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The Warning Track 11/15/2011

Warning Track's Latest podcast is available. You can listen on's new 24/7 online radio station by clicking here. You can also subscribe to our Podcast in iTunes. (Search for or listen by clicking on the link below. Listen to The Warning Track live on Tuesday's at 4pm EST... Continue reading "The Warning Track 11/15/2011" »

The RSBS Podcast, Episode 29: Remembering Ugueth's Urbina and Other Stuff

Click ME to Listen!!! And so in this Podcast brought to you by Lifestyles… Jeff tries his darnedest to be as polite as possible during his unfettered gloating of World Championship status (Go Cards!) while Second City's Mark Piebenga adds some level-headed awesomeness to Johanna's outlandishness and Allen's seasoned straight... Continue reading "The RSBS Podcast, Episode 29: Remembering Ugueth's Urbina and Other Stuff" »

What Are They Worth? Part 3: Jose Reyes

Continuing with our series examining the top free agents in the 2011-2012 class, the next stop is electric shortstop Jose Reyes. I think by this point, everybody knows who Jose Reyes is. He is a very good player; 2011 was his fourth season of posting a WAR of at least... Continue reading "What Are They Worth? Part 3: Jose Reyes" »

What Are They Worth? Part 2: Prince Fielder

Brewers fans may not want to read this one, nor fans of the team who is going to sign Prince. You're probably not going to enjoy what I'm going to say here. As I did last time, I will be looking at first how much Prince is worth, and how... Continue reading "What Are They Worth? Part 2: Prince Fielder" »

Buckner to Perry for the...

The way our brains work, we attempt to apply a narrative or causality to events, even after the fact, to justify what happened and why it happened. We look for points where the momentum shifts and where all of a sudden something that was unthinkable becomes inevitable. Baseball is full... Continue reading "Buckner to Perry for the..." »

What Are They Worth? Part 1: Albert Pujols

I would like to look at the top-five free agents of the 2012 offseason and take a look at what they might a) be worth, and b) actually get; it is safe to assume that these will not be the same figures. The five free agents I will be looking... Continue reading "What Are They Worth? Part 1: Albert Pujols" »

The Next Big Thing? The Ballad of Yoennis Cespedes

I'm going to take a short break from the free agent analyses to address something a little more current: Cuban defector Yoennis Cespedes has announced his free agency for Major League Baseball. Cespedes, a star in Cuba, defected to the Dominican Republic this summer, after hitting .333 with a Cuban... Continue reading "The Next Big Thing? The Ballad of Yoennis Cespedes" »

Dual Post: Papelbon and the Phillies; Baseball and World War I

Phillies Have Deal with Jonathan Papelbon News broke today that ex-best closer in Red Sox history Jonathan Papalbon has signed a record-breaking deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. Proving that he wasn't going to leave the offseason without spending $10 MM on a relief pitcher, Phillies GM Ruban Amaro, jr. signed... Continue reading "Dual Post: Papelbon and the Phillies; Baseball and World War I" »

Bud Selig Ruined the Playoffs

Bud Selig may make the owners very rich, but he sure has screwed everything else up! He has successfully ruined the playoffs. Here is what that buffoon has done to America's favorite pastime: 1. Rain Games: Remember when the tarp went over the field at the first sight of rain?... Continue reading "Bud Selig Ruined the Playoffs" »

Revelations About Secret Life of Bill Belichick

DATELINE: HUMOR! New England Patriots guru, man behind the curtain, genius of the gridiron, and top secret operative, Bill Belichick had the wizard’s curtain pulled back for a few seconds in the days before the Patriots meet the New York Football Giants. Insights and information about Coach Belichick are usually... Continue reading "Revelations About Secret Life of Bill Belichick" »

A Stake Through the Heart?

By now, my century long-depressed baseball brethren on the north side of Chicago are aware that, despite Prince Charming occupying the king's seat at Addison and Clark, Cubbie Land might still get turned on its head. Oh yes. Ryne Sandberg. If Ryne Sandberg becomes the new manager of the St.... Continue reading "A Stake Through the Heart?" »

A.D.D. talks Week 8 NFL, Cards 2011 Champs, NHL & Our NFL picks

11-2-11 A.D.D. The Giants do it the way they have all year, giving their fans ULCERS! We will talk the game with MIA. St. Louis Cardinals are 2011 World Series Champs! Will Albert stay or go now that Tony La Russa retired? Phillip Rivers drops the ball (PUN intended) and... Continue reading "A.D.D. talks Week 8 NFL, Cards 2011 Champs, NHL & Our NFL picks" »

Does Drinking Impair Judgement?

Evidence that drinking does impair judgement... Now for my favorite... Yes, that is Tony LaRussa's mug shot after a drunken night on the town. Now, an argument that drinking does not impair judgement... Oh, Wait... Nevermind... Yes, drinking WILL impair your judgement. Drink Responsibly!!! Follow Connie Mack on Facebook Listen... Continue reading "Does Drinking Impair Judgement?" »

Tears of Joy, Tears of Sorrow

The afterglow of knowing your team is champion of the baseball world is a pretty damn cool thing. I have been walking around the last few days in a sort of "Happy Flight" daze. I've been smiling more. I feel fantastic. But yesterday morning, reality hit me: there won't be... Continue reading "Tears of Joy, Tears of Sorrow" »


As Game 6 of the Series drew to what appeared to be its close, I got very excited. It wasn't so much that I was cheering against my friend and his team but I had predicted the Rangers would win and I like to be right. Beyond that, though, there... Continue reading "Squashed" » Video Corner

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