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Why Do Managers Wear Uniforms???

Many of you may ask, "why do Managers wear uniforms?" The answer: Tradition. From the days when the Manager was just one of the players. It was common for a player to be the "Designated Manager," according to Ken Burns. So, does that answer work for you? Personally, I think... Continue reading "Why Do Managers Wear Uniforms???" »

Team of Rivals

Yankees/Red Sox. Reagan/Gorbachev. Lindsay Lohan/Sobriety. Rivalries make otherwise routine matchups a bit more interesting. They breed adrenaline. They invite ingenuity. They spark passion, no matter how dormant. But, as we witnessed earlier this year in the case of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow, baseball rivalries have been known to... Continue reading "Team of Rivals" »

MTR Sports Report Podcast 5/5/2011

The MTR Sports Report featuring Bill Zeltman, Ron Sulpizi, and Richard Price discuss the NHL playoffs, NFL off field antics, and some MLB talk including Derek Jeter, Pedro Liriano, and the Philadelphia Phillies. You can listen on's new 24/7 online radio station by clicking here, or finding us in... Continue reading "MTR Sports Report Podcast 5/5/2011" »

MLB Opinion: Loney to Be Fined for Flying Out to Left Field

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly is finally doing what everyone has joked about since the movie Major League. Mattingly will fine James Loney $1 every time he flies out to left field. While the 20 pushups that were charged to Willie Mays Hayes in the classic Major League movie... Continue reading "MLB Opinion: Loney to Be Fined for Flying Out to Left Field" »

The Filibuster

Selig and the owners finally had enough of McCourt and took action, but what about the franchises that are still technically solvent but just suck? Why hasn't the commish done something about the Pirates? Dan Ferndale, MI ____________________________________ Ahhhh yes... once again, the revolving doors of ineptitude bring us back... Continue reading "The Filibuster" »

MLB News: MLB Reports Over 10,000 Drug Tests Performed Since 2007

Major League Baseball is serious about eliminating performance enhancing drugs from the game. If you doubt that, consider this. MLB and the players association released a statement that they have performed 10,955 drug tests since 2007. Every player on ever team's 40 man roster gets tested randomly. In 2008, 3,486... Continue reading "MLB News: MLB Reports Over 10,000 Drug Tests Performed Since 2007" »

The RSBS Podcast, Episode 22: Ryan Braun's Rumspringa... and Other Stuff

Click ME to Listen!!! And so in this Podcast brought to you by Lifestyles... Jeff and Johanna kick the season off by trying to name every Jewish baseballer ever known to man before PodMaster Keith let's The 8:08 (from harried Undercast fame) into the studio... from there on out the... Continue reading "The RSBS Podcast, Episode 22: Ryan Braun's Rumspringa... and Other Stuff" »

GM and the Dodgers: A case study

While writing the filibuster the other day, I got to thinking. What's so bad about MLB taking over the Dodgers? It's not something they want to do and ideally they'd like to get rid of the franchise as quickly as possible. Both MLB and the Dodgers hope to emerge from... Continue reading "GM and the Dodgers: A case study" »

MLB Opinion: How Long Can Andre Ethier's Streak Go?

The Los Angeles Dodgers Andre Ethier extended his hitting streak to an April record of 24 games with a single and homerun in yesterday's game. The question is, how far can he extend his streak? Many people believe that Joe DiMaggio's 56 game streak will never be broken. But what... Continue reading "MLB Opinion: How Long Can Andre Ethier's Streak Go?" »

MLB News: Dodgers Casey Blake in Hospital

Los Angeles Dodgers Casey Blake found his way to a Florida hospital with a fever that is believed to be from an infection from his swollen elbow. Blake will be put on the 15 day disabled list but he may miss more time that that. Blake may be out for... Continue reading "MLB News: Dodgers Casey Blake in Hospital" »

MLB News: Selig Names J. Thomas Schieffer to Oversee Dodgers Operations

Major League Baseball, or more accurately Bud Selig, has named former president of the Texas Rangers J.Thomas Schieffer the "Monitor" of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Schieffer, brother of CBS news man Bob Schieffer has a resume in addition to his time in Texas as an Ambassador to Japan and Australia... Continue reading "MLB News: Selig Names J. Thomas Schieffer to Oversee Dodgers Operations" »

The Filibuster

Now that the Dodgers are controlled by MLB, is the situation there going to be as ugly as their throwbacks? Jenny Hammond, IN ____________________________________ Before I address the Dodgers' situation, I want to take care of the second part of your question. I'm not completely sure why you find the... Continue reading "The Filibuster" »

Deport Frank McCourt

He is a Boston person who once tried to buy the Red Sox. He hired a Giant as General Manager. He hired a Yankee without managerial experience at any level as manager. He did not put up cash; he put up his parking lots as collateral for Fox when he... Continue reading "Deport Frank McCourt" »

MLB News: MLB Injury Roundup 4/22/11

The walking wounded continue to make news early in this MLB season. Todays updates include: The New York Mets are hoping to get starter Chris Young back on Tuesday while they may be without outfielder Angel Pagan after he was taken out of Thursday nights game. The Milwaukee Brewers put... Continue reading "MLB News: MLB Injury Roundup 4/22/11" »

MLB News: Dodgers Broke, Taken Over by MLB

Remember when you were broke and had to ask your parents for money? Frank McCourt had a similar conversation today as Bud Selig announced that major league baseball would be bailing out his Los Angeles Dodgers. Everyone knew there would be problems when McCourt and his wife announced they were... Continue reading "MLB News: Dodgers Broke, Taken Over by MLB" » Video Corner

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