excited as I am for the NBA playoffs, Phil Jackson and the Lakers' recent $75,000 dollar fines are a painful reminder that this is the last basketball that I will get to watch for a while. Sure, nothing is etched in stone...yet. But the writing is on the wall... Continue reading "The Beginning of the End: The NBA Playoffs" »

Southern Comfort

You pretty much know that you have claimed an additional home court when you walk into your opponents building and the following things happen: The NBA allows you to wear your home whites for the game; You have a healthy contingent of fans in the crowd; Finally you just run... Continue reading "Southern Comfort" »

Bulls Revenge

The last time the Chicago Bulls saw the Atlanta Hawks (last week) they walked away feeling like they were punished for a crime they didn't commit. Why not? The Bulls pretty much gave up a 19-point lead to end up losing by three to the Hawks. Feeling demoralized and ashamed... Continue reading "Bulls Revenge" » Video Corner

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