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The Girlie Italian Hour Show Podcast 12/3/2011

What do you get when you mix The Girlie Show and Italian Hour? A really fun show! The Girlie Show meets Italian Hour in part two of this special MTR Holiday Extravaganza event! The new is available. You can listen on's new 24/7 online radio station by clicking here,... Continue reading "The Girlie Italian Hour Show Podcast 12/3/2011" »

Italian Hour Podcast 11-26-11

Italian Hour's new podcast is available starring Nicolette Tropiano, Karen Ciasca Zeltman, and Anthony Campeggio. Italian Hour covers the world of entertainment, dining and wine, and Philadelphia sports. You can listen on's new 24/7 online radio station by clicking here. You can hear the show On Demand by clicking... Continue reading "Italian Hour Podcast 11-26-11" »

A Cull to Arms

In New Jersey, more specifically between Exit 8A and Hell (which is the name of this blog) where I dwell, I am facing an ever increasing menace: Foreigners-? No More Traffic? Uh-uh Teenage Girls Emulating Snooki?- No. Thank god the girls here understand she's not to be followed. If you've... Continue reading "A Cull to Arms" »

Water For Elephants and Ohio Wildlife Massacre

DATELINE: LIFE IMITATING MOVIES! Not too long ago in Zanesville, Ohio, dozens of exotic animals, more like the kind on display in an old fashioned traveling circus, were set free by a deranged owner. The resulting terror caused police authorities to kill most of the wild beasts in one of... Continue reading "Water For Elephants and Ohio Wildlife Massacre" »

Garden State Radio 8/30/11

Discussions of dinner party - er, well, not really - the fall out of Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Trivia, Name that Celebrity (fail) ... Lauren Crocker, Johnny Appleseed, and James Flippin host. COMPRESSED 8_30_11 Continue reading "Garden State Radio 8/30/11" »

Collies In The Meadow-Trevor Turns 12!!!

This was supposed to be posted on June 2. However, due to my oversight I did not get it up till today! On June 2 Trevor had his 12th birthday! This is a good old age for a collie and I wish everyone of my collies had attained 12 years.... Continue reading "Collies In The Meadow-Trevor Turns 12!!!" »

Collies In The Meadow-A Day Of Mourning

Today we take a day off to remember Kira and to think about her being with Hallie in Heaven. I will have more to say.... today we just feel sorrow and sadness. Continue reading "Collies In The Meadow-A Day Of Mourning" »

Collies In The Meadow- RIP KIRA

When the phone rang my heart sank for I knew it was way too quick and Kira must be gone. Sure enough..... As I walked down to help my friend prepare Kira for burial my mind went back through the years when Kira and Georgia would go for walks with... Continue reading "Collies In The Meadow- RIP KIRA" »

Collies In The Meadow-Tragedy For Friend, Please Pray!

Tonight I received a call from a friend telling me something was wrong with her dog. So I ran down to her house and when I got there I find her Kira laying under a tree and she will not respond even though she is wide awake. The symptoms remind... Continue reading "Collies In The Meadow-Tragedy For Friend, Please Pray!" »

Together Again Forever

I got a phone call from a close friend the day after I had to put my dog Molson to sleep. The call came from the owner of Molson's BDF (Best Doggie Friend) with whom he grew up and spent lots of time with. Turns out that Brandy had passed... Continue reading "Together Again Forever" »

Farewell to a Great Friend

It was supposed to be a lazy Sunday...sleep in, take my dog Molson for a walk, make breakfast for Shar and myself, read the newspaper and just relax around the house. Little did I know that April 3 would become a day I will never forget. When I got up,... Continue reading "Farewell to a Great Friend" »

Hello MTR Media

My name is Brian Klein and I recently met Bill & RIchard at a Phils game. After some discussion during the game and sleeping on it, I decided to give this writing thing a try so count this as my first foray into this endeavour, Born and raised in NJ,... Continue reading "Hello MTR Media" »

Collies In The Meadow-Descended from Terhune's collies and how.....

My favorite writer is Albert Payson Terhune and I always wanted a collie descended from his lines. Well, a few years ago we were able to trace our collie lines in depth back to the fabled Sunnybank lines. We were pleasantly surprised and thrilled to say the least. :) Many,... Continue reading "Collies In The Meadow-Descended from Terhune's collies and how....." »

Collies In The Meadow-Who they are.....

I have had several ppl ask about the picture here on Collies In The Meadow. Well, it is a picture that includes the past and the present with the future in it. The collie in the back is Teddy, the last surviving collie from Niamh's time. Below him on the... Continue reading "Collies In The Meadow-Who they are....." »

Collies In The Meadow-Only one is left now....

As you can see the picture above was taken at Christmas time many years ago. On the left is Niamh's MIsty Meadow Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy is now and elderly guy here at 10 years old. Of these three collie only Teddy is still with us. On the far right with... Continue reading "Collies In The Meadow-Only one is left now...." » Video Corner

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