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NBA - Bulls Feed

NBA News: Bulls hammer Heat

In the mid 90's while I was attending college, a female colleague that I used to fool around with knew around the months of May and June never to call me at home in the evenings. Reason being is that the Chicago Bulls were making their annual playoff push for... Continue reading "NBA News: Bulls hammer Heat" »

NBA News: Bulls power past the Hawks

Do you think the Chicago Bulls wanted to stretch their Eastern Conference semi-final playoff series with the Atlanta Hawks anymore then it needed to be? Do you think they like giving the critics more ammunition to discredit their hold of the leagues best record? Derrick Rose really enjoys hearing people... Continue reading "NBA News: Bulls power past the Hawks" »

NBA News: Bulls and Hawks duke it out

I was thinking Tuesday night after game 5 game ended, can this go to a game seven? Why not, despite the seeding neither team has really dominated this series. The Bulls being the overall number 1 seed were expected to cruise through the Hawks with little resistance as possible. The... Continue reading "NBA News: Bulls and Hawks duke it out" »

NBA News: Executive of the Year

It was announced yesterday that Chicago Bulls general manager Gar Forman and Miami Heat president Pat Riley are co-holders of the NBA Executive of the Year award. Forman and Riley each received 11 out of 30 votes which makes it the first time since its inception that two holders share... Continue reading "NBA News: Executive of the Year" »

Making Sense out of Static

Early in the baseball season, it's hard to separate the contenders and the pretenders. Kansas City regularly sits somewhere near the top of the AL Central after the first couple weeks and sometimes even holds on through the first couple months. Last year even the lowly Pirates looked decent for... Continue reading "Making Sense out of Static" »

NBA News: Predictions

Okay after this crazy weekend of upsets and the knowledge that a new NBA Champion would be crowned this year, I have a beef with the would be predictions of who is going to vie for the NBA crown. Okay with the Los Angeles Lakers getting dusted by the Dallas... Continue reading "NBA News: Predictions" »

NBA News: Bulls rout the Hawks

When asked about the condition of his sprained left ankle, the newly crowned MVP Derrick Rose would insist that his ankle is fine. Though Rose did admit that it is all psychological it does explain the reason why he is playing tentatively and is afraid if he plants his foot... Continue reading "NBA News: Bulls rout the Hawks" »

NBA News: Bulls pull even

First off I like to congratulate Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose for winning the 2010-2011 NBA Kia Most Valuable Player Award. Now Derrick can continue to do what got him this special award and that is win. Going into game 2 of their Eastern Conference Semi-final series with the Atlanta... Continue reading "NBA News: Bulls pull even" »

NBA News: Rose wins MVP

It was reported last night that a source speaking on the condition of anonymity said that Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose has won the NBA's Most Valuable Player award. This person (snitch) who is close to the situation said that since a formal announcement hasn't been made he would rather... Continue reading "NBA News: Rose wins MVP" »

NBA News: Hawks take it in Chicago

Are the Chicago Bulls in trouble? You have to consider they didn't play that great in their first round series against the Indiana Pacers. You can see the Bulls had to dig a little deeper to knock them off in five games. You would think 5 days of rest would... Continue reading "NBA News: Hawks take it in Chicago" »

NBA News: Tom Thibodeau named Coach of the Year

The Chicago Bulls can add another accomplishment to the laundry list of achievements of the 2010-2011 season. It was announced over the weekend that Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibodeau was named NBA's Coach of the Year. Thibodeau in his first year as a head coach led the Bulls to 62-wins,... Continue reading "NBA News: Tom Thibodeau named Coach of the Year" »

NBA News: Bulls and Hawks face off

"Hey Jameer will tell Derrick you said hello" - said a sign held up by an Atlanta Hawks fan at last nights game 6 between the Hawks and the Orlando Magic.... Hopefully the Chicago Bulls have been able to heal and recover for the past couple of days because their... Continue reading "NBA News: Bulls and Hawks face off" »

NBA News: Kobe and Rose - Walking Wounded

The 2011 NBA Playoffs are in full effect....First round match-ups in both conferences are still going strong with the exception of the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks. This past Sunday the Celtics eliminated the Knicks in a four game sweep of their first round Eastern Conference Playoff series... Continue reading "NBA News: Kobe and Rose - Walking Wounded" »

NBA Playoff Notes

Last night we saw a couple of pivotal games in the NBA playoffs and tonight has a couple of key games to examine. Dallas absolutely beasted Portland last night. Do not let the final score let you believe that this game was close at all. The Mavericks manhandled the Blazers... Continue reading "NBA Playoff Notes" »

NBA News: MRI for Rose

Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose was scheduled for a MRI today on his sprained left ankle. Rose suffered the sprain yesterday during game 4 of the first round Eastern Conference playoff series between the Chicago Bulls and the Indiana Pacers. After scoring on a driving lay-up to the basket, Rose... Continue reading "NBA News: MRI for Rose" » Video Corner

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