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LAUSD and the Music Capital of the World

Existing schools in LAUSD could be renamed after musical performers: Evelyn Champagne King Middle School Paul Revere and the Raiders Middle School Lee Dorsey High Hollywood Flames High Tito Jackson High Aretha Franklin High Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds High Jefferson Airplane High Dion and the Belmonts High Clarence Frogman... Continue reading "LAUSD and the Music Capital of the World" »

Think Your Day Is Going Bad? Want to Know Why Your Mail is Late?

Look at this freaking guy. At least I do not work at the USPS. Sad part is as a federal worker they will give him a new truck tomorrow and he will be out on the streets again. Please caption this photo.  Continue reading "Think Your Day Is Going Bad? Want to Know Why Your Mail is Late?" »

Seven Deadly Sins of the NBPA Puts a Plague on the NBA House

DATELINE: HUMOR! After watching NBA players break every one of the Seven Deadly Sins over the past decade, the owners are counting on the players breaking one more. We expect the NBPA, or in layman’s terms, the union to be busted like a bunch of deadbeats in an Occupy city... Continue reading "Seven Deadly Sins of the NBPA Puts a Plague on the NBA House" »

NBA Players Reject Deal - 2011-12 Season over??? Read the Offer

When an NBA tree falls in the forrest does anyone really care? The NBA's players union has rejected the latest and possible final offer from the NBA's owners. This could end the 2011-12 season and beyond. check out the league's latest offer and decide for yourself. Download NBA_proposal I thought... Continue reading "NBA Players Reject Deal - 2011-12 Season over??? Read the Offer" »

NBA to Pick Scabs for Pickup Game

DATELINE: HUMOR! We wonder how many former NBA stars, aging off the court, are willing to come out of retirement to make a few Bucks, an assortment of Lakers, and a litany of Knickerbockers. Many NBA players retired before the big money hit the fan market. Now NBA czar and... Continue reading "NBA to Pick Scabs for Pickup Game" »

Los Angeles transportation dreams

It is November of 2011 and the Expo line has been running successfully from downtown to Culver City for 1 and 1/2 years. It opened on time as promised and ridership continues to grow as Westside traffic problems have diminished. Phase 2 from Culver City to Santa Monica is well... Continue reading "Los Angeles transportation dreams" »

Mother of Mercy, Can This Be the End of the NBA?

DATELINE: HUMOR! The great oldtime movie Little Caesar offers many lessons to the NBA. In it, the archfiend threatens authorities of society, “A little buzzard like you will never put cuffs on me.” As he is plugged with machine gun fire, Edward G. Robinson as the tinplate gangster mutters his... Continue reading "Mother of Mercy, Can This Be the End of the NBA?" »

New Picture Expected Soon: The Naked Gun with Michael Vick

DATELINE: HUMOR! It shouldn’t happen to a dog, but Michael Vick has barked up the wrong tree again. A scorned woman, allegedly a jailhouse hummingbird from the clinker days, has photos she wants to sell. Vick is purported to be a man without pocket protection. Some more enterprising journalists wonder... Continue reading "New Picture Expected Soon: The Naked Gun with Michael Vick" »

How is LAUSD any different from the Dodgers?

Frank McCourt owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers is paying his estranged wife Jamie McCourt $637,159 a month. LAUSD continues to pay staff members no longer under contract and instead of firing lemon principals shifts them around or gives them cushy, better paying jobs downtown. The McCourts took money from... Continue reading "How is LAUSD any different from the Dodgers?" »

Los Angeles Times Circulation Continues to Drop

"Daily is 573,000 for the six months ended Sept. 30, down more than 5 percent from the prior six-month period, and Sunday is 906,000, down more than 4 percent." Twenty years ago or less the Times daily circulation was greater than 1 million readers. You alienate LAUSD teachers by posting... Continue reading "Los Angeles Times Circulation Continues to Drop" »

A Hope for a Nation in Disarray... Music

I don't know the answer. I don't know that the answer is important. What is known is that things are in dissaray. We are broke and in many cases broken. What is missing in the midst of all this social discord and political pissing match is the love that once... Continue reading "A Hope for a Nation in Disarray... Music" »

Journalism: An industry and a Craft By John Joyce

The path to professional journalism, for many, begins in the college newsroom. Dreams of one day obtaining a New York Times byline or a slot at a cable news outlet fly high, only to come crashing down falling short of their target like story ideas littering the floor around a... Continue reading "Journalism: An industry and a Craft By John Joyce" »

NFL Sunday Selection: Washington at Buffalo

I am still in a mild state of shock about the way the Stanford-USC game ended. The Trojans deserved better, and the people who bet on the Trojans certainly deserved better! After a well-played game ended regulation tied, the game went to OT and the ridiculous rules the NCAA employs.... Continue reading "NFL Sunday Selection: Washington at Buffalo" »

Stanford vs USC: Preview & Predicton

Saturday night's primetime game between the Stanford Cardinal and the USC Trojans features a matchup of two quarterbacks on their way to being first round NFL picks. USC's signal caller Matt Barkley is right now rated as the third best college QB in the country, while Stanford's Andrew Luck is... Continue reading "Stanford vs USC: Preview & Predicton" »

13% of My Property Taxes Go To LAUSD!

I don’t like it! How about you? It is 4 times more than the next agency receives from me. I am paying for: Cars and drivers, Downtown administrators who never go to schools, Test preparation materials, Rental offices throughout the district, Assistants to the politicians (school board members), Maintaining the... Continue reading "13% of My Property Taxes Go To LAUSD!" » Video Corner

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