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Dan Gilbert or Mark Cuban

On Sunday night, there were two owners that were victorious. The first one was obviously Mark Cuban; the owner of the Mavericks who has been as vocal as any owner over the past decade and cares about his team as much as any owner in sports. The second owner was... Continue reading "Dan Gilbert or Mark Cuban" »

Lebron Has a Big Summer Ahead

Lebron James was so close to proving everyone wrong. He had made it to the Finals in the first year of the Big Three(James, Wade, and Bosh). That was something that he put on himself to do, as he made the statement that they would win 7 titles during the... Continue reading "Lebron Has a Big Summer Ahead" »

LeBron: You Can’t Go Home Again, as Ohio Turns the Screw

DATELINE: REVENGE! The great sovereign state of Ohio may be round at the edges, but it’s fairly sharp too! The governor, one John Kasich, guaranteed his re-election yesterday by issuing one of those public relations resolutions the Chamber of Commerce likes so much. This resolution had a slight edge: Ohio... Continue reading "LeBron: You Can’t Go Home Again, as Ohio Turns the Screw" »

NBA News: Bye, Bye Shaq

"I tweeted on my Twitter account today" - It was announced yesterday via his Twitter account, that Shaquille O' Neal currently of the Boston Celtics is going to retire........What Shaqfu, the Diesel, the Big Aristotle is going to hang it up after 19-years . I'm surprised he didn't do it... Continue reading "NBA News: Bye, Bye Shaq" »

Shaq, Thanks Man! You Were Magic in a Bottle

When NBA basketball great Shaquelle O’Neal tweeted and video chatted about his retirement Wednesday, it ended a 19-year career of one total character in a sport that is in sure need of some personality. Movie star (Kazaam), dancer, rapper, future police officer are all roles that Shaquelle O’Neal embodied in... Continue reading "Shaq, Thanks Man! You Were Magic in a Bottle" »

NBA News: Consulting Kobe

"Looking back on it, we should have contacted Kobe," Those are the words of Jim Buss, Los Angeles Lakers VP of Player Personnel Saturday night in an interview with the LA Times. This was in regards to the Lakers hiring of Mike Brown without consulting Kobe Bryant about the decision... Continue reading "NBA News: Consulting Kobe" »

Sammy Sosa and Phil Esposito: Turning the Coat Inside Out

DATELINE: HUMOR! Turncoats in sports seem to be an epidemic in the new century. Lately we have been witness to more than a few athletes who have turned away from a team that gave them succor and decided to bite the hand that once fed them. Perhaps it all started... Continue reading "Sammy Sosa and Phil Esposito: Turning the Coat Inside Out" »

NBA News: The King is Here!!!

When you are at the top there is a chance that your reign is eventually going to come to an end......It could be internal issues that can cause the demise of a Dynasty. It could be age or mental breakdowns within. The more evident is when a more powerful and... Continue reading "NBA News: The King is Here!!!" »

Former NBA Player Dies

Basketball player, "Tractor" Traylor found dead in home after missing for three days. Continue reading "Former NBA Player Dies" »

LeBron James and Delonte West: No Hard Feelings at the Playoffs!

DATELINE: HUMOR! When the two former Cleveland Cavaliers meet on the basketball court, fans may hold their collective breath. What will happen? Though we would enjoy seeing them bump chests, or exchange kisses of fists, we suspect that the mob buffers on the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat shall take... Continue reading "LeBron James and Delonte West: No Hard Feelings at the Playoffs!" »

Villanueva Needs to Grow Up

I don't really like to offer up advice to NBA players on how they should act. I wouldn't want some random person telling me how to do my job or what I needed to change to improve either. But maybe someone should tell Charlie Villanueva that there is a pretty... Continue reading "Villanueva Needs to Grow Up" »

Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Rumors: Latest News & Updates

The NBA's trade deadline is less than six days away and with all 30 GMs present in Los Angeles for the All-Star Game, the framework for any potential deals could be constructed in the next 48 hours. Several Cavaliers players have been mentioned in possible trade scenarios but as of... Continue reading "Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Rumors: Latest News & Updates" »

Cavs Host Irked Lakers in Last Game Before All-Star Break

The last time the Lakers and Cavaliers took the court, it produced one of the more memorable games of the season...but not for the reasons Cleveland wanted. The Cavs set the franchise record for fewest points in a game and lost by a whopping 55 points. Here are a few... Continue reading "Cavs Host Irked Lakers in Last Game Before All-Star Break" »

26 and Counting: Cavs Now Own Longest Losing Streak in Pro Sports History

Those who view the glass as half-full looked at the Cavaliers last four games (decided by a total of 21 points and featured two games that were decided on the final possession) and knew they were close to breaking through. That elusive win was coming sooner rather than later. The... Continue reading "26 and Counting: Cavs Now Own Longest Losing Streak in Pro Sports History" »

Daniel Gibson Chosen as Participant in 2011 Three-Point Contest

Even though the Cavaliers have lost an NBA record 25 consecutive games, they'll still be represented at All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles. The NBA announced today that Daniel Gibson will be one of the six participants in the Foot Locker Three-Point Contest, which will take place on Saturday, Feb. 19.... Continue reading "Daniel Gibson Chosen as Participant in 2011 Three-Point Contest" » Video Corner

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