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The Girlie Show Thanksgiving Special

Tgs 11_22 Lauren Crocker and Marlow Donohue hold it down until its Threes Company with Matt Garcia... talking turkey day with a ladie's flair and never festive! #ItsReal Continue reading "The Girlie Show Thanksgiving Special" »

Nearly 33 years after Atlantic City casinos open, a cold economy, winter loom

My only day off this week, Friday, Nov. 18, I decided to head over to Breadsticks at Resorts International Casino in Atlantic City. A former co-worker of mine at the Atlantic City International airport grill, left employ of said grill where I work and he also works as a cook... Continue reading "Nearly 33 years after Atlantic City casinos open, a cold economy, winter loom" »

Joe Girardi and Afghanistan: A Comparison

One of the best cures for just about anything (except probably dysentery) is vacation. Getting away from everything, giving yourself a chance to clear the cobwebs from the mind, often helps put it all into perspective. For instance, Joe Girardi started his vacation a little earlier than expected this season... Continue reading "Joe Girardi and Afghanistan: A Comparison" »

Another Atlantic City Murder at Caesars Hotel and Casino Tonight?

October 4, 2011 Atlantic City, NJ: has received a tip that a dead body has been found at Ceasars Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ tonight. An eye witness who works at The Pier Shops saw the body in the parking lot as they were leaving work. There... Continue reading "Another Atlantic City Murder at Caesars Hotel and Casino Tonight?" »

No, Not Dead..Not Even Pinining for the Fjords, I'm Just Watching TV

I'm back! Sorta... Ok, I spent the better part of this year in and out of the hospital dealing with multiple lingering problems that resulted in 12 surgeries/procedures. There were many painful nights and days, and many nurses from origins unknown; yelling from the down the hall on how... Continue reading "No, Not Dead..Not Even Pinining for the Fjords, I'm Just Watching TV" »

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is the stuff of dreams. In elementary school it's a lifetime of water balloon fights and slowly driving your parents crazy. Once you hit high school, it's a chance to make some cash for the school year by working as many odd jobs as possible. By the time... Continue reading "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" »

Garden State Radio 8/30/11

Discussions of dinner party - er, well, not really - the fall out of Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Trivia, Name that Celebrity (fail) ... Lauren Crocker, Johnny Appleseed, and James Flippin host. COMPRESSED 8_30_11 Continue reading "Garden State Radio 8/30/11" »

The Rules: Michigan Edition

I come from Michigan and there are a few things we take deadly seriously back home. Number One: The inalienable right to drive a car whether you're traveling 100 feet or 100 miles. You can pry the steering wheel from my cold, dead hands. Number Two: Deer hunting season begins... Continue reading "The Rules: Michigan Edition" »

Photography and more! Me and my Subaru!

Ok, here I go..this photo Subaru seemed interested in after I told them what I had did I described the photo as myself over my mileage on my car. They said, "If it looks intesting enough, we'll post it on our website". It took about a week..but they liked it,... Continue reading "Photography and more! Me and my Subaru!" »

Coffee People’s Kona Blend the closest thing to being in Hawaii

My family and I were fortune enough to travel to Hawaii in 2004 to mark our 10th Wedding Anniversary. Among the many things we had enjoyed on the islands of Oahu, Maui and Hawaii, the Big Island, was the home-grown Kona coffee. Kona, bred from rich volcanic ash, has a... Continue reading "Coffee People’s Kona Blend the closest thing to being in Hawaii" »

‘When In Rome’ Jersey Style Then Splits Ville

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – Jersey Shore cast hits the old country to show how Italian they really are for season four and then spin-off central soon after. Earlier this year MTV announced that season four of their hit show The Jersey Shore would be filmed in Italy. They have shot... Continue reading "‘When In Rome’ Jersey Style Then Splits Ville" »

A Lesson in Choosing an Airline

I travel fairly regularly for work. I fly about 15 trips per year and other then a very occasional flight on Delta, I always use US Airways. Due to price I decided to fly a discount airline, Air Tran. The first leg of my trip was very good. I was... Continue reading "A Lesson in Choosing an Airline" »

My love for the Great Lakes!!

Hey ladies and gents, I usually write about Jesus Christ but today I am writing about another love of mine. The Great Lakes!! I hve always loved the lakes. Hell, I live about 5-7 minutes away from the longest of them, Lake Michigan. I have been to all 5 of... Continue reading "My love for the Great Lakes!!" »

Philly Cheesesteaks in Clearwater are Rubbish

When I leave the Philadelphia region, I don't dare order a cheesesteak! Every year, however, I find myself in Clearwater at Bright House Field and I hear the advertisements... Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks. So, the other day I am sitting in the Tiki Terrace out in left field, and I begin... Continue reading "Philly Cheesesteaks in Clearwater are Rubbish" »

As American as A--holes

At RSBS, we're critical of the things that go on around us. We're critical of the things going on in baseball (especially Bud Selig's machinations and the continued but completely baffling employment of Kyle Farnsworth), we're critical of events in the world at large and we're critical of the turn... Continue reading "As American as A--holes" » Video Corner

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