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Game 1 Knockouts

So if any of the top seeded teams in the NBA Playoffs thought that their first round match-up was going to be a walk in the park, then after their game one contest I'm sure they realized quickly it wasn't going to be a nice little stroll down the lane.... Continue reading "Game 1 Knockouts" »

The Beginning of the End: The NBA Playoffs

As excited as I am for the NBA playoffs, Phil Jackson and the Lakers' recent $75,000 dollar fines are a painful reminder that this is the last basketball that I will get to watch for a while. Sure, nothing is etched in stone...yet. But the writing is on the wall... Continue reading "The Beginning of the End: The NBA Playoffs" »

Blazers Clinch Their Third Straight Playoff Birth

As a lifelong Blazer fan, I have seen some dark times. I won't bother to go into detail, but will just a cite a few of the obvious incidents: 2000 Western Conference Finals, the entire Jail Blazers era, Greg Oden's four years, and the recent revelation that Brandon Roy, once... Continue reading "Blazers Clinch Their Third Straight Playoff Birth" »

Saying "No" to the Nineties

Do you remember what you were doing in the 90's? Specific moments stick out, like the first time I saw the internet, an incident that also went down as the first time the internet ruined the outcome of a sporting event ('96 Olympics). Specific music, like Pearl Jam, Guns n'... Continue reading "Saying "No" to the Nineties" »

Do the Blazers Need to Make a Move in the Offseason?

Now that we're in the offseason in Portland, the talk is all about offseason moves. Should the Blazers sign a star player to compliment Roy? Should Pritchard pull of a blockbuster trade? The consensus seems to be that the Trail Blazers need to make a move. There's a strong case... Continue reading "Do the Blazers Need to Make a Move in the Offseason?" »

Playoff Grades for the Portland Trail Blazers- Part 2

Brandon Roy This guy gave the team a huge lift before and during Game Four to comeback from knee surgery to play in the game. It was easy to tell that one of the main reasons Portland was able to pull out a victory in Game Four was the energy... Continue reading "Playoff Grades for the Portland Trail Blazers- Part 2" »

Playoff Grades for the Portland Trail Blazers- Part 1

Andre Miller He single-handedly led the Blazers to a win in the first game of the series. But after that, his production fell off mostly because he was guarded by the bigger Grant Hill. However, anyone responsible for one of the Blazers two wins deserves a good grade. Grade: B+... Continue reading "Playoff Grades for the Portland Trail Blazers- Part 1" »

The Portland Trail Blazers' Season Review

For the second straight season the Portland Trail Blazers lost in the first round of the Western Conference Playoffs in Game Six. Let's hope this doesn't turn into an annual tradition. Blazers fans should be proud of what the team did this season. After losing Greg Oden and Joel Pryzbilla... Continue reading "The Portland Trail Blazers' Season Review" »

Remaining Keys to Win the Series Against the Suns

Currently the Portland Trail Blazers and Phoenix Suns are tied at 2-2 in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Portland won the first game, lost the second and third, and won the fourth game aided by the triumphant return of the shooting guard Brandon Roy. Now with the series... Continue reading "Remaining Keys to Win the Series Against the Suns" »

Game Four Recap: Roy Returns, Blazers Win

Guess who's back? Yeah, that's right Blazers fans, Brandon Roy is back on the court playing basketball just eight days after having surgery on his knee. Not only did Roy make his return, but the Trail Blazers returned to playing playoff basketball after appearing to take Game Two and Game... Continue reading "Game Four Recap: Roy Returns, Blazers Win" »

Blazer Blogger Keels Over In Utter Disgust

The Portland Trail Blazers, having been smoked in 2 straight games, came into tonight's contest looking to rebound from recent miserable performances. Instead, they went down by as many as 17 points (at home) to the Miami Heat. How many games will Portland win this year if they shoot 39%... Continue reading "Blazer Blogger Keels Over In Utter Disgust" »

Blazers Get Pummeled in Utah

Right now people, this is a team looking for an identity, and yes, even a leader. The Blazers lost big to Utah tonight, going down 108-92. And unfortunately, the game really wasn't close from the beginning. I could find some bright spots (Dante Cunningham, Brandon Roy), but they're few and... Continue reading "Blazers Get Pummeled in Utah" »

Portland Can't Stop Memphis in Loss

Where to start? First, congratulations to Memphis. They played a nearly perfect game tonight. Mayo, Randolph, Gasol, Gay and Thabeet were outstanding. They simply deserved to win. Portland was outworked, outhustled, outplayed, outshot, name it. They lost nearly every statistical category. So many things went wrong tonight. Oh, it... Continue reading "Portland Can't Stop Memphis in Loss" »

Balanced Effort Leads Blazers To Victory Over the Nets

Did you doubt it? Even for a minute? Even at the 6:13 mark of the third period, when Rafer Alston tied the score at 54, was the game in doubt? Okay, maybe just a little. But in the end, the Blazers shot just well enough, rebounded just well enough and... Continue reading "Balanced Effort Leads Blazers To Victory Over the Nets" »

Blazers Turn Inside to Dominate the Bulls

A couple of weeks ago, Sam Smith from the Bulls Blog wrote about Joakim Noah: "Now, you could even make the case he’ll be more valuable than Oden." He then proceeded to list out where the 2007 draft would come down if it were held today. The top 5 according... Continue reading "Blazers Turn Inside to Dominate the Bulls" » Video Corner

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