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Rondo: the Truth Behind the Boston Celtics Secret Weapon

DATELINE: HUMOR! For those who always suspected that Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics was not quite human, the photographic evidence has been revealed. Not since the pictures of the alien autopsy from Roswell, New Mexico, has there been such a shocking case to indicate that Rondo is, indeed, an... Continue reading "Rondo: the Truth Behind the Boston Celtics Secret Weapon" »

Penn State Football & Catholicism: When the New Religion Meets the Old

WHEN IN DOUBT…DIAL 9-1-1 It occurred to me this morning that there are a lot a similarities between the Penn State Football child abuse scandal and the child abuse scandal that rock the Catholic Church several years ago. Established Church = Football Factory Pope = Coach Paterno Cardinal Law =... Continue reading "Penn State Football & Catholicism: When the New Religion Meets the Old" »

Tebow Hasn’t Got a Prayer or Snowball’s Chance in Hell

DATELINE: HUMOR! People in Hell want ice water, and people in Denver want Tim Tebow. Some things remain sacred. Apparently “Tebowing” is one of them. For the uninitiated or even the unworthy, you should know that QB Tim Tebow has created a viral expression of his religious fervor. The busted... Continue reading "Tebow Hasn’t Got a Prayer or Snowball’s Chance in Hell" »

Jim Carr Lives For His Son's Story

Jim Carr, now entering his 13th campaign at Rutgers University as director of basketball operations under second season head coach Mike Rice, visited a class of sports journalism students yesterday to share a story so touching that one might even say that it's worth telling 20 more times. Aside from... Continue reading "Jim Carr Lives For His Son's Story" »

The Kid From Brooklyn - My Best Friend God

The Kid From Brooklyn rants about how close he is to God. The Big Man and God are best friends! Check out all of the Big Man's rants at Continue reading "The Kid From Brooklyn - My Best Friend God" »

The Swimming Community Remembers Fran Crippen

One year ago today the competitive swimming world lost an amazing friend, athlete and talent. Crippen was swimming the last of a series of FINA 10k open water races in the United Arab Emirates and at the end of the race his absence was noticed by teammate Alex Meyer. Presumably... Continue reading "The Swimming Community Remembers Fran Crippen" »

The Nostalgia Problem: Being Born is Not an Accomplishment; Finding Solutions is

When Nickelodeon brought back the 90’s shows earlier this year, they proved that people will always flock to the familiar. My facebook friends were celebrating this moment like an aging hippie who just heard Hendrix on their grandson’s ipod. There were so many posts about loving the 90’s and growing... Continue reading "The Nostalgia Problem: Being Born is Not an Accomplishment; Finding Solutions is" »

Cool to the Nerd Power

*Not based on actual science or math. There are many possible ways that one could be a nerd. Some people are book nerds, others are car nerds, and we can’t forget about the comic book nerds. In short, a nerd is someone with an extreme passion for a particular subject.... Continue reading "Cool to the Nerd Power" »

Why the N-Word Still Hurts

I don’t care how you try to change it or what context you try to put it in; I will never be comfortable with hearing the n-word in public. I don’t care if you drop the “er” and replace it with an “a”. I don’t care if it’s spoken by... Continue reading "Why the N-Word Still Hurts" »

Just Be Yourself...But try to Keep it to 80% max

*If you are super attractive then nothing in this article applies to you. I hate you and resent your gorgeous face and body. It’s one of the oldest clichés in the world. Anytime someone shows anxiety, you hit them with the three magic words. “Just be yourself.” I will refer... Continue reading "Just Be Yourself...But try to Keep it to 80% max" »

Throwing Stones From the Friendzone

Let me start this off by making myself perfectly clear. This will not be an article bashing women for being superficial. Hopefully, this article will expose some of the hypocrisy and unrealistic expectations of today's average American male. I'm guessing we've all heard of the friend zone. It's been a... Continue reading "Throwing Stones From the Friendzone" »

Nothing So Poetic as a Tree, Thanks to Joyce Kilmer

DATELINE: WHIMSY So, when is Arbor Day? and does anyone still celebrate it? Innumerable victims of Hurricane Irene around New England are a variety of trees. Most of the toppled arbor victims are not old, but just unlucky in the path of a strong gust. Big trees, older trees, can... Continue reading "Nothing So Poetic as a Tree, Thanks to Joyce Kilmer" »

Bring Peace and Joy With Love and Forgiveness

Sister Melannie Svoboda, S.N.D wrote in her Living Faith article, "God's Forgiving Love" that knowing we are loved colors our attitude toward life. She went on to write the greatest love we have received is God's love for each one of us, a love that persists despite our sins and... Continue reading "Bring Peace and Joy With Love and Forgiveness" »

Why Marriages Fail - Compromise

In the United States over half of all marriages end in divorce. This daunting statistic faces every couple when they make the decision to get married. Everyone knows it but no one really ever gets married thinking “in 15 years I’ll be divorced.” Everyone, including me, think that they have... Continue reading "Why Marriages Fail - Compromise" »

The Golden Rule

Matthew 7:12 Do to others whatever you would have them do to you, is commonly referred to as the "Golden Rule". I Believe most people try to live their lives according to this rule. However, in the fast paced and stressful life style most of us have become accustom to,... Continue reading "The Golden Rule" » Video Corner

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